"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

29 December 2008

Kev's new knit hat...

One of the guys Glenn works with wanted a knit hat that was just like the one I made for Glenn and one he could wear while skiing.  His one request is that it had to have the colors from the Irish flag.  So below is the finished product, which I started on Saturday night.  I had to have it done Sunday so that Glenn could give it to Kevin today at work.  He even paid me to make it.  Too kind!  I think it turned out great as you can tell from my model, Acorn Bear.  I have to take a break from knitting just for a couple of days.  I am going to paint and decorate a bench that I got for Christmas that sits by my front door.  I'll show it off when I'm done and give more details about how I acquired it.  Till then....

Best Husband and Father Ever!

I have to tell you why I think Glenn is so AWESOME!  He always puts his family first, especially the kids.  That started many years ago when we were expecting Brendon.  Glenn is a kid at heart to begin with but even more when the kids are around and they bat their eyes at him.  He's the softie, I'm not.  Well, no batting was needed Saturday afternoon when he came home from work.  As usual the girls go to meet him when they hear the garage door opening, their evening hug and mug ritual.  Glenn actually beat them to the door and yelled for them to get their snow pants and jackets on to build a fort.  They were so excited that Dad was going to make something cool and he didn't even go in the house to change out of his work clothes!  They were all out in the front yard for at least an hour and a half working on the walls of the fort.  It was so funny to see.  Brenna was running around squealing and Em was just trying to pack a bucket with snow as fast as she could so Dad would not have to stop adding to the wall.  Even our neighbor's thought it was pretty cool seeing Glenn out with the kids in his work clothes.  Their comment was "better man than me".  I even stepped out to help pack buckets while waiting for dinner to get done, no jacket, hat or gloves.  Glenn told me that I wasn't too bright being out in the cold like that.  It was just a few minutes, 20.

Everyone was quite proud of their fort wall.  It was pretty cool looking with the Christmas lights shining down on it.  Pictures had to be taken after dinner was done.  No one wanted to come in for dinner but I put my foot down.  Mom even thought it was cool looking too!  Sad to say that as of today, the fort walls have come to their demise from the warm temps and bit of rain we had for the last two days.  The girls are wishing for more snow soon so that they can go back out with Dad.  He is the BEST!  Gotta love him and he will never be traded!

The Proximity Award!! Wow!

Judy at  Daily Yarns 'n More gave me an award!
Thanks Judy!  It is much appreciated!

"This blog invests and believes the PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships!  These blogs are exceedingly charming.  These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends.  They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement.  Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated.  Please give more attention to these writers!  Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."

Here are the 8 bloggers that I choose to give this award to, in no order mind you. :)

*  Beki at artsy-crafty babe
*Alicia at Posie Gets Cozy
*Claudia at Claudia's Blog
*Maya at Maya Made
*Colleen at And Baby Make Five
*Joy at Joys of Home

Love your blogs girls!  Thanks for all of your sharing you do!  :)

27 December 2008

The last Pony advent, Christmas traditions and the new knit hats!

I will warn you now, this is a longer than usual post because I neglected things for a few days.  Be fore warned!!  I hope that everyone had a great Christmas!  Sorry there hasn't been a post for a couple of days.  Things have been busy and we are trying to spend as much time with Mom before she goes home tomorrow.  With the snow we have been getting I don't think we can convince her to move to Idaho any time soon.  But we still keep trying.  One day it may work.  
Christmas Eve was a busy day waiting for Glenn to get home from work and getting all of our snack foods together.  You just can't beat Little Piggies, Meatballs, Hamstacks, cheeses, veggies, SHRIMP!, on and on and on.  No one went hungry.  As soon as Glenn hit the door to come in the house the girls were all over him to shower and come down to eat snacks and get ready to open family gifts.  Everyone did quite well with what they all got.  Everyone was quite please.  The girls had to go out and throw reindeer food out before bed.  They just hate the thought that Rudolph and the others may not get anything to eat and Santa gets cookies and milk.  So everyone went to bed happy and there were no complaints about little ones taking too long getting to bed.  Glenn and I were VERY happy with girls being they let us sleep in until 7am.  I am glad they were tuckered out being Glenn and I went to bed about 1am!  Santa brought some nice things for everyone:  *Glenn got some books and equipment for his picture taking hobby  * I got the interchangeable circular needles from KnitPicks * Brendon got a new video game  * Em got a telescope (every aspiring astronaut needs one)  *Brenna got a awesome kitchen play set (she is my little chef) and *Oma got a new digital camera so she load all her pictures on her IMac.  Then we spent a really nice, quiet simple day just enjoying being with each other.  It was nice.  Things just happened as we went through the day and there was no pressure.  Very relaxing.  Hopefully everyone else had a wonderful Christmas day similar to that.  Glenn, Mom and the kids even got in some snowman time.  That was fun watching all of them.  Mom enjoyed it alot.

