"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

22 June 2012

Someone turned 1...

Monday was a big day around here.  Two birthdays on one day.  The celebration was held on Sunday though so that lots of people could join in the joy.

The two birthday boys got a nice clean picture together before things got out of hand.

Once Glenn cleared out Connor was able to do as he pleased.

Testing things out first of course.

Then the cake was man handled.

Some refreshments...

and then it was back to tearing into the cake until it was all gone.  
One pleased customer.

Hard to believe this little guy is already a year old.  Time sure flies by.
Precious little guy he is.


21 June 2012

For Mom...

Mom's birthday came around while she has been here visiting.  I waited till she got here so that she could choose from several layer cakes selections that I've had sitting on the shelf.  After the choice was made it was off to cutting, sewing and hand stitching her present while there was down time in the evenings.

I'm just glad I was able to get it finished in time for her to take it home with her this weekend.  It's going to look great on her dining room table.  It was quite enjoyable putting this piece together for her.


20 June 2012


After starting this project I wasn't sure I was going to finish it.  I goofed a few times on the cable pattern and had to rip back some work here and there.  Frustrating to say the least.  But I keep working on it here and there when the mood hit me.  All that is left to do is add buttons.  But I'm still calling it finished.

I'm quite impressed with it now that I'm done.


16 June 2012

Family time...

The past week has found us enjoying my Mom visiting us.  Lots of spur of the moments happenings are occurring here.  Including a trip north of us to enjoy a favorite area to go hiking in.

First there was a stop in town to enjoy Payette Lake and all of its quiet loveliness.  It's wonderful to go during the middle of the week when there aren't any tourists.

The bear sculpture was a must see.

Then off to grab lunch to enjoy at Ponderosa State Park.  Lots of wildlife to see.
Not including us.

And lots of beautiful views everywhere we turned.
Even though a few made me a little uneasy with the height thing and all.

A 400ft plus drop at the view point.  I didn't stick around for long.  Neither did wee ones.

Some exploring on the trail around Huckleberry Marsh.

And after a long day exploring and relaxing, we headed home.
There is still lots of snow up in the mountains.

A quick stop along the highway had to be made to see how high and fast the river was still.
Awesome power to be seen.

Of course someone has to get a little too close for my liking.

Back soon with some pics of what is happening in the craft room during down time.


07 June 2012


There have been improvements here in the last week that really have pepped up the mood around this place.  At least in my mind.  

*I'm finally finished with the yucky medicine I had to take in order to get better.  A big yippee there.  Not fun, seriously.  The side effects were the exact opposite for me and I think it made me feel way more ill before I got better.  :P

*The weather has turned cooler the past couple of days which I'm loving!  Windows are open and there is no need for the A/C.  I'm hoping it continues a bit longer.

*I've started my walking nearly every morning again.  A 2 mile walk is super awesome to start the day with.  Plus a few pounds here and there are starting to go away which is also way super awesome.  The P90X things wasn't for me.  Glenn has been doing it for 3 1/2 months straight.  Way to go Glenn!

*I'm nearly finished with the cabley, knitty project.  It has taken longer than I thought to complete this.  No thanks to a few mistakes on my part that meant some ripping was done to correct a few cabley errors.  There will be a break taken between this and the next two cabley, knitty projects.  There is only so much of the cabley stuff I can handle right now.  I have to move on to something with fabric, quickly!

And I'm enjoying lovely little bouquets that keep finding themselves next to the kitchen sink.  Miss B tells me that they will make me happy when I'm  in the kitchen making and cleaning things.  So far she's right.

Now I'm off to contact a city council person to see what needs to be done to inform residents of our town about the leash law our town has so that myself and other residents don't have to worry about going on our above mentioned walks and being bothered or attacked by other peoples dogs.  

Short story:  
While walking this morning I asked a lady to put her dog on it's leash (that was in her hands) so that it wasn't chasing the girls nor myself as we were minding our business during our walk/biking/roller blading time.  I was called a few vulgar names and was told that she paid taxes.  I tried to politely tell her that paying taxes doesn't exempt her from obeying the laws set for everyone.  More vulgar names were passed my way.

So now I'm off to make sure that everyone who pays taxes obeys the leash law in our town.

Happy days.


01 June 2012

Still here...

There's been a bit of real life taking charge and a sudden bout of not feeling good for me around these parts.  I've tried not to argue with life and it's wanting me to slow down and breathe.  But I will admit that I don't like it when life slows me down.  There's just so much to do.

So during this time of breathing, I've only been able to get out in the yard once it turns shady in the evening.  DARN the medicine that says you can not be in direct sunlight.  Not a fan of that.  But I have loved seeing my new blooming flowers that have started to show themselves the past week.  That part I can't complain about.  When the day starts to quiet down and readies itself for nighttime, there is something soothing about sitting on the porch or in the back yard and just watching things happen.  It's settling, peaceful and perfect.

Hopefully things will get back to a bit of normal sometime this weekend around here.
There's just so much I have to accomplish!

Hope your weekend goes well!