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29 December 2008

Kev's new knit hat...

One of the guys Glenn works with wanted a knit hat that was just like the one I made for Glenn and one he could wear while skiing.  His one request is that it had to have the colors from the Irish flag.  So below is the finished product, which I started on Saturday night.  I had to have it done Sunday so that Glenn could give it to Kevin today at work.  He even paid me to make it.  Too kind!  I think it turned out great as you can tell from my model, Acorn Bear.  I have to take a break from knitting just for a couple of days.  I am going to paint and decorate a bench that I got for Christmas that sits by my front door.  I'll show it off when I'm done and give more details about how I acquired it.  Till then....


  1. I love the hat! What a cute model. ;)

  2. Acorn makes a great hat model. Hat came out great, he'll love it!

  3. Perfect hat for skiing. I like that pattern. Have a wonderful New Year and I'll "see" you next year.