"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

11 August 2015

Summer drawing to an end...

     I sit here this morning thinking "Wow, Summer is nearly over!"  And in that statement there is a bit of relief on my part.  It's been an up and down kind of Summer here.  We stayed home for the most part.  Simple little trips here and there.  Nothing spectacular but good all the same.  Quiet time and relaxing for our main guy, which was well deserved.  The girls were busy with their volunteering and Summer activities they love to do.  One little miss has a part time job now.  At her most favorite place ever.  The library!  She goes to work every day with a smile on her face and that smile is still there when she comes home.  How perfect is that!?!  The only "bad" thing about this is that little sis is lost without her big sis for those few hours.

     We had a wonderful week with the grandsons.  They had an absolute blast the whole time they were here.  Playing in the back yard all day long.  Running through the sprinklers.  Tie-dyeing t-shirts.  Playing in the rain with their Aunties.  Looking for bugs and watching bees all over the yard.  Eating juicy, drippy watermelon by the bowls full while trying to decide if they like salt with it like Mema, or without it like Genpa.  Tough decisions (one yes and one no).  There were very early mornings where they just had to eat breakfast with Genpa before he went to work.  And lots and lots of cheering and squeals when he would pull into the garage at the end of the day.  But the day was not over for Genpa then.  It was just starting, again.  More looking for bugs, watching the birds at the feeders, picking flowers, sidewalk chalk, ice cream, tossing the football, throwing the frisbee and picking carrots out of the garden.  They were non stop until the sun literally went down in the sky.  It was a beautiful week.  Having them go home was the worst.  I definitely cried like a baby, again.

     I finally repainted the kitchen/dining room area.  I've only talked about for a couple of years now.  But lucky me, a paint sale happened at the local hardware store (Ace Hardware) and there was my excuse/reason for doing it now.  Sparkling Water is my new favorite paint color.  And Bessy Buttercup Clover the 4th (??? the girls doing) looks fabulous up against this new color.  And what better reason to put up some pics from my favorite photographer, my dearest.  He had no idea I was doing any of this and it was a total surprise when he came home.  It was wonderful to see him going throughout the house to see where I put all of his photos that we have had printed through the years.  He had never wanted to put any of them up but I felt it was time.  He's warming up to the idea of his work being displayed all over the house and is even talking about printing out more pics to hang up.  He's also warming up to Bessy in the dining room, even though he still shakes his head over that every day.  I have to say that Bessy was a great find at Hobby Lobby.  Now I'm needing a few more things to add to the walls.  I might be making a few things here and there soon to go along with her.

     The yard is exploding with color by now.  We didn't think anything would ever bloom.  It seemed like it took forever this year.  But finally we get to see all this lovely color every where we turn.  We have been calling it "the science experiment garden" because everyone picked something to try out this year.  There isn't any rhyme or reason for what flower were picked other than they are flowers we love and thought were cool.  And of course there are Zinnias everywhere.  There are going to be lots of seeds gathered this year to save for next year.  And thanks to Teresa's sharing of info a few years ago, we will never be without seeds for the flowers we love.  A million thanks Teresa!   

     We had a bit of a problem with some kind of bug killing our grass.  To say I was having a fit over it would be a slight understatement.  But after a few treatments of stuff and a few (4) bags of grass seed, things are turning around and all is well in my little world again.  Who knew dying grass would send me over the edge?  

     Besides all of that, the girls have started back with their studies.  It seems settling to have this back in our routine again.  And hopefully I won't hear "There's nothing to do" for awhile.  Because I will surely have something for two little people to do.  With one in 11th grade and the other in 6th, things will definitely be busy.

     I'm still plugging away at the Red & White quilt.  I'm adding something totally different to it.  Something I've never tried before.  Machine Applique on one big block.  We will see how that turns out.  There's been a back and forth kind of thing happening with the things I'm making.  Quilting one day, crochet the next.  Just whatever I'm in the mood for.  No time constraints.  Just whenever.  It feels good not to have myself in a bit of a tizzy over projects.  The projects are more enjoyable this way.

     Plus I've had to get a few things together for September.  I've been asked by our Library to display some of my quilts and blankets I've made, as part of their local artists displays.  Artist?  Me?  What?  So I've had to write a bio about myself (that is just dang hard), take pictures and try and decide what will be brought down for the display for the whole month of September.  It really has been a daunting task being that really and truly I'm not one to put myself out for all to see.  I'm not a "look at me" kind of person.  I'm really stepping out of my norm with this.  We will see how it all goes.

     One thing is for sure though,  I'm ready for Fall and all the great things it brings with it.




22 July 2015

07 July 2015

My second favoritest quilt...

     Oh this quilt!  I can't tell you how much I love this quilt.  It will never be better than my first quilt, but it is pretty stinkin' awesome and right up there on the list in second place.

     This quilt came about accidentally.  It all started as a special gift for someone but as I finished off the first block, I just couldn't part with it.  All the digging in the scraps and seeing all the bits and pieces of previous projects and the meaning I had put into those pieces of fabric was just too much for me to part with.  I knew what every little scrappy piece had been used for.  Would the person I first intended to make this for know all the history that was going into this quilt?  No.  Fabric from my first pair of shorts I ever made myself (yes, twenty years ago), remnants of dresses I made the girls, fabric that looks identical to a shirt that my father-in-law had, bits and pieces leftover from the quilt I made my Mom, plus so much more.  I can look at each piece of fabric and tell you what it was used for the first time.

     This quilt has grabbed hold of us and hasn't let go.  It never will.  It's definitely a family quilt.  Especially since everyone put their suggestions in on the planning and creating process of it.  There were a lot of "ohs and ahs" going on around here during the entire making of this quilt.  Even a few squeals came out from time to time.  Everyone has a favorite block.  And no one can agree on a "name" for it.  But it is loved and that is all that matters.

     I used the "quilt as you go" method for this quilt.  The first time ever.  I came across it while browsing at the quilting books at the library and read more about it on the blog of the author.  To say I love this technique is an understatement.  I would have never tried quilting this quilt the way I did with the traditional one big huge piece under the machine.  I would have gone mad.  I went through a lot of thread with this method, but it was so worth it seeing how the quilt turned out in the end.  My own version of match stick quilting.  Love it!!!  It's so crinkly wrinkly.  I can't help but touch it every time I pass by it.

(One of my helpful quilt holders)

     With this quilt being about special fabrics, I couldn't help but use two fabrics for the backing that I fell in love with and had been hoarding away for a bit.  It doesn't match the front at all (which bothered other members of the family at first) but I didn't care.  It was all about using what I loved.  Even for the binding.  I probably broke all the rules of coordinating somewhere with this quilt.  But it doesn't matter.  Quilts are suppose to make you smile.  And this one does, just like my first one.

     I worked feverishly getting the binding sewn on just so the quilt could be finished.  I even had my special guy standing next to me as the last stitch in the binding was put in.  He grabbed the quilt and wrapped us both up in it.  First snuggles in this lovely creation.  How awesome is that.

     This quilt has meaning, memories and love all wrapped in it and that alone is so worth the time and effort put into this beautiful quilt.  I'm so glad that it's home is here with us.