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06 December 2011

Crunch time...

One would think that with the days till Christmas continuously dwindling away that I would have myself completely engulfed with as much quilt working time as I could possibly get my hands on to.

Quilt #1 is basically called finished.  I just haven't decided if I should do more hand quilting on it or not.  I'm still debating.  I debate alot with myself.  No real winner when this happens.  So I folded it up and placed it to the side of the craft room for now until I decide.  While quilt #1 is sitting patiently for me to end my debate, one would think that I would have started right away on quilt #2.
 Yeah, right.

I got a request the other day for another hat for the certain little wee people in the family for another festive/holiday hat.  Just try to imagine little ones batting their eyes at me while twisting my arm to do this for them.  I had to imagine it also being they live not so close nearby.  To be honest, that bit of imagination is the only thing that convinced me to steer off the quilt path and conquer another hat making marathon so that the hats could get mailed off quickly.

With the hook flying and me looking and acting like a crazy woman, the hats were finished and mailed out today.
 So now all the focus is on quilt #2.
No more distractions.

I'm serious.

I better not say that too loud.
It will come back to bite me.



  1. The snowmen hats are over the top cute!!! Happy quilting!!

  2. The hats look wonderful, but it looks like you have a ways to go on quilt #2. No more sidebars. You can do it! :-)

  3. Absolutely LOVE the hats! You are so talented!

  4. Those are the sweetest little hats ever and I love that you did the non-pompom on them. WAY cute.

    I hope your holidays are AMAZING, Kar.

  5. You are so thoughtful! The hats are adorable! Your quilt is going to be beautiful. Take some time for you too ;)

  6. Those hats are totally cute...I wasn't going to make anything this year but we got another new grand daughter and I decided to make her a hat since they live in North Dakota.

  7. Karfeeeeeeeeeeee!! Always LOVE seeing what your creative hands have made!! Your quilts are always divine, and the little snowman hats are absolutely precious!! You still blow me away with all you accomplish!!

    Hope all is well, and that your holidays are full of love, joy, and fun new memories!!

    Big hugs!!

  8. Oh heavens, those hats are beyond adorable.
    And the quilts? Gorgeousness in the making.

  9. Those snowmen hats will be very welcome, I am sure. And I am loving your quilt work! :-)