Making the Mail snowman just right! 

I finally finished both hats.  Em's was finished on Christmas day.  My planning has got to be better next year.  I already have a list going for next Christmas so that I can get things done by the end of summer at the latest.  Oh, I will stick to it this year!  Promise!  I will not be going to bed and waking up with achy hands next December.  No way!  I think the hats turned out great, but most of all both the girls love them and that is what counts.  The both of them stand around swinging the tassels around their heads.  I'm just waiting for them to get sick.  They are messed up little people.  Just look at the picture below.  I couldn't tell you what they were doing.  And I'm not asking.

  Who Knows!?  It's not from my side of the family!

On the very last day of the pony advent we received Minty pony.  She is very cute with her greenish color and peppermints on her backside.  I have come to the conclusion that the whole advent was gifts from her to two of her very good friends Pinky Pie and Sweetie Belle.  It was very kind of her to be so thoughtful.  I'm still not asking about the sheep.  Brenna keeps making up different names for the poor thing.  It will definitely need therapy due to not having a permanent identity.  I'm not paying for it though.

I'm kind of sad that the advent is over now.  Hopefully we can find a neat advent to do again next year.  Thanks to Aunt Kimmy for getting this one.  Way cool!!

We are getting dumped with snow again today.  By lunch time we had 5 inches already and it was still coming down.  I will surely have to go back out and shovel again before Glenn gets home so things don't get packed down.  Maybe Brendon will get home soon and he can do it!  Not a bad idea!  Yeah!!!  I'm loving all the pretty white stuff.  I keep thinking of my "DREAM" in the mountains.  One day, One day....

23 December 2008

Pony advent, more sledding fun & not a lot of knitting going on!!!

Well, the ponies are almost done with their calendar.  This morning they found a carton of milk, a plate of cookies and a really green cup.  I have sneaky suspicion that it is all for Santa tomorrow night.  Pinky Pie decided to try on all the Santa boots today.  They seem to fit well.  They are all still having an issue with straightening up things.  I have decided that as long as nothing of mine is being broken or lost, they can do what they want with the teeny space they are taking up on the table.  I still give them the eye, just so they don't get out of hand.  They have to have boundaries.  They may be small but I think they could get out of hand faster than I can blink my eyes.

Today I have done absolutely NO KNITTING what so ever.  Unbelievable!  I take that back.  I stayed up after Glenn went to work, added a few rows on the hat (that has been it so far), ate breakfast, went to the store with Mom, came back home, ate lunch, and took the kids out to go sledding.  Even the big kid Brendon went with this time.  The girls were so jazzed that big brother went with.  We were out for over an hour and they had a blast.  The girls really liked riding on Brendon's back down the hill.  They even found a "little" jump ramp that had been made on the hill and started going down that.  They are all crazy.  They just aren't right I tell you!  Right before we left Brendon was going back down again on his stomach and I took the opportunity to take a ride on his back!  It was awesome!  It was fun out there with my little man.  We got a good 4 inches snow last night so the hill was in fine shape.  Brenna was so happy she was going farther than the last time we were there.  Yes, Mom went down the hill again too!  Really awesome day with the kids.  This is what it is all about.  I am telling you my attitude about certain things are changing.  I am really trying not to sweat the little things.  Life is too short.  I really wish my Dad was still here with us so that he could still be enjoying time with the kids.  They were his world.  I am sure he is watching though and laughing his tail off too!

