"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

30 August 2013

This week...

-  There have been some pretty awesome clouds here every morning this past week.  Not fond of the humidity that came with them but I will excuse that this time being that it helps the fire situations in our state.  The orange and gold skies are so very pretty.  But you quickly remember that it is there only because there is smoke in the air from a fire still burning in our portion of the state.

-  The hot air balloons are here in town again.  The  Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic is going on until Sunday.  We caught one going over our house on Monday before the event started.  Still debating if there will be an early morning wake up call tomorrow just to go see them. 

-  I'm heading off to the bookstore early this morning to pick up a book that I asked to be held back for me.  I just could not resist having a copy for myself after checking it out at the library and going through it.  The hats are just too cute!  Everyone in the house has put in their requests for their new hat this winter.  I guess I won't be bored with making everyones new hats.



28 August 2013


All entries to the fair were picked up the other day.  The girls were quite happy to see how they did being that we didn't actually go to the fair this year to check it out first hand.  We were so proud of them.  They were both grinning ear to ear.  

Miss Em got 1st place on a poem she entered, 2nd place on both blankets.  The quilt received Best Quilt in the Youth/4H division for being visually interesting and having complex piecing and the afghan got a Special Award for use of color and pattern used.

Miss B got 3rd place for her hand sewn sheep.  She squealed quite loud when she saw her ribbon.  Everyone standing around in the Youth area got a big kick out of her.

All ribbons have now found a new home in each of their rooms so they can be stared at as much as need be.

Plans are now being made for next year.  Nothing like being prepared.  



26 August 2013

Sunday morning...

I woke up at 6am Sunday morning (I just can't sleep in anymore) and went around the house as quiet as possible getting necessary things done, as fast as I could.  Luckily I didn't wake anyone up during my early morning rush.  I had this all planned the night before.  Didn't share these thoughts with anyone.  Just me, myself and I.  I had even laid out my clothes for the day before going to bed in hopes of being efficient and quiet.

I poked my head out the back door to get a feel for what the temperature was like and deemed it perfect to follow through with my plan.  A perfect 60 degrees.  All windows were opened as quietly as possible, staying out of the bedrooms, so the early morning air could fill the house.

Then I took myself out to the patio, plopped myself in my most favorite outdoor chair and spent the entire morning out there.  Just me, the birds, cool air, the quiet morning and yarn.  Just as I planned.  Everyone else started to get up a couple of hours later and some how knew that I just wanted a quiet morning.  I got a few hugs, little kisses on the top of my head and Good Morning wishes and back in they went.  Being as quiet as they could be, without being asked.  I even got a quiet reading buddy sitting next to me for a while.

5 hours of just doing what I wanted, how I wanted.

It was the best start of any day that I have had in a long time.  One of my best days ever.



25 August 2013

This summer...

So many changes from the norm here this summer.  One big one was the amount of time we spent at our local library.  For 2 1/2 months we were there at least 4 days out of the week.  We are all on a first name basis with all that work at the library now.  I kind of feel like Norm on Cheers when he walks in the door at the bar.

I couldn't believe it myself until I sat down one day, a slow day, and that realization hit me.  So many programs were set up for the kids this summer at our library.  Crafts, parties, plays, science experiments, story times, movies, book clubs, gardening, outdoor survival and much more.  That's not to include the volunteer hours that Miss E had put in there and continues to do.  Miss B wasn't sure about the whole reading program at first and only put 5 books down as her goal for the summer.  But before it was all over she completed over 40 books.  Something pulled her into the whole reading thing I'd say.

Fun fact:  Out of the 1200 kids that signed up for the reading program, 400 exceeded their goal and those 400 kids read over 18,000 books this summer.  They were all treated to a big party and free books for that big accomplishment.  Awesome!

When we were home special pillow beds were made so books could be read to special companions.  Moosey is such a great listener.  

Miss E has now found her new calling all because of the Teen Writers Forum Club.
Will there be some best sellers in her future?  We shall see.  I'm quite impressed with what she has come up with so far.  One cleverly written poem has even won her a 1st place ribbon at the fair this year.  Not bad for a start.

