"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

24 December 2011

Bunny 24...

Here we have the final addition to the Bunny Advent.
A lot of thought went into this one.  Just enough holiday spirit but not so much that he can't sit around all year if someone wanted.

So here is Rudy the red nose and red tail Bunny.  I'm finding him to be my favorite one out of the bunch.

Here's all 24 bunnies hanging out, getting ready for tonights get together where I'm sure they will have lots of fun.  Hopefully they won't eat too many of the snacks that will be out all over the kitchen.

Thanks for stopping by each day to check out the progress of the Bunny Advent.  It's been fun seeing the creation of each one.  We'll have to see if another advent comes about next year.  You never know around here.

I'm wishing each of you a very Merry Christmas.   


23 December 2011

Bunny #23...

Today's bunny is definitely different from all the others.  Em created him with the raggedy edges on the outside.  He turned out great for her first ever attempt at this technique.

Here you have Frosty.
Perfect with his pale blue and sprinkles all over.

One more bunny to go.
I hope you check back in tomorrow to see the final addition to Em's advent 'madness'.  She's done a great job so far.

On the quilting front, I just finished sewing the binding on to the back of the quilt.  I didn't ever think I was going to get the second one completed.  I will have pics for you after Christmas.  Both of the quilts are getting wrapped as soon as I finish up here.

See you tomorrow!

22 December 2011

Bunny 22...

So did you guess where Em came up with the name Calvin for her bunny yesterday?  Libby got it.

Todays bunny is the best pal of Calvin.
You know how those two get into trouble all the time.  Maybe I should keep my eye on these two bunnies.

Just to show how big a fan Em is to "Calvin and Hobbes" here is one of her snowmen last year.  There were many more twisted little creations.  I'm just glad they were all in the back yard so the neighbors didn't get any weird ideas about us.  Not that they don't have a few already.  LOL!!!!


21 December 2011

Bunny 21...

Calvin is the bunny for the day.
The trick for all of you is to see if you can figure out why he is called Calvin.
Leave a comment to see if you guess it right.

On a another note, 

I finished the hand quilting of the second quilt last night.  I jumped up from the couch and squealed and scared the stuffins out of everyone.  I know they think I have lost my mind now.  But you don't know how great it is to get that part finished.  

After I cleaned up my pile of quilt stuff I quietly stole away to sit in front of our big tree and just sat in all of its colorful glory.  It was so peaceful.  I nearly fell asleep staring at it.

Now I'm off to finish the binding of the quilt.  I have to be finished with it all by tomorrow.  There are still tons of cookies to make.


20 December 2011

Bunny #20...

Today's bunny needed to be 'patched' together.  The fabric that inspired was all in tiny little squares.  But he turned out fine even with all the pieces.

Cocoa is so sweet.  Very fitting for the season I think.  

There's only four more to go.  
I'm wondering if Em will do something special for the last day.
I'm not even sure what she is going to come up with.
I can't wait.


19 December 2011

Bunny 19...

There has been a huge debate going on today about this bunny's name.  That is why the post has been delayed.  I finally demanded a decision be made in 5 mins.  No more going back and forth, I'm not sure, etc.

So I now introduce you to...


 You don't even want to know some of the suggestions that were being decided on.  Just know they were off the wall and I was shaking my head and at times saying "no way".

I'm hoping the next one will be easier to decide upon.  It's hard trying to put all my concentration into getting this 2nd quilt finished and also having to think about bunny names for hours and hours.  


18 December 2011

Bunny 18...

Blueberry is the bunny of the day.
He is rather special.

He is the fraternal twin of Bubblegum!

Where does Em come up with these ideas?
She's so cute with all the things she comes up with.


17 December 2011

bunny advent 17...

Bunny #17 was kept quite simple.  
Em has the whole weekend scheduled for working on a handmade gift and didn't want anything slowing her down.  Tomorrows bunny has already been made also.  Planning.  I wish I was all over that right now.

So here we have Bubblegum bunny.
Can you believe only 7 more bunnies to go!

Room is definitely getting scarce in the bed with all these little bunnies.


16 December 2011

Bunny #16...

Today's bunny wasn't too labor intensive.  Just a couple of long strips of fabric sewn together to make a piece wide enough for the pattern.  The best thing about this whole venture is watching the gears of creativity kick in and see how things turn out for Em.

So without any more delay we have...


I'm still not sure about the whole process of how the names come about.


15 December 2011

Bunny advent Day 15...

Today's bunny is a bit different than the others.  There was no piecing, no patching or anything like that.  It was made with just one piece of fabric that had brightly colored trees printed on it.  Something simple.  Something quick.  All because we were getting an unexpected visit from little Connor and Em didn't want to miss a minute with him.