The kids found a killer icicle on the side of the house!  It is hanging almost halfway down the side door of the house.  It is pretty cool!  It has an awesome shape to it.  I don't think it will be much longer though.  Melting pretty fast you know.  I'm going out later with the lights on to see if the colors shine through it.  Too neat!
Well, those wet clothes will not dry themselves, very fast.  So I must get off my tail and straighten up the laundry room, throw dinner in the oven, hop in the shower to warm up and plant myself down in a chair with a blankie and get some serious knitting done.  I can't wait for tomorrow for all the yummy snacks, family presents and just hanging out with everyone!  TA TA For Now!

22 December 2008

Knitting marathon, new snow pic & the ponies advent...

So I'm knitting as fast as I can to get the last two projects done.  I can't wait to work on them while the girls are in bed so I am doing it while they are awake and running around.  They ask who I'm knitting for and I tell them I'm not sure yet.  You should see the looks I've been getting.  They think I have lost it all now.  They know I knit for a particular person or reason.  Do any of you remember the show "Sanford and Son"?  I remember Red Fox doing skits sometimes saying he had arthritis and bending his fingers all up in a ball.  That is what I feel like!  Man, do I need to get projects done sooner next time.  This is for the BIRDS!!  :)  But I do love making things for my sweeties.
Above is a wonderful picture Glenn took for me Sunday while out getting more shots for his project(s).  I love any of the pictures he takes of the river near our house here in town.  Beautiful!

This what I have done so far on the long tail hat that I've been working on.  I love the colors.  Both girls have been drooling over it this evening.  I'm just wanting to get it done so I can get to the other one, which should not take as long.  Cross you fingers.  One can never tell around this house.  Things happen when you don't want them to.  I really should get up extra early tomorrow just to get these done.  But who knows.  My lazy self has a tendency lately of wanting to show up and tell me it's okay to lay back down after Glenn goes to work and stay warm in the cozy bed.  

This morning when I got up with Glenn I noticed there was this beautiful golden glow in the sky from the lights in our town reflecting down on the snow.  It was so pretty.  I stood there looking out the window just staring out for the longest time.  Kind of magical looking.

The ponies got some "Santa" shoes from the calendar today.  Pinky Pie only wanted to try two of them on.  You can clearly see that they are getting to be kind of slobbish.  I may have to have a talk with them about that.  I mean that if I get on to the kids about keeping things neat around here, the ponies can't get special treatment you know.  I am a equal opportunity "meanie" you know.  What is good for one is good for all.  And the sheep friend is still hanging around.  I still don't know what "his" story is.  Brenna says he is kind of neat.  Who can argue with a 4 year old.  Only a few days left of the calendar!  Stay tuned to see what is left!  The suspense is just to overwhelming for me.  I hope I can last!  

Back tomorrow with more action packed drama!  Just don't hurt yourself getting here.  And please no shoving in line.  Keep things civil.   hehehe!!!  :)

21 December 2008

A day of Great Snow, sledding, knitting and the pony advent...

So today can you believe the day "started" for all of us by being able to sleep in!  I know it is hard to believe, but it did happen.  It snowed a bit over night but the majority of it happen during the day.  More is expected during now and the morning.  We had a really great breakfast made by Brendon.  He makes really good breakfast burritos.  I think he did it for Oma really, but we all enjoyed them.  He is a good cook when he really wants to do it.  For the majority of the day we lounged around, watched the snow fall and played games.  Glenn went out an took some really cool pictures of the snow.  He took a really nice picture of the river for me.  He is so darn nice.  That is why I have kept him for over 22 years you know.  Just a nice and relaxing time.  Then about 2ish, I could not resist any more and suggested that we go to a local school which has a pretty decent hill on the back of the property and go sledding. 
It was so much fun!  And I actually got on one of our sleds and went down the hill!  My Mom even picked up one we brought and went down the hill without even being asked by the girls.  Glenn and I just stood and looked at each other because we did not expect that to happen.  The girls thought that was so awesome to see Oma going down the hill.  Before we knew it we had been out sledding for well over an hour and a half!  Brenna squealed every time she went down the hill.  One time she tipped over and yelled she couldn't get up and I just about pee'd my pants laughing so hard.  She sounded just like "Randy" in the movie "A Christmas Story" (my most favorite movie!).  And she laid in the snow just like him too.  We laughed so hard we had tears rolling down our face.  Love that movie!  Anyway, a good time was had by all and three people were so tired by all of the sledding that they went to bed early after we had a good bowl of Gumbo for dinner.  The snow started coming down pretty good while out sledding and it was so pretty.  I don't know why, but I really do enjoy the snow a lot lately.  My dream is to have a home in the mountains with a big picture window, a corner fireplace inside and a big over sized comfy chair to have positioned in front of both the window and fireplace just so I can watch the snow fall while cuddling with a big warm blankie.  One day!  After the girls were in bed, I worked on a hat for a bit while waiting for Brendon to get home from work.  I get nervous when the roads are bad and he has to drive on them.  I like to be up to see his cute little face walk in the door.  That way I can sleep better knowing he is home safe.  It's a mommy thing.  

