"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

30 January 2009

Crochet hexagon progress ...

The hex's are coming along FAB!  I am trying to be spontaneous with picking the colors.  I catch myself becoming a "control freak" about it and have to stop and do "eeny meeny miny mo"  and use the color I my hand lands on.  Glenn thinks I'm crazy but other wise I will sit and debate what colors go with another.  I don't want him running back in the room telling me "just pick one". :)  Once was okay but I don't want him thinking he can be a wise crack with me all the time. hehe!  I must put my foot down! :)  Anyhoo, I am so tickled with the progress that I do a little jig every time I catch a glance at what has been done so far.  I have put this project off for so long and I don't know why.  Happy days!!!  Thanks again Lucy!!

Yesterday there was fierce game of Winne the Pooh Candy Land going on here on the home front.  It was a real nail biter between Mr. Bunny and Moosey.  At the end everyone had a blast and enjoyed the lovely sunshine streaming into Mommy's room.  Hopefully after lunch today it will be warm enough and no breeze so two little peeps can go out and get some fresh air while Mom gets a few bits of laundry done.  Yeah.

The sun is out and there is plenty of pumpkin bread to "snack" on.  I don't think it will last past tomorrow.  Oh well, we will have to find some cookies to bake or what Bev would call "fat butt" cookies.  The girls think that is funnier than anything.  Simple minds. :)  Well, must be off to finish some chores before I think about dinner.  Yes, I eat early because I can't stand being in the kitchen when I could be listening to music and crocheting!  It is an illness, but one I can and will live with!  :)

Toodles Noodles!!!!  :)

29 January 2009

Crochet hexagons, the new "infatuation"...

As one can tell, I could not hold off and take a night "off" from my crocheting. :)  After all the reading, bathing, cuddling, etc. was done I could hold out no longer.  The yarn was sitting there staring at me and telling me not to be a "slacker".  So off to Lucy's instructions I went.  I have this really neat book from Japan that has the symbol instructions for a hexagon blanket but after trying that out and Lucy's way, I chose Lucy.  It mainly due to the type of yarn I was using verses the type that was used in the book.  I am using Red Heart worsted weight and in the book, a DK weight was used.  I believe Lucy used a DK weight also but the difference in the patterns with the number of stitches used in the last 2 rounds is what made the difference.  The girls and I had fun trying to decide which color to use to start out and which to use next.  They decided that the idea that Lucy had with the same centers was their fav because all the hex's looked like little flowers to them. :)  So after finishing the first one I started the second and after the center the three of us were "debating" on which color was next.  Glenn ran out of his computer room and told us "Pick a color!  Just pick one!  Don't be wishy washy about it!  Just pick!  Stop debating!".  The girls and I busted out laughing because I am always telling him that when he can't make up his mind about something.  We laughed for the longest time.  Brendon just sat looking at us all like we were crazy.  Touche' Glenn, touche'.  The girls also want to see what all of the cut bits look like together, so I must keep them all till the end of the project I was told.  They loved seeing that on Lucy's site.  I will follow along with their simple request.  Simple things you know.  And it makes them happy.  Not too hard of a request with this one.  So above is the beginning of a master piece, in my mind.  And I can't wait to see where my mixed up little mind will take me with it.  Off we go!  :)
After all the gray days we have had around here lately, I could help but find a pic I took at the Botanical Gardens a couple of years ago.  These mini daffodils are the just the cutest little things ever.  I have got to find some to put in the yard!  I can't wait till the flowers start popping up out of the ground to show all their beautiful colors.  Don't get me wrong, I do like winter but the last two weeks really did me in.  The forecast said we may have a foggy, gray day tomorrow and I just slumped in the chair.  Blah!!  But Saturday will be (should be) gorgeous!  I will try not to be a "Negative Nellie" tomorrow.  All the lights will be on and the stereo on and turned up.  YEAH!!

I couldn't resist showing the cute little ducks that come into our yard every spring before "nesting" starts.  They wander around and the girls go out quietly and leave seed and bread for them.  The girls even make sure they have a dish of water to go with it all.  Brenna says their mouths get dry from the bread and they have to wash it down.  They are so awesome to sit by our front "porch" area and just watch them.  We always end up losing track of time while out there but such is life.  Hopefully they will be back this year again.

