"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

28 January 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

What a busy week we have had this week. I'm shaking my head when thinking that it is already Thursday. WOW!!! And January is almost over! I know time flies when you get older, but seriously I can't be that old. ;)

Sunday was for celebrating my little one's 11th birthday. Where has the time gone there? Before you know it, she will be an engineer working on a space program or something. (that's what she wants to be when she "grows up".)

We could only find 2 candles (I could have swore we had more) in this house. But Brenna had a brilliant idea and mentioned that the two of them standing together look like the number 11. So we went with it. Oh, it was so darn good. But I was good and have had only 2 teensy weensy pieces. A couple of big chunks were frozen for Brendon for when he comes home from Arizona. Can't leave the poor guy out you know.

Monday was great. Spent the entire day over at a dear friends house that we haven't seen for quite a while. It was great fun watching the kids run around, bake cupcakes, eat pizza, more running around, etc. My friend and I got tired just watching it all. There were two little punkins' sleeping in the back of the car on the way home.

Tuesday was a rush with lessons and PE and then a run to the store for necessities. Can you believe the girls actually made sure we had enough veggies to munch on at home? I know, my kids different.

Wednesday, another rush with lessons and then going to the store to buy this years tax program so that I can get that done today. Can't stand waiting. And why let the screwed up government hang on to MY money any longer than they need too.

When we got home there was a package waiting for us from Em's beloved friend Mary Kate. They have been friends since kindergarten and stay in touch even though Mary Kate now lives many states away. We are always telling them that they can move back any time they want. :)

So anyhoo, a lovely package indeed with all the brightly colored ribbon all over it.

And then a little one making sure the ribbon was cut just right so that she could wear it as a "hat" of some sort. She's wearing it again today as I "speak". Different I know. :)

Then there is today. We are going nowhere. I'm so going to be home bound. Then only reason I will walk out the door is to check the mail. I've got to get the taxes done, finish a project that needs to be mailed out tomorrow and then find the time to work on my pattern ideas that I want to get going on.

Then tomorrow and the weekend will be just as busy with lessons and errands again tomorrow. Saturday is an all day event at BSU for Junior Engineering day. And then sometime Sunday I will have to find the time to make 3 pies to take to the state house next Wednesday for Homeschoolers Legislation day to show our appreciation for the great laws that we have that enable us to have such great choices and freedoms in how we homeschool in this state. Besides that, I'm hoping next week will be so much quieter. I really need it.

Here are a few things that I have been able to squeeze in during late hours in the evenings since last week when things wind down and after the girls go to bed.

A lovely little neckwarmer in a lovely red.

Then a more manly version of a neckwarmer. Super easy.

Then a lovely pair of wristwarmers had to be made to go along with the red neckwarmer above. I made them a wee bit longer so that when moving around while outside the ends don't come out of your jacket. Don't want little breezes getting in you know. Can't stand that. :)

Then last but not least, a cowl for the lovely Mrs. Myers (Mom's neighbor and dearest friend). Once she saw the one I made Mom for Christmas, she had to have one. Just some weaving in the ends and it will be off tomorrow. The rust color is gorgeous.

I will try not to wait so long to update on what is going on around here. I had a conversation with Mom last night and she told me that she doesn't like it when she goes on the computer and there is no new post for the day. So I will try to keep Mom happy with a few more posts during the week. Remember, if Mom's not happy no one is happy. :) Don't forget!

I must run so that I can accomplish the rest of the day's list. I really want to get my pattern ideas down and finished so that I can bring them out into the world for all to see. I'm sure it won't be as grand as that sounds, but who knows. :)

UPDATE: It's 2pm and I am officially finished with taxes this year! WOO HOO!!!
If I could do a respectable high five with myself, I would. :)

23 January 2010

Some new things...

A new look for the blog (which isn't finished yet) and a couple of new creations.
Had to show pics of a few things that I have been busy with the past few days. A cute little neck warmer and a pair of wrist warmers to match.

I've been wanting to make up a few patterns from some ideas that have been sitting around in my head. So the last few days have been spent putting things down on paper and working them out with the yarn. My idea is to sell them for a few bucks here and there. I will let you know when I get it all worked out. It will be soon!

So with those made, another idea will be started later today. More of a manly sort of thing. Hopefully it will turn out well.

First there will be some baking in the kitchen on a strawberry cheesecake for some one's 11th birthday tomorrow. Exciting but kind of hard to see my little one get another year older. It's a mom thing you know.