So the ponies received a Santa hat today.  As you can tell by the picture there was on wild party that went on during the night with the ponies.  Some how they misplaced one of the picture frames, the punch bowl was knocked over, the pet bird was tipped over and some how a sheep friend ended up among the mess.  Don't ask!  I don't even want to know.  I've got my eye on those ponies.  I did the eye finger thing when Brenna was standing near (where you point at your eyes with two fingers and then point with one finger at who you are watching) and she told me that there was nothing to watch because the ponies are just plastic and she just pretends that they move.  I'm not so sure dear.  I'm still watching them to be on the safe side.  I'm not so sure they are innocent little ponies.  They seem to be getting a little wild and crazy.  I hope I don't have to kick them out because of bad behavior.  You can't be to careful these days.  Oh well, off the bed so that I can get up and keep plugging away at the hat because there is one more left after this one.  Keep warm ya'll!  Off to dream land!  :)

20 December 2008

New knitted hats, pony advent & Spoon burgers!

So I finished the other hat last night I was working on.  It is the same as the one pictured on my entry on Dec. 5th but just black and gray.  Now I have two hats to make for two special little people I know.  These are the colors I will be using.  I LOVE the colors!  I could not resist when I saw them at the store.  The colors definitely have those two little ones written all over them.  I love the colors names also; Turqua, Cornmeal, Honeydew, and the not so exciting Light Fushia and Medium Purple.  At least the colors are fantastic!  Of course they will be two different styles, previously decided by asking if anyone had to choose a new hat which one would they like to have while looking at some different patterns.  Now just to find time to whip them out so no one sees them.  I see early bedtimes in the very near future for two girls. :)  Yesterday we made two apple strudel's and only one is left today!  Yummy!  I'm definitely going to have to do some major walking or something after the holidays!  Tonight we are having BBQ pulled pork sandwiches!  It was that or Gumbo.  I choose BBQ Pork because I have sandwich buns that have to eaten before they go bad.  I can't stand it when things don't get used up in time.  I may have to make some fried potatoes to go with being I have some mushrooms and potatoes that need to be used up.  Man, that is some good eatin'!  The pig snout is coming back out.  Of course I always have veggies because I always tell the kids they have to eat veggies so they won't get so sick they can't play or anything like that.  :)  I'm lucky though that all my kids have always loved veggies.

So yesterday the ponies received two picture frames with pictures of there wonderful friends.  So nice.  This morning they received two necklaces and a flower.  Not sure how the flower is to be used by the ponies.  At least there were 3 things today instead of two.  I had to straighten things up a bit with the ponies this morning.  I found their shoes in the punch bowl.  Late night party I guess.  Who knows what they do while we sleep.  I don't want to know.  It could be scary. :)

So the other day I mentioned we were having spoon burgers for dinner and Judy asked what they were.  Here is the recipe.  They are similar to Maid Rite burgers.

2 lbs hamburger
1 small onion, chopped fine
1 can beef broth
1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
salt & pepper to taste

Brown the hamburger in a bit of oil in a pan big enough to hold the meat and liquid.  Break the meat up as it cooks.  Add the onion to cook with the meat until it is all soft.  Add the beef broth, WO sauce, salt & pepper to the meat and simmer until the liquid is gone, about 15 mins.  When done, put mustard on a bun (if you want), add a couple of pickles, pile the meat on and enjoy!  You have to eat them with crinkle fries.  The best!