Have a great day all!  And keep on crocheting! :)  Must go bake some pumpkin chocolate chip bread!  YUM!

Toodles!  :)

27 January 2009

Ta Da !!  The Blanket Is Done!!!
(can you feel the excitement?)
I could not wait till the morning to post pictures so here you go.  I just hope I don't do a monkey job on the typing.  I'm just a bit tired.  But really, I am so happy with how this turned out.  Kind of different but that's what I was going for.  And I like it!  Good thing because that would be extremely awful if I was disgusted in any way with it.  I sat and read with the girls after the blanket finale and then tried it out while watching a movie, which very rarely happens with me (the movie thing).  So now I (and Glenn) have a blanket that will adorn our bed and keep us toasty warm.  Not that Glenn needs anything, he is my heater at night.  I won't ever freeze to death with him around.  Now I feel complete as far as having a pretty blankey on my bed like the kids have on theirs.  :)

Now the question is...
1.  Do I start on my hexagon blanket tomorrow after all the days "stuff" is done  OR
2.  Do I wait a day and take a break tomorrow.

I guess we will all have to wait and see.  It really depends if I get enough sleep and not get woke up numerous times during the night for drinkies, night night songs, finding a stuffed animal, etc.  You get the picture.  Wish me luck with a good nights sleep because I have to tell you that it is hard ignoring all those FAB colors calling my name.  Yes, I have issues.  I try to ignore them.  :) 

So, good night from this babbling person, who is really making no sense, and don't let the bed bugs bite!!  :)


Valentines fun and the blanket nears the end...

Well yesterday was quite a treat with all the beautiful sunshine streaming into the house.  The girls thought it was so fun to hang out in Mom's room all day and do all kinds of things.  We found an idea online on how to make Valentines animals just out of different shapes of hearts.  Today we glue them all together and find them a home to be displayed.  The girls have more ideas for when we get home from PE class today.  Can't wait to see what they come up with!  :)
Below are a few pics to show you how the blanket is coming to an end.  I do believe that sometime this evening it should be finished.  These pics are just a wee bit of a teaser until the finished product showing.  Sorry! :)  I am really tickled how it has come about.  You know it is one thing to have a vision in your head and another about how things really turn out.  I am please to say that it looks just like I visioned it to be.

Well, off to finish the goals for the day.  Yeah.  Housework.  :|  You must be able to feel my excitement.  It is overwhelming! :)  Well at least tonight will have a bit of happiness going on after the girls get to bed and all is quiet.  And just what are you thinking about?!  I'm talking crochet time.  Naughty, Naughty!  hahaha

Ta Ta till tomorrow!  Have a grand day ya'll!

26 January 2009

Blanket happiness & a sunny day!!!

Well, I really worked my tail off last night getting the border of the blanket finished.  I only had a few moments to spare to go get my PJ's on and be back before my movie came on (Wuthering Heights).  I was quite pleased.  I think the border/edging turned out nice.  Not too fufu either.  Now today, I am starting my flowers to add to the middle of the blanket, with leaves and embroidered stems.  We shall see what it looks like.  I hope it is as I envision it to be.
As you can tell by the pics today, we are hanging out in my bedroom while doing schoolwork, crafts and crochet flowers.  I just can not pass up soaking up as much sunshine as possible being I was tortured for the last two weeks.  I even had to change shirts because it has warmed up nicely in my room and I felt like I was roasting like a "piggie" and had to ditch the sweatshirt.  Feels weird wearing a short sleeve shirt though.  But I will survive!!!  Below are some lovely origami frogs that Em has made for her and Brenna to play with.  Those darn things are just hopping everywhere.  Kind of a shock having one plop right down in the middle of a crochet flower.  Throws off the rhythm you get into.
After having being attacked by frogs, we will be moving along to Valentine decor with all the colorful foam sheets we have.  I am a bit curious to see what the girls come up with.  I still have to find a "cute" heart pattern for them to use in their artistic moment.
All in all, the day has been great.  No laundry because that was done yesterday, just a bit a vacuuming and a quick sweep of the floors and it was upstairs to enjoy that beautiful thing called the SUN!!!  Hope everyone has had a grand day such as we have.  If the wind wasn't blowing so hard we probably would have went outside but we are happy with the bright light upstairs.  Well, I must go and get more of that bright ball streaming in through my windows.  I will show off flowers tomorrow!


