"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

29 December 2010

Little things...

Christmas is now past and I am so happy to say that it went off without any drama to spoil the event.  I think that is the best present of all.  Things were quiet and peaceful and everyone enjoyed everything that went on around them.  I hope all of my readers had a wonderful, peaceful Christmas also.

I finished the girls hats two days before Christmas.  They figured out what I was up to and watched intently on how they were both turning out with what colors I was using and the order that they were being added.  Sunday night I was sitting with nothing to do, so a couple of scarves were made up quickly to go along with their new favorite hats.  The hats were even tried out Christmas night when we made a quick trip to the Botanical Gardens for the Garden A Glow.  We certainly picked a great night to go.  Not too cold, no wind and no rain.  We really love going each year, being surrounded by all the lovely lights.  You just can't get tired of it.

Now after a few days of just relaxing, I have made a very definite decision to make my list of handmade gifts and get them made as quick as possible.  I've not been one to get finished with gifts super early in the years past but lets just say with the ease of how things went this year, I will be making the event a sure fire thing every year now.  Now to make sure I have all the yarn I will need for it all.  :)
But before I started with the list I sat and started a quick little table runner project for the table.  I loved the wintry blues and greens so much in Em's hat and scarf that I had to come up with something for the table to add a bit of color to the table.
 As I sit in the craft room working on the runner I will be sporting my most favorite gift of all.  I'm so loving my new slippers that I got for Christmas.  They are warm and toasty, comfy, cozy.  Love them!  And the colors are just awesome.  I run around the house all day and night with them on.  Acorn slippers are awesome!

 Every once in awhile I will have to take a nibble of a most awesome gingersnap cookie that Glenn brought home from the Great Harvest Bread shop in his route.  I've not been a big fan in the past of gingersnaps but these sure have changed my mind on that.  They are so soft, chewy and huge!    YUM!!!
Every once in a while I will take a glimpse at my new book that I got for Christmas to figure out what other projects will need to be made for the wee ones of the family.  And while glimpsing a few nibbles will be taken of the chocolate bar that Santa left in my stocking.  :)  I was pretty darn good this year you know.  ;)
It's rather cold and breezy today.  We fortunately did not get any of the snow that was forecasted last night.  Over a foot is what we were told.  Yeah.  Just rain.  The girls were so waiting for it all.  It would have been nice but then poor Glenn would have to be out driving in it all day long.  Luckily the mountains got it all.  Well over two feet the last two days.  The hills are so pretty with it all up there.

Well, I must be getting back to the yarn and goodies.  They are not patient little things you know.  I know they are giving me the 'eye' right now.

21 December 2010

Enjoying the calm...

I sat the other night and watched the snow fall while sitting in by a window upstairs that faces out front.  It was absolutely gorgeous watching the little flakes fall in the glow of the Christmas lights.  I'm not sure exactly how long I was there, but it was quite a while.  When I finally walked away, it was time to put the pj's on and climb into a warm bed.
  I love how calm and peaceful things are around here when I don't put too much on my plate.  I have to stop and think sometimes as to what is really important and then make sure that I keep it all in perspective.  It is so well worth it.

All the packages have arrived to their destinations, so I am able to show the quick little gifts that were made and sent off.

A forest of trees were made so that they can brighten someone else's table top or counter.
Different shades of green
 and shades of blue.  
 I'm thinking that maybe some pink ones would be pretty awesome also.  Next year.  There were also bundles of things that one can use in the kitchen, etc.  All handmade.  Tried to stay away from all the materialistic influences out there.  I think it all turned out well.

I finished sewing the main parts of the quilt together over the weekend.  I'm pretty darn pleased with it all so far.  Nothing fancy.  Just simple squares.  I got so excited by how all the colors looked in the bright sunshine in my room when I was laying them out to admire it all.  It's going to look great next year brightening up the room for the holidays.  I've put the squares off to the side for now until I get more white fabric and the batting.  I'm not making a move toward any fabric store until after the holidays.
 So while I'm in limbo with the quilt, I decided to make a couple of little quick hats for the girls.  Not like they need one.  But I'm not going to sit idle while partaking in Christmas show marathons around here and not be productive.

These colors are for Brenna, inspired by the colors of antique glass ornaments that she loves.
 And these are for Em, inspired by her love of purple and the wintry snow she loves.
I've not said anything to them about it all.  I'll just wait and see how long it takes them to ask about what I'm up to and who they are for.  It will also keep me from getting up and running the kitchen to grab more cookies and treats, that I don't need.

I'm going to brave the store later tonight just for all the items that will be needed for snacks on Christmas Eve night.  I always love that food better than what is made for Christmas dinner.  Don't get me wrong, a nice glazed ham is awesome, but I really love all the snacky things that are sitting just waiting devoured.

Hope you are having a peaceful time also before all the Christmas fun starts.

17 December 2010

Finally finished...

We have been busy baking fools around here this week.  
I tried keeping things to a minimum but that's hard to do when you have have few people giving you the puppy eyes for their favorite cookies.
Batches upon batches were made so that there were enough for the neighbors, our mail lady, dear friends and plenty for everyone around here to nibble on from time to time.