Have a great day to all!

18 December 2008

Garden AGlow trip, baking & ponies advent

So the last few days have been very busy with finishing up cookies, some shopping, cooking, crafting, and taking our yearly trip to the Idaho Botanical Gardens A Glow.  It's on the east side of town and every garden that is there is decorated with Christmas lights.  Man is it beautiful!  I'm a sucker for Christmas light anyway, but it is so awesome to go and wonder around looking at all the pretty colors.  It's fun to try to figure out what was added or done different from the year before.  You freeze your tooshie off and then make a few trip back to the wood barrels, warm up and go out for another round of lights.  We love it!  We always get the hot chocolate and cookies that are given out there too!  Yum!!  I feel like I'm taking a bit of a breather today with not much going on other than laundry and mailing off cookies to a few folks and of course updating the poor little blog that was ignored for 3 days!  Awful!  Below are just a FEW pictures of the botanical gardens last night.  Way too many taken to share.  You would be here forever looking at all of them!  Enjoy!

So for an update on the ponies.  They received two slices of cake on the last posting.  Then they got two mugs of hot chocolate, a box of Christmas cookies and today they got a camera (the yellow thing).  One of the slices of cake was either eaten or lost when the ponies were playing in the doll house the girls have.  Who knows.  I'm still puzzled by the number of items that only have two things.  
Well, I better get back to finishing folding the clothes and getting things going for spoon burgers for dinner.  Love them!  I may have to find my pig snout to put on.  I get to be quite the piggy when I make them.  They way I talk, you would think that I weigh so much that I can't walk.  I feel that way after I eat my favorite things!  Anyway, I started knitting a hat the other night and only have a small bit to do to finish it.  Then I have two other gifts and one other hat someone wants me to make for after the holidays.  So I better get moving!  Chat at you tomorrow!

15 December 2008

Christmas cookies and the Pony advent...

Today was spent baking some of the Christmas cookies we always bake.  The girls had lots of fun.  Miss Em was in charge of making all of the cookies dough.  She loves being in charge of that.  She had to make several batches of each kind so by the time she was done today she said she has a few of the recipes memorized.  There was a lot of taste testing the dough going on with both girls.  Quality control ya know!
Mom and Brenna made up the batches of Pecan Sandies and the Christmas Strawberries.  Of course Brenna had to take several tastes of the strawberry mix.  Hilarious!  We got all the chocolate chips baked and the star cookies baked (now we have to put those together).  These guys around here will not suffer this year, as usual.
Here are the girls making their own sugar cookies.  These don't get shared unless you are special.

This morning the ponies received to slices of cake.  I'm still puzzled being there will be 3 ponies soon.  I just don't get it.  I did not notice when I took the picture that the pet bird is laying on his side.  I hope he did not get into the punch bowl, have a little too much "sauce" and could not stand any more.  I probably should check out the punch bowl and make sure there isn't any thing in there that should not be there! :)  We don't want any parties getting out of hand around here.  I try to run a tight ship here. :)
We will keep you posted on the cookies baking marathon and what happens next with the ponies.  TaTa!!

14 December 2008

New snow, playtime, crocheting a scarf & the pony advent!

Over night and most of the day today we were given snow to enjoy.  I really like it.  I don't mind it so much any more being that I am a home body.  So let others worry about what the roads are like.
Above is our beloved moose enjoying his "pond" with the snow over it.  I think it looks really awesome with the lights shining through the snow.  Below is my must favorite lights (old fashioned C9's) shining through the snow on one of our bushes.  I can sit in front of one of our windows and just stare out at all the pretty colors and lose track of time.  Simple pleasures and great memories too!
Well, here are the kids playing in the snow today.  That's my mom out with the girls gathering snow for a snowman and a fort.  Can you believe the girls even got Mom to pull them on one of the sleds! I swear all they have to do is bat their eyes at her.  It was nice to see them having so much fun.  I went in first and started working on a scarf I need to get done for a present.  Luckily the girls went to bed early tonight so that I can work on it some more tonight.