25 January 2009

Glenn's pics...

I forgot to put a plug in the last post for Glenn.  He got a new lens for his camera on Friday and man he has been having FUN!  the pictures he has taken are awesome.  You will have to go over to his site to the photos section and see what he has been up to.  I think he is pretty good for not being a "professional" but who really is.  It's all in what your eye sees and what you can do with it.  Everyone has there own touch with pictures you know.  He should have new pics loaded from this weekend up by late this afternoon.  Stop by and see them and leave him a comment with what you think.  He loves that!


Little ones growing up (too fast for me) & more blankety news...

Well, yesterday was an absolute blast!  Em had so much fun with her 5 greatest friends in the world.  There was dancing, singing, crafting, and just plain good ol' hanging out.  Even us Mom's had way too much fun.  Miss Julie (as the girls call her) was here helping with things along with my good friend Di and Mary.  The four of us were laughing so hard at times that Glenn said he couldn't tell who was more fun at the party.  A couple of times the girls stopped to look at us and shake their heads.  It's always crazy fun when we all get together.  Em got some really awesome gifts.  A couple of gift cards to the bookstore (always a hit with our little book worm), an origami book, a teddy bear, webkinz puppy, flower pot painting kit, candy, and a Zobmando what if book.  That was a good one too!  I started ready pages to the girls while Em was opening presents and when I slacked off a little, I was told that I needed to continue reading.  Rough crowd!  Even us big girls got a hit out of it.  So all in all, a absolutely FABULOUS day had by all.  YEAH!!!!!  :)

I thought I would share a few pics of our little Em.  It's hard to pic a favorite pic of your kids isn't it.  I can't.  She has grown up so much already.  I really miss all the little funny things she would get herself into.  Like climbing into the pantry and getting stuck in between the shelves.  Still don't know the reason for that one.  She use to love pulling out all of my big mixing bowls, sitting in one and banging on all of the others.  Glenn caught her doing that one night when I used to work nights.  He told her, "Oh, Mommy is going to be mad".  And she with her precious little voice and face looked at him and said " Mommy mad?  No, Mommy not mad.  Mommy love me!".  I am so glad he got that on tape.  So the last few days I have been reminiscing about how darn cute my little ones are and how precious they are to me.  There are so many stories that I would be here forever!  But at least I have those beautiful memories.  Enjoy the pics!

Em playing under her highchair.
We would always find her playing under that and the dining room table.
I think because there were lots of things to hold onto and practice walking around.
One of her many cute little pics that I love.  What a cute face!
Our little Emmers, growing too fast!
Above is the last pic of my blanket.  I started the border last night after all was calm and quiet.  I just picked up stitches in sc for the first round and now on the second round I am doing hdc.  Then the third round will be a scallop of sc, hdc, dc, hdc, sc in one stitch, skip two stitches, then repeat the "scallop" pattern.  I will show another pic when I get to that point.  I didn't want to get too matchy matchy with the border.  I needed something that stood out from the main part.  I am happy with it so far.  I am definitely seeing progress now that I have moved on to another color and different stitches.

Yarn night the other night was fun.  Di is continuing to work on her sock.  "We" are definitely making quicker progress on them and will be done soon so that she can start on her blanket with Julie and I.  Julie started on a ripple blanket that night with some really pretty colors from Ella Rae.  It is going to look awesome!  

Well, now that I have "chewed" your ears off, I will let you all go.  I've got to get a pot of pork chops, brats and sauerkraut going for dinner.  Love that!  Man it's good!  And then back to my blanket!  I really need to get it done now that I saw all the awesome colors that Julie is putting into her ripple blanket.

Oh!!!  Before I forget!  The sun just started to peek its head out!  Can you believe 2 whole weeks without sunlight because of a stupid inversion!!  So I must go to my bedroom and work on my blanket because it always has the best sunlight in the whole house!  LOVE IT!!!  :)  Happy Day are here again!!!

Toodles Noodles!!!  

(Sorry for the edit.  Didn't want anyone to think I had bad grammar of something)  I'm having issues today.  Lack of sun! :)  

23 January 2009

Butterfly cake and a whole lot of cleaning...

