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18 December 2008

Garden AGlow trip, baking & ponies advent

So the last few days have been very busy with finishing up cookies, some shopping, cooking, crafting, and taking our yearly trip to the Idaho Botanical Gardens A Glow.  It's on the east side of town and every garden that is there is decorated with Christmas lights.  Man is it beautiful!  I'm a sucker for Christmas light anyway, but it is so awesome to go and wonder around looking at all the pretty colors.  It's fun to try to figure out what was added or done different from the year before.  You freeze your tooshie off and then make a few trip back to the wood barrels, warm up and go out for another round of lights.  We love it!  We always get the hot chocolate and cookies that are given out there too!  Yum!!  I feel like I'm taking a bit of a breather today with not much going on other than laundry and mailing off cookies to a few folks and of course updating the poor little blog that was ignored for 3 days!  Awful!  Below are just a FEW pictures of the botanical gardens last night.  Way too many taken to share.  You would be here forever looking at all of them!  Enjoy!

So for an update on the ponies.  They received two slices of cake on the last posting.  Then they got two mugs of hot chocolate, a box of Christmas cookies and today they got a camera (the yellow thing).  One of the slices of cake was either eaten or lost when the ponies were playing in the doll house the girls have.  Who knows.  I'm still puzzled by the number of items that only have two things.  
Well, I better get back to finishing folding the clothes and getting things going for spoon burgers for dinner.  Love them!  I may have to find my pig snout to put on.  I get to be quite the piggy when I make them.  They way I talk, you would think that I weigh so much that I can't walk.  I feel that way after I eat my favorite things!  Anyway, I started knitting a hat the other night and only have a small bit to do to finish it.  Then I have two other gifts and one other hat someone wants me to make for after the holidays.  So I better get moving!  Chat at you tomorrow!


  1. How pretty -- and cold. We are really getting a snowstorm today. I took a picture when it first started but we now have about 8". Can't even see the mailbox. I hope you are all ready for Christmas. I love reading your blog. It really brightens my day.


  2. I love the all the lights. What are spoon burgers?