So the ponies received a punch bowl, ladle and two cups today.  I find that weird being there will be three ponies at the end all of this.  When they are partying two will be drinking out of cups and one will be hanging their head into the punch bowl.  Not a pretty sight and the talk afterwards would not be nice either.  Who ever designed this calendar did not think ahead.
Lots of baking will done tomorrow!  Cookies will be coming out of our ears!  Yeah!  YUM-YUM!!!  :)

13 December 2008

Ponies get a pet!

Here are the wrist warmers I finished last night.  Em was my model.  My arms stretch only so far for me to take a picture of them while wearing them.  They are awesome!  I can't wait to sit down and make the pair for myself.  The Mirasol yarn is to die for!  Love it!  Em said that she would love to have her name added to a list for a pair.  Knew that was going to happen.  But I'm glad my family loves things made for them.  They love to show their things off.  Love them! :)  That's why I keep them around!

Oma will be here in 6 hours!  Yeah!!!  Now to decide where to go to eat after we pick her up.  Everyone is leaning toward Golden Corral.  I'm not arguing.  Anytime I can get as much Fried Okra as I can and not be kicked out of a place, I'm there.  Love that buffet they have!  I always eat too much, but at least I know I would die happy, very HAPPY!!!!

The ponies received a pet today.  To me it looks like a little white bird.  The girls are calling it a duck.  I'm sticking with a small bird.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring.  I do think that the girls will be giving Oma the honors of opening up tomorrow's door.  And the girls said to tell Aunt Kimmy THANK YOU!!  They are loving this.  I just have a great time making them find everything every morning to take a picture of the ponies and their loot.  The girls have a habit of playing with things and forgetting where they laid everything.  I give them a half hour warning so they can find things.  I know I'm too kind, especially when I say that if they don't find everything I won't take any more pictures!  hehehe!!  The joys of motherhood, even if it's simple things. :)

12 December 2008

Finished wrist warmers and the Ponies stay warm!

I just finished the wrist warmers from the Cider Moon pattern.  Now I only have 4 more things to make on my list!  I feel like I'm pulling my hair out.  But what would Christmas be with out that happening?!  Boring!  Mom will be here tomorrow afternoon.  I just hope the weather is okay and the snow lets up before her flight gets here.  She definitely won't be in Texas.  She doesn't like it when the temps get around 45 or so.  We are suppose to have highs in to upper 20's next week.  I hope she packed warm stuff.  We are all excited!

So the ponies got a hat today to share.  Even ponies have to keep warm around the holidays.  It looks to be very fashionable.  They are getting quite the gathering of loot for two little hoofers.  Now I'm getting weird.  I have got to get to bed before this all gets too wacky.  I'm correcting a lot words right now so I will say good-bye till tomorrow!  Have fun!

11 December 2008

Mags Kandis inspiration and the Ponies advent

Sorry for not updating the ponies yesterday.  The time just flew by and before I knew it I was too tired to post anything. :)  Well yesterday Pinky Pie received a skirt to wear.  She looks very nice with it on.  Today the ponies received a bag (purse) and a couple of pink perfume spritzer's.  We have to have nice smelling ponies you know!
I am just about to the point of adding the thumbs on the wrist warmers I'm working on.  I have at least 3 more gifts on the list after that.  I better get busy.  I took a break yesterday afternoon to paint some sweatshirts for gifts.  They were all done with "black work".  It looks pretty good.  I'll take pictures so I can post them after Christmas.  I don't want anyone peeking at the blog to see what they are getting.

So while I was checking on all the blogs I follow, I saw this update from Mags Kandis (creator of Mission Falls).  Love her stuff.  She posted this bag pattern on Knitty to share with all of us.  I am definitely making myself on of these.  I go between wanting a big bag and then I get tired of it and want something smaller so I'm not dragging a suitcase around.  This is perfect for the small bag times.  Thanks Mags!  It is just the cutest.  Can't wait to finish my gift list.
Two more days until Oma get here!  :)