Today has been quite a busy day after not getting much sleep last night.  Yes, I stayed up very late to finish the middle part of my blanket.  Not too bright I tell you.  Especially since I had so much to do today for Em's party tomorrow.  To say the least, I am dragging.  I will apologize now for the pictures because I don't think they came out very well, but I wasn't in a mood to keep re-doing them.  Sorry.  :)

To start the day, we stayed home from swimming because we not only needed to get quite a bit done with straightening up the house but we also had to wait for UPS to deliver a new lens for Glenn that he ordered.  And of course you know it didn't not get delivered until well after when they normally come "flying" down through our neighborhood.  Anyhoo,  the house is spic & span (you could eat off the floor) and the cake is finished according to the birthday girls wishes.  It turned out fine but you can definitely tell it is homemade.  I cheated this time with the frosting and used the stuff from the store.  Blah!  I always make my own and I think it "behaves" better than the store stuff.  I have to get past that and know that the birthday girl is very happy and that is what matters.  The only bad thing is the cake is one layer and look at all those extra little cupcakes.  They are calling my name!  I've already told them to hush up but they are not listening.  So my only plan to get rid of them fast is to pawn them off on the girls when they come over for "yarn night".  That is what we are calling it now because you never know who is working on knitting or crochet.  I'm bad, I know but I do not need to add more "fluffiness" to myself.  Anyhoo, things are all decorated and waiting for the party goers tomorrow.  I just have to keep Brenna from tasting the frosting on the cake every time she goes in the kitchen.  That girl is a sugar NUT!  Lord help her!

Below is the (not so good) picture of the main part of the blanket I am trying to finish now.  Just the border and all the decorating to go.  It can't go fast enough, but at least this part is done.  (sorry for the whining)  Twelve skeins if I remember right.  Who knows at this point.  
Well, I must be off to the kitchen again to get dinner in the oven (tator tot hot dish, YUMMY!) and get a few snacks done for when the girls come over.  Can't wait to actually sit down and work on some crochet flowers today.  
Oh before I forget, the girls have now added to my list again.  When I was checking Lucy's blog yesterday, she wrote about her bathroom re-do and all the pretty colorful things she is going to put in there.  Awesome!  So bright and cherry!  Anyhoo, the girls now want me to make a flower garland thing with all kinds of pretty colors to put in their bathroom and hang them from the shower curtain.  Lord help me!!  We shall see.  Nothing is coming before my hexagon blanket, sorry!

Have a great night!  I hope you all get to sit down and do some Fab yarn stuff tonight or sometime this weekend!   Toodles ya'll !!!

22 January 2009

One skein left...

Just had to share that I only have one skein left to finish the main area of my blanket and then I can move on to the border and flowers.  I nearly hurt myself last night before I went to bed when I took the blanket upstairs to see how it fit on the bed.  Glenn said it was a good thing I was upstairs when I "stumbled" because he would have carried me up the stairs.  Can you feel the compassion. :)  We both laughed so hard we thought we were going to wake the girls up.  He did not feel the moment like I had but knows how the middle of the blanket is becoming "boring".  Cross your fingers that I will be moving on to the next step later today.  Have a Fabulous Day!!!

21 January 2009

Tissue paper butterflies and crafting fun ...

The last few days have not been too exciting.  Mostly just hanging around the house, buying things for Em's birthday party and working like a mad woman trying to finish my current blanket.  I am nearly done with variegated section so that I can move on to the border, edging and the flowers I want to put on it.  It has not been easy sticking with this project with all those other colors of yarn calling out to me.  It has been torture!!

Today the girls really did a fine job with getting their lessons done in a timely manner once I told them we would be working on the decorations for Em's party.  Busy little bee's I tell you!  Em decided that she wanted to have a butterfly theme.  I was happy about that being they are so colorful.  And everyone is these parts knows that anywhere you can add color this last week and a half is more than welcome.  Yes, it is still gray and gloomy out.  Blah!!  Anyhoo, The girls decided that they wanted to make coffee filter flowers and butterflies.  They turned out awesome!  So sometime tomorrow the little pretties will be taped up around the dining room with the balloons and streamers.  I thought it was very interesting how much concentration Brenna was giving to all her creations.  Very intense for a 4 yr. old.  All of her items had to have tons of color on them and Em's was "dainty".
the girls at work
some of the flowers
some of my crochet flowers (pattern over at Lucy's)
all the finished pretties!
The girls did a lot of work on all the decorations.  We did really well as far as cost for all the decorations and cups and the like this year also.  We only spent $15 for all the materials!  Granted we had a few things already like the coffee filters, markers, and water color paints.  