20 January 2010

When the door opens...

this is what happens.

I'm not sure if hanging out in the craft room with the door shut and tunes jamming for two days was a great thing. Now I have even more little ideas of creativity running around in my head. I've started to right down everything I think of for fear of forgetting something "great". This glorious picture of redness is a product of the "madness" that has been running amuck in the space upstairs. I will fill you in with more details soon. In the meantime, I must make you wait.

It's amazing what comes about after a bit of de-cluttering a room that was meant for creativity. I now have even more ideas/plans to make the space splentabulous! I just make more work for myself. But in the end I'm hoping that the space will continually be a haven where I can go to escape and let the creativity flow. One can have hope.

Now back to explaining to a little one about why we all need to continue to learn new things everyday. Apparently she thinks that her ability to tell time now has made her so smart that schooling needs to end. Once you know what time breakfast, lunch, dinner, playtime, etc. is, what else could you possibly need to know. Priorities of a 5 yr. old, why question it (at least for the moment).

17 January 2010

The dead fish...

Finally finished! The eyes were added this morning with a little "fluff" under them to give them some pizazz. They look much better than just flat. I'm really liking the colors of the yarn and how it all mixed up with knitting 2 strands together. The other requests I've gotten from the rest of the gang here may have to be made the same way.

So with the fish done and no hiking to be done this weekend (we had rain and everything is yucky) I am retreating into my craft room (door shut) with the Ipod and headphones to get a grip on all the little things that are waiting patiently for me to complete. It's not bad but enough to not let it get out of hand any longer. Then there were be some debating on what project to start next. So many little ideas running around the head that I must stop and organize it all.

Well, off for fun in the craft room with all the tunes jamming. Who knows, maybe there will be a jig or two going on if a good song comes across the "pod".

15 January 2010

The big fish...

Here is what the hat looks like so far. Not too bad. It's just too darn cute I tell you. The colors are really cool. I'm really liking this yarn for it. I've got a few more requests within the house for a few more with particulars colors of course. We'll see how it goes as to when those get made up. The top fin was added last night with only the side ones to go. Hopefully those will be done by this evening when all is quiet in the house. Cross you fingers on that happening. :)

Things have been a wee bit crazy around here this week for my liking. Too much drama when dealing with our son. I just wish he would listen to our advice for once and grow up a little bit (too much to even get into). But at least all of that has not gotten in my way of eating better and working out. As of yesterday morning, I was down 10lbs. That is the most I have lost in a very long time. It was nice to see a weight that I haven't seen in a while. Crossing my fingers that a bit more comes off (and stays off).

Today is suppose to be so nice here in the weather department, so hopefully the Christmas lights can be gathered up from out front and put away. Don't want them sitting around until April you know. Maybe a particular 22yr. old can be persuaded to go on the roof and get the lights up there down. There is no way you will find me up there. Not that crazy yet.

I'm hoping some outside time down by the river can be accomplished this weekend. We are really missing the outdoor adventures that we love to go on. Everyone here is ready for some sunshine and fresh air along with some birdwatching. Hope all of you will have a FAB weekend also!

10 January 2010

My favorite shrug...

... at least for now

being that it's my only one. I finished it LATE last night. I just couldn't put the needles down with being only a few inches away from finishing the last sleeve. I am so loving this shrug. It's warm, cozy and wonderful. I might have to make another one sometime in the future in a different color. The girls now think that they need one for themselves. We'll see.

I have to thank my photographer for the pictures so that I could show you what the shrug looks like. It was a wonderful day out with the sun finally shining, after so many days of gray, dark clouds just hanging over everything. The blue sky was beautiful to look at.

Off to finish my most favorite "household" thing, laundry. Yeah. At least it's just waiting to be put away. No one likes helping with this job. I never have problems getting volunteers to help with other things but just ask to get help folding the clothes and putting them up and it's like roaches scattering when a light is flipped on. That's teamwork I tell ya.

I must hurry. I'm getting the eye and was asked if I was going to start on the dead fish hat tonight. I had to order yarn for that being that someone had to have particular colors for the hat. I think that someone is getting obsessed with cool looking hats that he can wear to work. I'm going to have to keep an eye on him. Note to self: don't look up patterns on ravelry when a certain someone is around. He starts to see things that he likes also which just makes my project list longer. :)

Here's to a great week. More sunshine in the forecast, more workout time, more yarn time. You knew yarn was not going to be left out. It's going to be great!

