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15 December 2008

Christmas cookies and the Pony advent...

Today was spent baking some of the Christmas cookies we always bake.  The girls had lots of fun.  Miss Em was in charge of making all of the cookies dough.  She loves being in charge of that.  She had to make several batches of each kind so by the time she was done today she said she has a few of the recipes memorized.  There was a lot of taste testing the dough going on with both girls.  Quality control ya know!
Mom and Brenna made up the batches of Pecan Sandies and the Christmas Strawberries.  Of course Brenna had to take several tastes of the strawberry mix.  Hilarious!  We got all the chocolate chips baked and the star cookies baked (now we have to put those together).  These guys around here will not suffer this year, as usual.
Here are the girls making their own sugar cookies.  These don't get shared unless you are special.

This morning the ponies received to slices of cake.  I'm still puzzled being there will be 3 ponies soon.  I just don't get it.  I did not notice when I took the picture that the pet bird is laying on his side.  I hope he did not get into the punch bowl, have a little too much "sauce" and could not stand any more.  I probably should check out the punch bowl and make sure there isn't any thing in there that should not be there! :)  We don't want any parties getting out of hand around here.  I try to run a tight ship here. :)
We will keep you posted on the cookies baking marathon and what happens next with the ponies.  TaTa!!


  1. One of my favorite smells at Christmas is fresh cookies coming out of the oven. Do you think you could box some of that up and mail it to me????

  2. The girls are getting some serious baking done :) I miss baking with my young ones.