The girls will be making "stained glass" butterflies at the party to take home with them.  All you need for that is foam sheets, tissue paper (different bright colors), elmers glue, hot glue gun, wax paper, pipe cleaners, thin sheer ribbon and a butterfly pattern.  You take your butterfly pattern (found on the net at any coloring page site) and trace the outline on one foam sheet.  Hold the two sheets of foam together and cut out the shape.  Then hold both pieces again and cut the inside of the butterfly out leaving about an 1/2" edge all around, making a frame of sorts (you can see them at the top of the finished pretties pic).  Then you tear a piece of wax paper larger than your butterfly frame and have the "girls" glue torn bits of tissue paper all over the wax paper (big enough to fit the inside of the butterfly).  When done let this dry.  I speed it up with a hair dryer.  When the tissue paper sheet is dry enough you should be able to peel it off the wax paper.  Take your sheet and place it on top of one of the butterfly forms to make sure it fits.  If it does, place a bead of hot glue around the inside edge of the butterfly and lay down your tissue paper sheet.  Then take your pipe cleaner, shape into the antennae and glue it in the middle of where the head should be.  Then take a piece of ribbon (whatever length you want), form a loop and glue this right on top of the antennae.  Put a bead of hot glue around the edge and then take the top butterfly frame and place this on top matching up edges.  The last step is to trim the tissue paper sheet that is hanging out from the edges and hang the butterfly where you want.  TADA!!!!  That is it!

Well I'm taking a break from all the day's fun activities and going to plop myself down in a chair to work on some more of the current blanket.  I must finish that soon before I go crazy.  That and for the fact that Julie (aka FarmerJulie) is wanting to start a hexagon blanket also and we are going to make it a "group" thing to keeps us going on it.  I'll do mine and she'll do one for herself.  Can't wait!  Now we just have to get my friend Di to finish her project she is working on so she can start one also.  Well off to the cozy chair for the evening!  Toodles Noodles!!!  :)  (I'm so messed up!)

16 January 2009

Yummy yarn and colorful flowers...

Today is starting out to be dreary again.  It looks as if it is 6pm all day long.  Not so good for the spirits you know.  I really hope that the dear ol' sun pokes it head out soon.  I think I might twist Glenn's arm to go for a drive this weekend to go up, way up, in the mountains near our house just to get a dose of sunshine.  This drab cloud mess is just hanging over the valley and not wanting to leave.  If you go up to 4500' or more, beautiful sun all over.  That is my plan for now.  Until then I will just enjoy the pretty little picture of my day lilies from last summer. 
I think I might have tweaked my yarn colors for my hexagon blanket.  To be truthful, I don't think the poor little bag could hold another color.  So I will have to stop adding to it.  I didn't want anything too dark or too light.  I think this will do.  It will do.  Otherwise I keep questioning it.  Once again Lucy has added to my urge to finish the current project and start the hexagon and many more I might add.  I have to honest and tell that my true passion with yarn is making as many beautiful blankets as I can possibly manage in my lifetime.  The will more than likely be my "list" for the year with a couple of little knits added in.
So off to swimming we go.  I don't dare take anything with me for fear of it getting soaked.  So I must sit and chat with the others moms and wait patiently to get home to finish school work, laundry, dinner and get on with the yarn business!  Have a great day all, and by all means go by to Lucy's and check out her new blanket!  DROOOOOLL!!!!!  Or at least I did. :)

14 January 2009

Yarn colors, craft time and too many days of gray...