The girls were such a big help.  Especially after my stand mixer (no, it wasn't a KitchenAid) decided to start smoking, make a few rather loud popping noises and then just quit.  Thank goodness I had my handy dandy back up hand mixer to finish the last few batches of dough.  I would have had a complete melt down otherwise.

Then there was all the scooping, rolling and decorating to be done.
 There is one little person who goes completely over board with the decorating.  You can't even see the shapes that she cut out.
 And one who must be as neat as possible so that the cookies look just right.
 After three days of mixing and baking all the treats have been given out to their recipients and this is what we have for ourselves.  

Chocolate chips (can't do without them)
Jelly stars
Cranberry White Chocolate Oatmeal
Andes Mint Cookies (thanks for sharing Kira)
and the ever popular and well loved
 Now that all of the goodies are made and all the gifts are under the tree (I got the last package today and wrapped everything) I am officially finished with all the hustle and bustle of getting ready for Christmas.  

For the entire week before Christmas there will only be lounging around and watching Christmas shows until we have had our fill along with a snack or two (maybe more) of cookies and hot chocolate.  I might even throw in some cutting and sewing time with the awesome Christmas quilt fabric that has been so patiently waiting for me.  

Here are my favorite Christmas shows to watch.
What's your favorite Christmas show?

10 December 2010

I'm so impatient...

So last weekend when Glenn was home, we made our quick trip around town for a few little errands.  During that quick trip we made a quick stop at the quilt shop.  I had been thinking about making a Christmas quilt for a while.  And since I had some Christmas gift cash burning a hole in my pocket, I decided why not.  Otherwise it would have probably been spent on someone else if it stayed in my wallet.  After looking at a few choices I finalized the deal with a bright and cheery pack of fabric from Moda Fabrics called the 12 Days of Christmas.  But all they had left was jelly rolls of the collection and I needed one of them and a layer cake.  So on line I went and searched one out, ordered it and it arrived today!

It all looks so gorgeous!  I can't wait to start getting the little mind rolling on how I want to put it together.  It will be simple and patchy looking.  No fancy cuts and shaping here.

 Just look at all the fabulous prints! 

I really must run so that I can finish the last few gifts that need to be made so that I can get to my wonderful fabric.  A note to the family:  Don't get in the way of my hook and these last projects.  I won't be responsible for any 'growling' if I'm interrupted.

09 December 2010

A little of this and that...

We got a happy little call last night about our little niece Alex.  Apparently she has a new found love for hockey.  Just melts our hearts.  A trip was made to see Santa last night along with a quick stop to see one of the games that was in progress at the time.  She's a real natural with banging on the glass and yelling and not being phased by the occasional puck hitting the glass near her or guys being slammed into the side boards.  I'm so proud.  I just want to give her a big squeeze.  :)
 There has been a little of normal baking going on here the past week.  No holiday cookies yet.  That is for next week.  We love a recently found recipe for apple cranberry cake.  There is still some tweaking that needs to be done for my absolute liking but it's getting close to being perfect.  I'm not so sure about the name that was given to this cake though by the littlest one around these parts.  The first time we made it last week Brenna was going to help and she went digging in the cupboards to get just the right pan for it.  She was so happy when she appeared out of the cupboard with her choice, the 'Butt pan'.  You heard right.  It is now called the Butt pan around here and not a bundt pan.

So today there were little butt cakes made
 along with another big butt cake.
 There is no way I could make this stuff up.  Seriously, I wouldn't have the imagination to come up with these things.  It's old age I think.

Progress is being made on last minute projects.  There are still a few pics that I must wait to share because they are not at their destinations yet.
 I was finally able to get a pic of Glenn's bumble hat.  Someone wasn't too happy with the 'quality' of this pic because of the squinting.  But the sunglasses had to come off.  Snow Jungle camo glasses just don't go well with the bumble, even if they both can be seen paroosing around in the snow.
 The snow is starting to melt here with the above freezing temps we have been having.  At least it's easier to get around the neighborhood with the streets all thawed out.  But I sure do love all the snow amongst all the Christmas lights.  Sniff.  A little more snow please.  The yard needs it.  :)
Tonight I'm attempting a 'fly by the seat of my pants' kind of recipe.  I was watching one of the Rachel Allen shows the other night and the dish Bubble and Squeak came up.  I just love the two main ingredients, potatoes and cabbage, so I thought why not come up with a baked version with sausage.  So I'm giving that a whirl tonight.  I personally think it will come out divine.  How can you go wrong with three yummy ingredients like that?  I don't think you can.  

06 December 2010

New additions...

We went out for quick errands on Saturday just as the snow started again.  All necessities you know.
A stop at the craft store for Em.
A quick stop at the quilt shop for me.  I had some early Christmas money to spend.  :)
And then the traditional stop for our new 'Old World Christmas' ornaments.

