"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

05 December 2008

Knit hat finished & advent goodies

So here is the hat that I finished this morning before any one got up.  Brenna's Moosey is modeling it 
for me.The girls liked it so much that they want one now after I finish the gifts I want to make.  
A knitter's list never ends. :)  At least handmade things are appreciated around here.  There are 
only a select few that I make things for anymore because of comments that were made once things 
were given to those it was made for.  Oh well, they are missing out, not me!  :)  I had to run back 
down the hill to have the yarn, I bought the other day, wound up for me because I just grabbed the 
bag and left the other day.  What a doofus!  So now I will be able to start a new wrist warmer 
project tonight.  Cross your fingers that this new pattern works and I can figure it out.  And the 
girls are coming over tonight too for knit night.  Should be fun.  We all have a great time and 
Glenn and Brendon just laugh at us.  We laugh at them too! :)
So Pinky pie pony got her own stocking today from the calendar.  Quite exciting as you can
imagine.  I just hope the girls don't think that Santa will actually leave something in it.  They
squealed when they saw it this morning.  I'm still getting the eye about not being able to open
the chocolate calendar until after dinner.  Brenna is still thinking of ideas on why she would
need to open it early.  You must know that she is the chocolate"freak" in our family.  I have a
jar of M&M's in my craft room downstairs and she can hear me opening it from anywhere in the
house.  Even when I am trying to be quiet she can hear it upstairs.  Bat ears.  Has to be.  Off
to finish chores and get dinner in the oven so everyone can eat before the girls come over.
See ya!!

Please forgive the "typing" again.  I just can't figure out how things are going to end up when I play with the pictures.


  1. Okay, I want the hat. That is just too too cute. I have made gifts for people only to find beautiful pillows being used as a cat bed. I'm pretty picky about who I give homemade gifts to anymore. It really was quite heart-breaking. But those that love homemade? I'm afraid they get inundated with them. You did a beautiful job with the hat and I love your craft day with the kids. Blessings!

  2. that hat is DARLING! will you make me one? I would appreciate it! ha!! just kidding.!!