We have had too much of the drab, gray skies here the past few days.  It's the only thing that I don't like about winter.  I need my light.  And to make things a bit more unbearable, I don't have the most fabulous light coming into the house.  Note to self: if we ever do move into another house, it must have FABULOUS windows!  Days like today I will have a lot of the lights on in the house, which drives me crazy!  I don't like the power company that much you know.  But what does a girl do when you love things to be bright.  If I didn't turn on every light in the house I would be napping all day.  Not good.  So I keep crossing my fingers that my friend the sun will show its' face around these parts soon.  Anyhoo...
Before PE class yesterday the girls and I stopped by a local store to check the selection of yarn colors that were on sale.  I am trying to get the colors tweaked before I begin my next project.  We walked out with a few colors that I think will work nicely.  I am trying to use up colors that are sitting in my stash.  I would love to have to FAB colors that Lucy has acquired for her next project but I am trying to be frugal and control myself.  No telling how much it would cost me if I just went out and grabbed every color that grabbed me.  And not to mention that I would have to order online for the Rowan yarn and that would be frustrating if a site didn't have all I wanted.  It would be a situation spinning out of control. (pull hair out now!).  So I will be a good girl, work with what I have and a few additions and make the project wonderful.  I'm just waiting for Lucy to spill the beans on what kind of blanket she will be making with all that wonderful, fresh, colorful beauties!  Wow!  Lost myself there thinking about colorful yarn!  Sorry!  I'll try to pull myself together here. 
 Anyhoo, the girls saw these little foam kits and who could resist a bit of happiness to the peeps.  They had me decorate the edges with a black marker and then decided where to put everything to make them perfect.  I helped with the hot glue gun and they put things just in the right spot where the blob of glue was strategically placed per their choice.  Now they are wonderful new bookmarks.  What a creative idea (no help from Mom).  So after some well done reading time from both peeps and the work load that I gave them today, it is movie time, curled up on the couch.  Well earned!
Here is a shot of the choices I have made so far.  There still is tweaking to be made, but I think the colors so far will be great!  I can't wait!  I might end up "peeing my pants" from the excitement.  The girls laughed at me when I said that.  Brenna's words were: "Mom, you are sooo funny!  But you know you are not suppose to do that and you know how to get to the bathroom on time".  Lordy Gordy, she cracks me up!!  I've got my eye on one other green and maybe another pink.  We shall see.  I'm about half way through with the "solid" area on the blanket I'm working on now.  Man, I can't crochet fast enough!  Patience Grasshopper!!  It will come soon enough!  I hope.  Lord knows I'm getting ants in my pants.
Well, soup and sandwiches won't get done by themselves.  And the sooner I get that done, the sooner I can get going on some crochet time.  Ta Ta!!!   xxxxxxx

12 January 2009

Good ole family time and the new blanket...

The last few days have been a wee bit wacky.  We went back to our schedule of swimming on Fridays and the girls loved that.  It was nice to get out and see other people again.  It is way too easy to get into the home body rhythm and just stay in.  Sticking to a schedule during the day really does help you get things done on the to do list.

I had to share pics of my little peeps.  I am doing a lot of sitting and staring at them again the past few days since it hit me that Em will be 10 at the end of the month and Brenna will be 5 in April.  I just wish they could stay little with all their cutesie-ness.  Don't get me wrong it is wonderful to see them grow and figure things out but I really do like my little cuddles with my favorite peeps.  Glenn and I were talking about how the kids would make up their own little ways of saying things after Brenna gave a new name to bangs after her haircut on Friday.  She was all excited about getting her hair trimmed.  We are always telling her to get a hair bow to pull her hair back before she comes to the dinner table.  Other wise there is no telling what kind of snacks will be in her hair for later in the evening.  So I decided to get some bangs on her to help with that whole problem.  When she came home to show Glenn, she ran up and said "Dad!  Look at my new snaps!  They are beautiful".  SNAPS?  Who knows.  My kids are different and there is no telling where they come up with the things they do.  They are my amusement in life for sure.  So all weekend we have been hearing Brenna tell all of us not to mess up her "snaps".  Glenn is calling her Miss Snaps now.  Hilarious!  So here are our favorite little sayings from our zoo troop:

*Brendon use to say his hands felt salty when his hands fell asleep.  Don't ask.
*Em would say her hands were twinkly.  Like stars I guess.
*Brenna now has her beloved snaps that you are not suppose to get near.

You just have to sit back and laugh at times and just enjoy what little time you have with them when they are so cuddly.  Here are a few pics showing off my cuddly peeps. :)
Em busy with her work.
Brenna with her new "snaps".