07 January 2010

Knitting like crazy...

busy, busy, busy is what I've been. This week has flown by with all that I've tried to cram into it. But amazingly I'm not tired!

I got up a little early so that I could finish the ribbing on the shrug and bind off the edge. It all got done with about 2ft. of yarn left on the skein I was using! That was close. Now all I have left is the sleeves. I'm hoping that I will finish them by this weekend. Between cleaning, cooking, lessons and working out, I've been grabbing knitting time where ever I can. And then at night I turn the Ipod on and go to town with the stitches. It's mush easier to get into a rhythm when things are quiet.

Working out isn't going to bad either! I've lost 5lbs so far just by moving and watching what I'm eating. I've not had a soda yet. Just been flavoring water with lemon or orange juice when I want something other than plain water. No candy or sweets either. Just fruits. And cutting way down on the amount I put on my plate. Seriously can't believe I ate as much as I did before. Crazy. One thing I've tried though that I heard about from watching Dr. Oz and going on his website, is boosting the metabolism naturally. I've been adding cayenne pepper to everything (yes, even oatmeal) and it's not so bad. I think it has helped by giving all the exercising a kick start. I'm going to keep it all up because the pooch will be leaving! And I'm loving working out with the Wii. I've also been throwing in some of the exercises that were suggested by Eddie George on Dr. Oz and its all a great mix. Love it! I can button my jeans without the pooch hanging over!

I must be off so that the days list can get done and then start the workout. I'm so jazzed about it all!

Toodle Loo!!!

04 January 2010

On to a brand new year...

I've been wondering over the weekend "where did 2009 go". You know the old saying about when you are a kid, time moves slow. But when you get older, it flies right past you at a 100mph. Well, I think it was moving faster than that. And to sit and think about Dec. is mind blowing. The time before Christmas was very stress free around here. But it was here and gone faster than you could snap your finger. WOW!!!

So then over the weekend, keeping with our tradition, the tree and all the decorations came down after New Years. Even though all the wonderful decorations make the house look so great, their time had come to go back into the boxes and bins.

I always forget about how much stuff we have when it comes time to put things away for another 11 months. I didn't buy any new decorations this year, except for the girls gingerbread house kits. But some how the bins seemed to be fuller than before. How does that happen? And just to make sure that no one was left out of all the fun of putting things back into the attic, bins and boxes where left on the floor until Glenn got home. Trust me, the tree box alone has to weigh close to 80lbs. Not joking. So it sat until there was help to shove it back into the dark, dismal attic.

Now we are left with a boring room (as the girls call it). They say we need to find some kind of decorations for winter to put up. Apparently there is no color in the house. I'm not sure I'm on the bandwagon with some of the ideas they are throwing around. I think I'm going to have to downsize the list. Otherwise I'm going to need more bins just to put winter decor in. Not sure Glenn will be so excited about having more stuff taking up more space in the attic.

I had to show the beautiful pictures of the snow that we got New Year's Eve. 4 inches when all was said and done. And every bit of it gorgeous! I was great just sitting upstairs watching it fall as I was knitting. Awesome.

After a really great weekend of just being with the family, it came to me that I must change a few things around here. No resolutions. They never work for me. And when I don't stick with it, I just get really miffed. And then it just gets ugly around here. Here is what I have decided to do though:
  • work out a wee bit more and watch what I eat. must get rid of a pooch that just hangs around and bugs me. I started this past weekend and since Saturday, I've lost 4 lbs.
  • not to drink any more soda. the stuff kills me every time I touch it. and seeing that I have added three pounds just from drinking that over the holidays, it's done.
  • knit/crochet some more
  • make sure that the politicians of my state know how I feel about the direction the country is going. not liking it in the least little bit and I will keep informing them. It's the least I can do to make sure our country is not trounced all over.
  • keep improving our homeschooling with the girls. I have a future astronaut and a archaeologist on my hands you know.
  • see more of our state again. love that!! I almost want to get snowshoes and head up into the hills before winter is over. crazy I know.
  • take more "deep breathes" when something happens around here and not freak out, except for when it comes to a crummy looking floor. sorry, I have to keep that up. can't stand dirty looking socks.
  • and knit/crochet more. did I already say that? wasn't sure. gotta have the yarn time!
Well, it seems as if I'm going to be busy again this year. But at least I'll have my crew with me, enjoying all the fun.