"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

05 September 2014

September air...

     Oh September.  I'm so glad you are finally here.  The little teases of Fall here and there the past couple of weeks have been fabulous.  But it is wonderful to know that it is officially started as far as I'm concerned.  Windows open all day and all night is just the absolute best.  A couple of mornings have been chilly enough that the windows had to be closed and an extra quilt was thrown on top of us.  Heaven in my book.

     The garden is slowing down with its daily treats.  There are a few flowers that still don't disappoint.  Even the bees are enjoying the last bits of pollen from the last of the sunflowers.  Their little legs look so heavy with pollen that we are amazed that they are able to fly at all.  It's wonderful to walk around the yard and see what is still hanging in there at the end of the season.  One last act of stubbornness before things will have to give in to the cool morning temps that are now here to stay.  Even our little feathered friends are starting to stock up for Winter.  They are around all day long and we are outside so much that we can now get with a foot of them and they won't fly off.  Gorgeous little birds the Nuthatches and Chickadees are.  Love hearing their songs through out the day.  Sweet things.

     The oven has been used several times in the last week.  A big difference compared to the entire Summer.  Favorite cool weather meals are starting to find themselves at the dinner table.  Comforting treats that warm the soul at the end of the day.

     The cooler temps have kept me occupied with more yarn projects.  There is just something about yarn and cool air that just go together.  I just can't shake it.  A second sweater was cast on being I totally goofed up on the size on the last one.  Long story short:  I did a total brain dump when I started the other one and never changed to the bigger needles as needed at a certain point of the pattern, totally throwing the whole gauge thing out the window.  It never clicked in my head and I made the entire sweater using the smaller needles.  I only woke up to this realization when I was sewing the buttons on to finish it and noticed that the sleeves just looked a bit small.  So instead of fitting the 3yr. old grandson it was intended for, it is now going to the 1yr. old grandson.  The new sweater is coming along just perfect as I have made sure this time not to forget very important bits of information in the pattern.  I made two others before this with no problem.  Just another reminder that I shouldn't work on projects like this while stressed out.

    A teeny, tiny break from knitting was taken for a whole day yesterday after I walked by all kinds of wonderful colors of yarn that was in my stash.  A quick gift for a friend was worked up while waiting for a couple of studious little people to finish their school work for the day.  I love how all the colors look together and am hoping that they will be loved by the dear friend when she gets them.

     Now back to enjoying this fabulous change in the weather.



25 August 2014


     I stepped outside the other morning to enjoy the cool morning air and happened to see something different laying about in the grass. Yellow colored leaves already falling from the trees.  The feeling of relief came over me while looking at the leaves.  A signal that this Summer is nearly over.  Finally!  That is all I kind think of in that moment.

     It has been a beast of a Summer here.  And I'm ready for it to move on so that slower times can take it's place.  Time for cozying up with blankets.  Time for cooler, less suffocating weather.  Time for hibernating.  And more time for creating.  It is time to wave goodbye to Summer and welcome another season in hopes that it will be better than the last.  One can hope.  



08 August 2014

Back in a rhythm...

     Things seem to be getting into a more pleasant rhythm around here.  I'm hoping and still crossing fingers, just in case.  At least the last few days have been tolerable, less stressful.  I was finally able to pick up the knitting if only for a few short minutes last night after a few days break from it.  It was one of those days where no matter what I was doing the pattern didn't look right, tension was off, I forgot to change needles, etc.  So after 4 attempts and 4 bouts of pulling every last single stitch out, I walked away from this project.  One would think that maybe after 2 attempts I would have stopped.  But no, my stubborn streak got the best of me because I was determined to conquer this and not be defeated.  Finally common sense kicked in luckily and I shoved everything over to the side and left everything where it lay, before any injuries occurred.  That in itself was hard to do and leave everything a mess.  Another story for another day.

    I started back on the project again last night but the gorgeous sunset pulled me away from the pleasantries of knitting and before I knew it enough time had passes to where it was time for bed.  If that stubborn streak would have been around still I would have probably tried knitting in the dark.  Thank goodness that didn't happen.
     There is a lull in all the household duties at the moment due to getting up before the sun and being very efficient with all the house stuff that needed to be done today.  Heck, I even seasoned all my cast iron pieces today since the temps have been so wonderful today.  So far.  So I will find myself a pleasant place to be and continue on with this whole cabley project with high hopes of getting it finished soon.  Very soon.