Miss B would be just tuckered out from the things she put on her plate for the day while at home.  Reading, writing stories (just like big sis) while enjoying her comfy, soft area special made in the living room.  Imagination and creating things are so rough you know.

There was even a cake decorating event one Friday in which everyone enjoyed.  The pretty little creations sat in the kitchen with much debating about if they should be eaten.  All the cupcakes that have been made here since then have been quite pretty by the creative little bakers I'm now surrounded by.

The last summer event on Friday was a huge hit.  Duct tape creations.  This is definitely not the boring gray duct tape I grew up with.  Seriously.  Bacon, dill pickle, penguins.  Plans are being made for a new wardrobe piece by each girl for the near future.  Everyone has a bow tie special made by Miss B just so we can look fancy.

Just when I thought things would slow down a bit, the girls were given a new program calendar after this event, for the next two months.  

I'm tired already.  



23 August 2013

This week...

Dana started this new little thing over on her blog called "This Week..." to try to make herself accountable for taking note of the happenings around her during the last week.  I have been putting off doing something similar for a while now and thought why not.  A few words, a few pics.  What the heck I'm I waiting for?  Seriously don't know.  So here we go...

-  I think I have completely lost my mind due to the fact that I have 3 projects going at the same time.  Quilting, knitting and crocheting.  I have no idea what possessed me to do that.  So out of nature for me.  It's kind of bothering me at the moment.

-  I was using the crock pot over the weekend and it just decided it had done its job for the past 26 years.  Seriously!  At least dinner was done and all was not lost.  But then I had to go out and get a new one, knowing that it more than likely will not last as long as my first.  It was rough having to toss the old one out.  Sad day in our house to let go of "Old Reliable".

-  I squashed the biggest spider ever the other day.  No joke, legs and all, it was at least half dollar size.  I thought I was going to get sick afterwards.  Our spider killing guy was at work so I had to put the big girl panties on and take him out.  I am not a spider liking kind of person.  Totally creeps me out.  I squeal and leave the room just to wait for my brave husband to take care of them for me and I hide so he can't dangle the tissue in front of me creepy me out even more. 

-  Last night after dinner, I was in the kitchen mixing up another batch of spreadable butter when my dear husband came in and touched my neck with his finger and said "Spider!".  I damn near flung olive oil all over the kitchen.  Luckily I had the sense enough to have enough control to not throw the measuring cup full of oil and run.  Everyone got a good laugh, except for me.  Someone got the stink eye after that.  Then a few hours later, back in the kitchen while on the phone with my Mom, there was another incident with a spider.  It crawled up on my foot!  Mom got first hand knowledge on how loud I can squeal over those nasty little things.  I hope her hearing is okay.  I think the spiders are out to get me.  Seriously!

-  Another little quilter around here has finished up the backing of her quilt.  Just waiting for me to go to the store and get batting so she can put the quilt together.  Apparently it is designed to be reversible.  Genius.

-  The lovely hot air balloons are coming around again with the mornings getting cooler.  Can't wait for next week when the balloon festival starts.

-  We have all been pretty sad to see our state literally burning up the past month.  Simply devastating.  Our hearts go out to all those effected here in our state.  Everyone is so thankful that there are so many brave people that are up in the fire areas working their butts off getting these monster fires under control and out.  We haven't gone on any hiking trips this summer because of the fires being in our favorite spots to explore.  There was some good news this morning about the fire in Hailey being 67% contained. Thank God.  Finally some good news.  Now there are only a few more big ones to pray about.  We are happy that we don't have to change our Fall vacation plans this year.  



19 August 2013

Being present...

That is just how things have been for us the past month.

Focusing more on us.  Individually and as a family.

Just letting the days happen.
No pressure, no expectations.
Disconnecting from the world most days.

It was wonderful beyond words.
A sense of peace in some ways, that we all needed around here.

Hoping that this new "normal" will stick around here in some shape or form.
Crossing my fingers.