"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

27 May 2013

Memorial Day...

In memory of all the brave people who gave so much so that this great country will continue to be.

God bless you all and thank you.


20 May 2013

Weekend blooms...

Simple little things that put a smile on my face while in the yard this weekend.


15 May 2013

My chairs...

I've been doing a bit of sprucing up around here lately where the yard is concerned.  It's been rather enjoyable to say the least.  Things just seem a little less crummy without old tired furniture pieces sitting around the yard.

I have made it a point that this year the yard will be used more.  We will enjoy the outdoors more.  When it's not roasting outside.

So when I saw these chairs (kits) at our local hardware store, I could not pass them up.  They were screaming at me to take them home with me.  I did what they asked and a few days later everyone went back to pick out their own special color for their very own chair and ottoman.

It took a few days to make sure that things were done just right.  The results had to be perfect.  Well as perfect as can be in my world.

I am happy to say that we have thoroughly enjoyed our new chairs and have used them every evening for a week now.  Money and time well spent.  There is now a continuous debate over which color is the absolute best.

Just a bit of advice:
 If you get one of these chairs for your very own and want to paint it, follow these steps (as advised by our hardware guys).

  1. Sand all the pieces smooth once you remove them from the box.  It won't take much but it is worth the time.
  2. Don't put the chairs together just yet.  Get a good primer for outdoor wood furniture and apply to all the pieces in the kit.
  3. After the primer is dry and cured, paint on the fabulous color that you have picked out with a small foam roller brush.  Makes a really wonderful smooth finish on all the pieces.
  4. Once the paint has dried and cured, proceed to follow the assembly instructions for the chair and ottoman.  So darn simple!  I had helping hands which just made things go even faster.  I also put a teeny bit of Liquid Nails glue in all the places where the wood screws were used (advice from the hardware guys) just to make the chairs even more durable and long lasting.
  5. Place assembled chair where ever you want in the yard and enjoy.  You are so going to enjoy it!  Trust me.

I have now found my new favorite place to be outdoors while enjoying a bit of knitting or crocheting.


13 May 2013


I have never claimed to have a green thumb.  More pale green than anything.  I've dabbled here and there but nothing serious.  My whole yard is an ongoing experiment with things I like, don't like.  Things that work, things that don't work.

But one frustrating thing was I could never get seeds to start out right.  The sprouts would always turn out leggy, white, way too droopy.  A very sad sight the past few years of trying my hand at getting things started early.  I've said it once and I'll say it again, my house stinks when it comes to natural light.  There is only one south facing window, in my bedroom.  And there was no way I was putting seed starting things in my room.

Then this year I went searching for answers.  Lots of answers.  I felt like such a doofus after all I found.

But that is no more since the purchase of this little gem.

There are strong little sprouts everywhere!
So much so that I will have to share with friends.

Squash, zucchini, and teeny brussel sprouts.

Bigger brussel sprouts that look absolutey fabulous!

Jalapeño and other pepper sprouts galore.

Lettuces that get nibbled on every morning when checks are made out in the garden.

Tons of basil that will be used to make homemade sauces.  

And loads of flowery sprouts that will hopefully over load the yard with color.

I'm just so dang happy with how things are turning out this year.  I even did a little dance in the garden area last night.  I hope neighbors weren't watching.

Too bad I don't have the yard (garden) space to handle all these little sprouts now.  Sharing is definitely going to be happening soon.


10 May 2013

To be a Mom...

I love being a Mom.  

No matter what my kids may think at the end of the day, I love being a Mom.  I sometimes think how nice it would be if things were just a bit quieter when it all gets hectic, crazy around here.  Then I stop myself and think how boring life would be. 

 I would definitely be a very lonely person.  I would miss out on all the crazy, funny things that happen daily in this house.  I would miss out on all those crazy questions that I get asked.  Like the other day, "Mom, do monsters eat people?  I hope not.  I don't think they would eat me because I might be a little gamey.".   Alrighty then. Where does this come from?

  I would even miss the moments when I feel like I'm constantly telling people to "Knock it off!" and always saying "Really?" while giving them the look when they are doing something I don't think should be happening.  I tell them I could just pull my hair out.  The girls laugh and tell me that I should be bald by now if I was really doing that. 

I would miss out on all the hugs and snuggles that surprise me day after day.

I would miss out on trying to be the best influence I can possibly be for my kids.  I am not perfect but I am a better person because of my kids.  I always try to remind them to be the best person they can be.  Try harder, don't settle, be happy, be strong, don't be followers and keep improving is what my kids hear from me day after day.  I just pray that they actually hear me and one day they will be hard working, happy people.

That's all I ask.

I sometimes wonder if I'm doing a good enough job at this whole Mom thing.  You know, if I've made the right decisions so far, etc.   And just when I start to question myself, I have little people who go and blow me away with their beautiful personalities, strong perseverance, manners and loving hearts.  

I melt.

With that, I am going to try my hardest to just breathe and enjoy my weekend with the wonderful people who make me who I am.

A Mom.


01 May 2013

Shiny and new...

I had been waiting for the past few weeks for the weather to be just right for a particular outdoor spruce up job.  And last weekend gave that to us.  It all started on Friday after lunch.  A little bit of prep work, sanding, priming and painting just to turn some unloved furniture back into pieces that no one would be afraid to sit on any longer.  

Good ole' chippy paint is just dandy up to a point.  But it's no good when your clothes are covered with bits of that chippy paint after sitting for a while.  The chippy had to go.  And I was a tad embarrassed to have the furniture sitting out front for all to see at this point.

Three days of wonderful, hard work that really paid off.  I love projects that get all of us girls working together.  The weather was perfect!  Lots sunshine, light breezes and temps that were just right.

  A few times I just took a moment or two to watch how hard they were working, doing a super-duper job.  A very happy heart.  The girls and I definitely went to bed early Sunday night after a job well done.

Now everything looks shiny and new.  Nothing to be embarrassed about anymore.

I know there will be mornings in the very near future where I will be found enjoying the morning light and the songs of birds, while sitting on our "new" furniture.

Now the temps need to cooperate and not be in the high 20's in the mornings for that to happen.