This is what I have done so far on the new blanket.  It is a variegated yarn with browns, greens and reds in it.  It will be fitting my queen bed when I'm done.  I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to decorate it with crochet flowers and embroidery work when I finish this main part.  There will be different color edging on it also.  I've been staying up late the past few nights trying to get as much done as possible.  Last night I stayed up until midnight working on it while watching/listening to Masterpiece Theatre.  The show was Tess of the D'Urbervilles.  After seeing the first part last weekend, I had to make sure I watched this week.  I really like watching those shows on PBS.  Don't know why but they pull you in.  Just like all the Jane Austen movies, you can't start watching and not finish.  Needless to say I was not moving very fast today after Glenn went to work.  I really had to get my tail in gear and pick up the pace to get things done today.  Anyhoo, after this it is off to get dinner ready, get pj's on, do reading time w/cuddle time and back to working on the blanket.  I really want this done fast so that I can get going on a hexagon blanket, like the one Lucy made at Attic24.  What inspiration!  
Sorry to run, but I must keep with my "deadline", whatever that might be!  TaTa!

07 January 2009

Where is my new little reader?

Today was a busy day trying to get started early with chores, schoolwork, etc.  But we got it all done in good time.  I noticed after awhile that Brenna was awful quiet and that usually worries me.  It normally means she is into something she should not be.  But not today...
My little punkin' was in the library reading her Dick and Jane books.  I am so happy she is taking to reading.  She always has a stack of books each night that she wants to read with me.  And she is learning fast.  I'm so proud of her.  She told me she loves picking out books from the library I made both she and Emma a couple of years ago.  I'm glad that little space is inspiring.  It's just the small closet space under the stairs.  I use to store decorations and junk in there when we first moved in the house.  But one day I thought it would be awesome for the girls to have a special place for all their books to go and somewhere for them to go for good ole' reading time.  I painted it, put shelves in and added a few special little pics just for the girls.  They love it.  Obviously it is inspiring!

My project list took a serious revamp today.  I found a new cute blog, Attic24.  It is so colorful and Lucy is just great with all the pretty things she has made.  So I have decided to put a blanket that I started on previously on the front burner.  The only thing is that I ripped apart all the squares I made, wound the yarn back into balls and now will be starting on a new inspiration with the yarn.  The blanket will be for my bed being every one else in the house has a warm blankie on theirs.  I will then continue on towards making a hexagon blanket with some beautiful colors.  Thanks Lucy for the inspiration.  I think making all the personal gifts before Christmas burnt me out and I have to change paths for a bit.  I will still leave the wrist warmers on the needles so that I have something to work on when we go to PE classes.  Then I will throw in the occasional x-stitch here and there to finish my picture.

Off to see what the thumping upstairs in the girls room is all about.  Amazing how small people can be good as gold all day and then at the end of the day, wild things try to come out.  Must put a stop to it.  TaTa!

06 January 2009

Snow and the need to cast on for another project...

Today we woke up to snow again.  I wasn't too bothered by it but Glenn wasn't excited.  I wouldn't be either if I had to walk in it all day long.  Tomorrow it will all be gone with being in the mid 40's again.  This is the most snow we have had in one winter for a very long time.  I'm not complaining because we need it in the mountains for the reservoirs and I like bundling up the girls and letting them go out to run off their steam in the back yard.  Just as long as they don't scream and squeal and have the neighbors think they aren't all put together.  Pet Peeve.  :)
I have got to get something on the needles to take with me while I'm sitting and waiting on the girls at their PE class.  They are doing Karate this month.  I like this class because they get to do a variety of things instead of getting burnt out from one thing.  I can see today when we get back home two little people will be going out back to "practice" what they did in class instead of trying things out inside.  Brenna was already pushing buttons with eating her oatmeal this morning.  She said it wasn't really what she had in mind for today.  She's only 4.  Cross your fingers for the rest of the day to be a bit smoother.  Off for more schoolwork now that "break time" is over.  I've got to choose which sock yarn to cast on with for today.  Decisions, decisions...  So many pretty colors to choose from!  I'll keep you posted on which little pretty got chosen.  Then I have to decide what will be for dinner!  Ohhh, a good pot of Chicken and Dumplings!  That's it!  Nothing like it I tell ya!  Well, off for more grand adventures on this beautiful Idaho day.