Today's bunny was named Bambi.  Thumper would have been too easy and expected.  Change things up a bit I always say.  Not alot just a little.  That's just how we operate around here.  The name was influenced by dear Dad.  Not one to blend in with the crowd.  Always daring to be different.  That is why we love him so.

For those who commented about how nice and tidy Em's bed always looks each day, it's not hers.  It is mine.  It's the only room in the house with decent light throughout the day.  Plus it has the Christmas quilt on it that I made last year.  Although Em's bed is nice and neat, the foot of her bed is covered with all kinds of lovies that she can't do without.  I'm surprised she can stretch out at night.  


14 December 2011

Day 14...

Today we have...


Her ear is a little off.  But no matter because she is just as cute as the others.
Adds a little character you know.

Ten more to go.  
The bag the bunnies are residing in is getting a bit cramped.
Extra snuggly always makes things better.


13 December 2011

Day 13...

It seems the patchiness of bunnies could not be stopped as another was created after Em's digging through the scrap bin. 

Meet Sweetpea.
It's getting so hard to pick a favorite.
I'm not sure I'm going to even try.

After lessons were completed and dinner was put in the oven I found myself in the family room taking a break for just a couple of minutes.  During this brief moment of doing nothing I noticed that a little pony has taken up residence in one of the gingerbread houses that the girls made a few years ago.  How nice that a sweet little pony has found a sweet little home for the Christmas season.  You never know what you may find amongst all the decor that is about the house.  Little ones are always adding their own special touch to things.

I also couldn't help notice all the Santa's that have been made be each of the kids at particular years of their lives.  Brendon made his with all the outlines done in marker.  Brenna's was every so carefully colored, which surprised a few family members due to her impatience with projects sometimes.  And then there is Em's two Santa's.  One has stripey pj's and the other is in a Christmasey green.  The story is that when she was in public school she got finished with assignments way ahead of the other students that she was given another to keep her busy.  Apparently a third was also made and given to her teacher as a gift.

Now with my break at its end, it is now time to get back to the quilt while I wait for dinner to get finished.  It's so yummy.  Go to the link and check it out.  If you decide to try it you won't be disappointed.  I used thick boneless pork chops instead of the beef and added onions to the recipe.  I used my mandoline slicer to make sure the potatoes, onions and pork chops were a nice even slice through out the dish.  I can't wait for it to be done.


12 December 2011

Day 12...

Today we have Bunny #12.


Em went a little more simple with this one.  No piecing, patching or anything like that.  Violet Bunny stressed her because it didn't turn out how she envisioned.  So simple was this one.  We will see what she comes up with for tomorrow's bunny.


11 December 2011

Day 11...

Meet Violet.

There was a lot of creativity and work put into her.
But worth it as Em said.

On to the next one.


10 December 2011

Day 10...

Today we have...


Not only am I starting to worry about the number of bunnies that are hanging out around here but the names are making me wonder also.  We'll see how that all works out.  


09 December 2011

Day 9...

Meet Huckleberry Patch.
Bunny #9.

 You should have seen the scraps flying just to get this one finished so it could join the rest of the gang.
It was hilarious!


08 December 2011

Bunny advent...

Em has been working on this crazy little project since the beginning of the month.  She is making a bunny a day for the countdown to Christmas.  I think she is crazy.  But she is having a blast with this endeavor.  It's kind of fun seeing her going through all the fabric scraps to see what she comes up with.  I'm just worried about being over run with all these bunnies after this is all done.

I will post daily from now on about each new one she makes.

So for day 8, here is the collection so far.


06 December 2011

Crunch time...

One would think that with the days till Christmas continuously dwindling away that I would have myself completely engulfed with as much quilt working time as I could possibly get my hands on to.

Quilt #1 is basically called finished.  I just haven't decided if I should do more hand quilting on it or not.  I'm still debating.  I debate alot with myself.  No real winner when this happens.  So I folded it up and placed it to the side of the craft room for now until I decide.  While quilt #1 is sitting patiently for me to end my debate, one would think that I would have started right away on quilt #2.
 Yeah, right.

I got a request the other day for another hat for the certain little wee people in the family for another festive/holiday hat.  Just try to imagine little ones batting their eyes at me while twisting my arm to do this for them.  I had to imagine it also being they live not so close nearby.  To be honest, that bit of imagination is the only thing that convinced me to steer off the quilt path and conquer another hat making marathon so that the hats could get mailed off quickly.

With the hook flying and me looking and acting like a crazy woman, the hats were finished and mailed out today.
 So now all the focus is on quilt #2.
No more distractions.

I'm serious.

I better not say that too loud.
It will come back to bite me.


02 December 2011

Sneak peek...

I finally put the binding on this afternoon.  Now tonight will be marathon attempt at getting the binding hand sewn onto the back.

Wish me luck.
I'm going to need it.