"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

27 March 2014

Little sprouts...

We are starting to see some signs of life from all the seeds we started already.  So exciting!  Apparently some of the lettuce plants dropped seeds last year and gave us a surprise this early in the season.  And the rhubarb is coming on strong.  That's a beautiful thing, because I used up all of last years crop and it's rough waiting for this new batch.



24 March 2014


I started re-decorating the girls rooms two years ago this spring.  The bulk of things are finished of course.  Just tiny little additions are needed here and there.  The one big thing that was wanted in their rooms was their very own desk of sorts.  Oh how they dreamed of having their own creative little spot, in their room by the window.  So I searched high and low, always keeping an eye out for just the perfect little piece to add to their rooms.

A couple of weeks ago I was in the garage straightening up things when I looked at one corner and saw all the scrap lumber from previous projects.  Why was I looking for desks when I could make them?!  I had a saw, a brand new cordless drill and impact driver (so dang awesome!) and all the other odds and ends needed to build desks from scratch.  Our handy dandy friend (who helps with all things construction around here) even brought over his table chop saw so we could make sure all the legs were the exact same length.  Two hours tops and two desks were made.  I really love my new drills and feel like I'm in stoppable with the projects I can do now.  There may be a list being made now of all the things to do.

The girls are loving their new pieces of furniture.  I'm just a bit surprised as to which one of them is keeping their desk the cleanest.  I'm not complaining.  I'm just glad that they are both in love with their rooms still, even more so now.  Now all that is needed is a couple of cool looking chairs from the thrift store, the perfect desk lamp and all will be perfect in their eyes.

We also put in a brand new garage door opener with the help of our friend.  That was a few weeks ago and I still can't get over how awesome it is that the remotes for the car work and we don't have to get out of the car to punch in codes to open the door anymore.  That bites in the Winter, big time.  I still make a comment about how awesome it is to having working remotes when we drive down our street towards the house.  I think the family is getting sick of hearing about my happiness at this point.



11 March 2014


Just a few tidbits from the last few days…

*  I just want it to be know that I'm not a fan of the time change.  Never have been.  I want to see the sun starting to show itself at 5:30 in the morning when I get up.  Whoever came up with this brilliant idea needs a serious talking to.

*  I finally started sewing all those hst (half square triangles) together.  It took some serious thought as to which way to go with these bad boys.  At least everyone is liking how it's turning out.  Everyone around here must have a say so in the creative development for it to be a success.

*  Saturday was such a beautiful day.  The morning started out with two of us staying at home and the other two going out for a impromptu photo excursion.  It was great.  Then in the afternoon we all went for a long walk around the state park near our house.  The "coolest" thing happened while there.  We were wandering around the old sealed up slaughter house on the grounds of the old prisoner honor farm when we saw the little garter snake.  Totally grossed me out but everyone else thought he was pretty awesome. Whatever.  We started our walk again when this Peregrine Falcon came swooping in behind us, snatched up the snake and flew off with it in his claws.  I'm just glad he didn't drop the creepy thing on me.  Yeah, I was stepping way back out of Mr. Falcons flight path.

*  I'm still getting used to new glasses I got nearly two weeks ago.  Progressives.  They suck.  They are only good for reading, sewing, knitting and crochet.  Other than that, I spit at them.  I feel like I'm in a fish bowl looking out.  Hooray for getting older.  Spit.

*  I moved our little greenhouse back in its spot for growing things.  That is as far as I got with that.  Maybe some time this week I can get out there and plant some seeds and get things going.  Crossing fingers.  Gotta love 60 degrees at this time of year.   I only bought a few (times 10) seed packs already. Gotta love the early bird special on seed packs.  25 cents each!  

Now on to enjoying the sunshine that is streaming through my windows at the moment.



04 March 2014


I had two special visitors here over the weekend.  Two of my most favorite boys in the world.  Three days of snuggles, hugs, and giggles.  Not a bad weekend at all.

There were tears when they left.