04 January 2009

Bluebonnet x-stitch...

Just a small tidbit about my x-stitch picture.  I finally finished one full half of the chart!  I was very impressed when I finished with the back stitches of the windmill.  I nearly jumped up and did a dance but remembered the girls were in bed and any sound would wake them and they would be down the stairs wondering what was going on.  They seem to think they miss out on a lot at night.  Little do they know that there are only two "old" boring parents sitting downstairs.  Oh the suspense!!  And if Glenn would have seen me dancing around like a goober he would have told me to sit down before I fall and hurt myself and then he would have to carry me upstairs.  I've been told that before and it still cracks me up.  So I choose to do a little jig as I was sitting in the chair and watching Masterpiece Theatre.  I am multi-talented. :)  I amaze myself too!  I'm getting a little silly now that I am getting tired so I will go just so this doesn't get too pathetic.  Apologies for the earlier post and not proof reading thoroughly enough.  I am a bit more intelligent than what it sounded like.  :)  Good night all!

A New Year & a "new" xstitch project...

"new" Cross stitch project
(what it is suppose to look like when done!)
I hope everyone stopping by had a great Christmas and New Years.  We did here are our crazy little piece of the world.  Things were hectic but fun at times and a good time was had by all.  The girls did not want to see Oma go home and there were teary eyes at the airport.  Brenna shocked us the most watching Mom go through security telling us to go get her to go home with us.  The girls stood and watched her finished with security, grab all her things, and waved forever to her as she was going down to where her gate was.  I personally think they are missing having her do everything for them being that I am know telling them to go look on their list of things they have to do and start doing their chores on their own again.  I was even told by someone that it was nice having Oma help them out with stuff.  Man were they spoiled with her.

Last week was spent getting back in our zone, going back to bed at normal time and getting back to school work.   Em is liking beginning Geometry.  I was too at one time in my life until I tried going past Geometry I and mine did I find out Math is not my favorite thing in life.  I almost had a friend in High School talk me into taking Calculus and then realized he was obviously "hitting the sauce" to heavily and made the smart decision not to get eaten alive.  Anyhoo, the girls are happy to get back to our normal school schedule and the activities we do (Karate is this month along with swimming and some musical field trips).

I have taken a break from knitting for a couple of weeks just so I don't get burnt out with it.  Way too much before the holidays and way too many 2am nights.  So, I dug out my x-stitch picture of one of my most favorite things.  Bluebonnets.  I have been working on this on and off for a while and I REALLY need to finish it.  It reminds me of the spring time in Texas growing up and seeing all the fields pop with wildflowers.  If you ever get a chance to go through the hill country in the spring and happen to be going down a highway with bluebonnets exploding in the fields along the side of the road, stop and take in the beauty of all the amazing shades of blue you will see.  AWESOME!!!  Glenn had no idea what I was talking about until one spring driving to my parents I made him stop and see the amazing scene.  He knew what I had been trying to explain to him.  I have bluebonnet seeds in my front yard and I am adding more this spring to the back.

I think my next knitting project will be socks for myself.  I got some really pretty Koigu yarn for Christmas and I will make a pair with it.  Gorgeous colors.  Can't find the label right now to share the color.  But I am going to try something new with the edge of the cuff.  I found this on the Twist Collective blog and it looks very neat.  If I get it to work just right, it may be my new thing with socks.  The girls want some socks made with this edge with the yarn they got also.  I have paired down my gift list for next Christmas and I will only have 4-5 projects on that list.  My guys are the only ones on that list.  Sorry.  I really busted my tail with a couple of projects, very late nights (2am or later) and then to find out that the gifts were "re-gifted".   Never mind the reasoning, but obviously the thought, time, etc. was not appreciated.  So only those in my house will be getting handmade things for now on.  It was a gut punch.  I am still upset.  Sorry to vent.

Well, the decorations are down, the house seems bare and my  "to do list" is already growing.  I am also planning on painting all my kitchen cabinets in the next month or two and hopefully getting a few other "improvements" done around here being we are not going to move.  Idaho is where we are staying.  Long story.  I will tell more later.  I will finally do and finish projects that I have always wanted to do around here.  My little touches.  I am seeing positive things in the future and hope that the future holds the same for all of you.  Ta Ta!!