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01 December 2008

Two crocheted scarves done...

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving!  We did!  We had a couple of friends over, ate too much, sat around, etc.  Nothing too exciting but just plain nice.  I didn't get on the computer much since Glenn was home for 5 days.  He actually was able to help with the tree this year.  I don't remember that happening for many years due to work.  He was practicing taking pictures, loading them on the computer and deciding which ones he would want on a site that he will be starting to sell his images.  I've been telling him to do this for YEARS and he is just starting to take the advice.  You can go to his blog to get a preview of things that will be available to buy.  I think the pictures are pretty nice.  I do give my honest opinion when he asks for it, so I am a bit of a critic.  Hope you enjoy them.  Leave a comment for him if you visit.  He would love to hear from you.  Well, after taking fall things down, digging out Christmas stuff and putting all of that up for the past 3 days, I did manage to finish 2 scarves in the evenings after the girls went to bed.  I only have one picture though because today I got a little anxious about wrapping gifts and I wrapped one of the scarves (Araucania pima cotton).  I will take a picture of it after it is opened Christmas Eve.  The one above (Classic Elite 4 seasons) was done in the "wattle stitch" and the other was done with the seed stitch.  I am happy with how both turned out.  I will have to dig out the book that has both these stitches and share the title with you next post.  Tonight I hope to start on another gift for someone so I can get it done before Christmas Eve.  I might even have to make another trip to the LYS tomorrow for one more quick gift.

The girls are itching to open their chocolate advent calendars after dinner tonight.  They always ask if they can eat early just to get at it.  This year they have an extra treat.  My sister bought a "my little pony" advent calendar for them to share.  So there has already been a discussion about who will open the first door, etc.  We will see how it turns out.  So far today they have been really good since finishing their school work.  Almost scary.  It is amazing how much concentration "melty beads (perler)" actually takes from one person.  I don't mind as long as there is no bickering going on.  Quiet is good.  So is making things with more YARN!!!


  1. Hello! busy girl. the scarf is beautiful!
    Greer loves the perler beads!

  2. Love the color. I just bought some yarn today, I just can't seem to have enough of it. It's still looking kind of fallish around here. I need to get moving on that or Christmas will be here before you know it. I'll have to check out his blog.
    Glad your Thanksgiving was good.

  3. Lovely scarves, and I love your blog's new background - how wintery cheerful!

    Oh, the anticipation of the Advent Calendar. My husband is in his 40s, and he *still* looks forward to his Palmer chocolate Advent calendar. (I learned long ago that just one wasn't gonna cut it in our house!)