09 December 2008

Tissue paper wreaths, ponies advent and more knitting

Today Sweetie Belle got her wings.  The girls pointed out that she is a unicorn.  Shows how much I paid attention.  Oops!  Brenna said it would be nice to see her try them out.  Sorry, but I don't want a little pony flying around my house causing more chaos.  The wings would be clipped!
After the girls lessons today, they started to work on their tissue paper wreaths.  Rolling all the bits of paper into balls did not go over well so I had to help to make that part go faster.  Brenna just liked having her fingers stick together from the glue.  4 year olds!  It's a good project to keep them busy for awhile as I sit at the table to supervise and start on the second wrist warmer.
Not that I needed any more projects to add to my gift list, BUT when I went to the store yesterday for a wreath I also found the cutest colors for a couple of little hats for some little people I know.  Yes, I am absolutely CRAZY.  I have never denied that.  So I better get busy.  There are definitely some late nights in my future till Christmas.  :}

08 December 2008

First snow, more knitting and ponies advent

The ponies received a package, Christmas cards and pictures today from their friends!  How nice!  The girls thought it was funny that all the items were teeny tiny.  It reminds me that I still have to write my cards out!  EEK!
Well, today we woke up to a light dusting of snow on the ground.  Yippee!  To bad we didn't get more.  the mountains were suppose to have gotten 6" or more.  I hope that we get a good amount while Mom is here for Christmas.  It's been a while since she has had snow for Christmas.  When she was little, growing up in Germany, she of course had snow every year.  Oh the memories!  I love hearing about the simple times of when she grew up.  Too bad we live in a fast paced, gimme gimme world.  I'm really trying to teach the kids within the last few years that presents aren't everything.  I'm definitely asking Mom about the many things they did for Christmas and writing them down for us to remember and carry on.  I finally made an advent wreath to put on the table with four candles to start the tradition with our family just as Mom did when she was growing up.  Below is our beloved Idaho Christmas Moose and his pal Mr. Jiggles.  At night they stand in front of their pond of lights among the beautiful glow of Christmas lights.  I'll try to get a good picture of it and post it soon.  We are partial to moose around here, even though there are none in our valley.  Too far south.
Also, on Saturday, Dec 6th, Saint Nicks Night, I am happy to report that everyone got treats left for them and no one received switches or coal.  I'm thinking Saint Nick was a bit lenient.  Some little people's behavior was getting a bit "iffy" a few days before.  But I guess that is why I'm not Saint Nick.  I'm tough.  :)  Back to knitting!  Gifts to finish!  I've got to get busy, busy, busy!!  5 days till Oma gets here!  

07 December 2008

Knit night, Christmas trees and pony advent

I'm about half way done with one wrist warmer.  This is what it looks like so far.  If you try this pattern just make sure it is when no one is causing any commotion around you so that you can keep track of where you are on the pattern.  It is easy, but "everyone" seems to like to ask a lot of questions when concentration is needed.  I'm happy with it so far.
We are enjoying all of our decorations we put up.  The girls are making more paper snowflakes to add to what we already have.  Pretty soon we may be living in a blizzard around here.  This a picture of our tree in the living room in all it's 9 foot glory.  The boys don't like seeing it come out of it's box.  There are alot of handmade things on it which we like.  The garland took me a week to make one year when Em was nearly 1.  But it was worth it.  It is my favorite thing on the tree along with my Old World Christmas ornaments.  And of course I have to have the tinsel on it, which drives everyone nuts.  I just like the things from memories of the past.
Here is the tree in the family room downstairs.  We have not used this tree in years.  The poor thing has been in it's box in the garage all by its self.  Glenn finally mentioned that we should use it to add to the decorations that we put in the family room.  I really like it.  The tree is as old as Brendon, even the ornaments.  Yes, I kept those too.  The only things new on it are the star and the "melty" bead ornaments the girls made.  I call it our "cheesy" tree because it reminds me of all the older decorations from the 60's and 70's.  I still love that look.  We still use the big fat lights when decorating the outside of the house too.  I could not find a nice looking tree skirt so I used a Christmas table cloth for one instead.  It looks pretty good.  Brendon says he likes this tree better just because it is easier to decorate than the one upstairs.  He doesn't need a ladder to get to the top.  And I won't get on the ladder.  It reminds me of the kind of tree my Dad would love to sit and look at when we were little.  He would admire the ornaments and remember each one's story.  So awesome.  Good Times!
Pinky Pie has a new friend, Sweetie Belle.  She is trying on the purple shoes today to see how they fit.  It's nice to have friends around for Christmas, isn't it!  Have a great day to you all.  And thanks for stopping by!