I could not walk away from this cute little mouse once I saw him.  He just had to be brought home to find a home in our tree.  It's suppose to be an ornament for everyone.  ;)
 I have a soft spot for the Santa ornaments.  And I could not pass this guy up.  He looks so good with his white Christmas tree.
 Em went way far off from the traditional choices and picked out this cute little gecko.  He's so cute with his sparkly little spots.
 Brenna just had to have a bird this year.  It's all rosy pink and brown.  Just perfect.  Now all three kids have special birds on the tree.
 And Glenn picked out a gorgeous, glittery acorn.  It's suppose to represent good luck.
Cross your fingers.  :)
I've got more pics to share on all the goings on around here over the weekend.  It was not hectic but a lot of things got accomplished.  It was nice to be able to go with the flow of things and just let stuff happen. Even Glenn said it was a great weekend full of relaxing and having fun, after several 15 hour days for him last week.  Hopefully the rest of the holiday season will be just as relaxed.

03 December 2010

Nice surprises...

I know I'm always saying how crazy things can get around this place, but this week topped them all I think.  From stressing about the truck that needed to be taken in to be fixed (yippee, joy, joy),  Glenn working some absolutely crazy hours because of the weather and roads (not getting home until 9:30 at night), the girls wanting the catch up on their lessons so they could have time with dear Dad on his day off today and my to-do list is getting crazy long beyond belief.

But this morning I promised myself that I would not stress out about anything for the next three days.  So  we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast while figuring out what was needed at the store.  Now there are three people trying to out do each other while playing archery on the Wii and I am proud to say that I am still lounging around in my pj's while thinking about what to do for the day.
Perfect start I think.
 Yesterday we got a package from Mom full of Christmas gifts and little surprises.  It's useless to tell her not to buy alot because she can't control the Oma instinct you know.  The girls got little treat bags that they could open now which included glitter bouncing balls with flashing eyeballs in the middle.  Those were the biggest hit of the day.  Glenn got some big squishy socks that he loves wearing for work.  And I got the cutest apron ever.  I'm going to make sure that no one forgets what it says either.  But I can't be selfish and be boss of everything.  So I must let Glenn be king of one or two thing around here you know.
 Last but not least there was a beautiful decoration that Mom got all of us from her neighbor Liz.  Liz paints the most gorgeous things ever.  She has talent oozing out of her.  If it can be painted, she makes it look good.  It's the prettiest gourd I've ever seen.  It will be a treasured decoration around here for sure.
 The girls found the perfect spot for dear ole' Santa to sit so everyone sees him every time you walk into the kitchen.  You can't help but smile.
I must be off to get ready to brave the slushy, icy roads so that everyone has all the snacks (and healthy food) that is needed for the weekend.  Then it will be time for me to hang out in the craft room for as long as I want, looking out at the snow that is left and listening to my good ole' Ipod.

What do you guys have planned for the weekend?  Here's hoping it's great!

01 December 2010

I'm so loving this...

We woke up to this gorgeous sight this morning.  8 inches of fluffy, white, pretty snow.  I was doing a little jig while out helping Glenn clear the driveway before he went to work.  He of course thought I was absolutely crazy.  The girls were up before Glenn left for work and were dressed and ready to go out in it by 7:45.  They are the same little people that complain about getting up in the morning so we can get started on lessons.  Go figure.  They of course are having a snow day like everyone else today.

 Angels were made.
 Snow caves were built.

 The little snowman is covered beyond recognition.
 Every thing looks so magical.  Reminds of the scene from the movie "The Christmas Story" when Ralphie is out in the back yard.  Love it!

 It's a perfect day for playing with yarn and trying to finish a few projects,
 and sipping on lots of yummy chocolaty mugs of goodness.
I'm having such a great day today.
I hope you are too!

27 November 2010

Catching my breath...

I'm finally able to catch a few moments today where I'm not running around looking all crazy and with a million things to do.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Ours was quiet and much appreciated.  We have so much to be thankful for.  I wouldn't even know where to begin.  I'm just grateful for everyone and everything I have in my life.

Instead of dragging myself out into the insanity of shopping on Friday, the day was spent making sure all the Fall decorations were gathered up and put back in their bins.
 All the Christmas boxes and bins were pulled out of the attic so the house could be decorated with all the well loved decorations.  I think we finally stopped at about 7 last night and decided that the rest would be finished today after breakfast.
 The girls woke up to a wonderful surprise of snow.  It visited us on and off all day, leaving all of its beauty for us to enjoy.
 My little snowmen greet me every time I walk into the living room.
 Glenn's hat was finished in time for him to wear it to work on Friday.  I'll share pics of it when I have a chance to take one when he is home.  For now there are other little projects already being created.
 The girls snow monkey (which turned into a bear and then a pig)
 has turned into something totally unexpected.  
Wasn't expecting this at all.
You know I just don't ask anymore.  :)

For now, I am going to sit and watch the snow fall amongst all the pretty Christmas lights that brighten up our yard while having a yummy cup of hot chocolate.  Nothing better.  At least in my book for the moment.
Hoping the rest of your weekend is a great one.