"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

21 July 2012

On to the next set...

The first set of string blocks are now complete and have found their place on Em's bed.  Coordinating pillow shams from left over scraps of the quilts.  Somehow they complete the whole 'day bed' look Em was going for.  I get a smile on my face every time I see the girls enjoying their room even more.  All the work making things just like they wanted was surely well worth it.

Now off to work on the second set for little B and her bed.

And to enjoy the windows being open this morning before the heat sets in.


16 July 2012


From this

to this

all inspired by this wonderful tutorial.

It was a wonderful way to spend the weekend.  Finally sitting down with all the scraps and leftovers from the girls quilts to make a few additions to add to their beds.  It was quite wonderful to start on something that really didn't take a lot of planning or thought to complete.  More pics to be shared soon.


15 July 2012

For the love of blueberries...

Finally a morning where the temps were cooler.  I only had to get up at the crack of dawn for it.  But I toughed it out and did it.  There was a small window of opportunity to have the windows open and actually do some baking.  And why not when there are gorgeous, sweet blueberries staring you in the face every time you open the fridge.  So from those sweet, juicy berries came about a few treats.

First was this awesome little tart that takes no time to make.  Seriously.  So dang easy to make.

Then there were a few other little treats.

*Blueberry pancakes with crumpled up bacon in them and drenched in syrup.
(can there honestly be anything better in the world!  NO.)

*Blueberry muffins

*Fruit salad with blueberries 

Another trip to the store for more blueberries may need to be accomplished sometime this week.


13 July 2012

Summer tops...

From neat piles of fabric,

to cool, breezy summer tops.

I think I'm ready for the rest of summer.
We'll see.  You never know when a nice piece of fabric will catch my eye.


11 July 2012

Golden, hazy skies...

Another fire season is in full swing in our area.  Luckily it's just grass fires and no homes are in danger. It still makes for smoky air and golden sunsets and sunrises.  Everything has a awkward glow to it when the sun sets.  Pretty but weird.

Smoke amongst the clouds while the sun shows it's strange red glow.

And in the morning, it starts again.


08 July 2012

Summer tops...

I finally sat down to make some new tops for the summer.  All that was needed was a trip to Joann's for some fabric and just sitting down to do it.  

I've had my eye on one pattern since last summer.  I put it off and new tops never came about last year. Last week I made it my goal to finally get some made.  So after some prep work, picking out which fabrics to use and actually sitting down and demanding that there be no interruptions,

this is what I ended up with.  

Very pleased with it.  There were only two modifications made.  I added a 1/2 inch to the bodice width and a tapered the sides just a bit so that it didn't look like a tent on me.  I couldn't be happier.

Now I'm off to make a few more being that I'm "hibernating" in the house to stay out of the heat.  I will be doing that for the next week.  At least.  Back to enjoying the rest of the weekend, in the house.


05 July 2012


There are times during summer when you must sacrifice some sleep and get up early in the morning before the heat sets in and just make some cookies.  It's the least that one can do for themselves.

But I had to change things up a bit and add these yummy little morsels instead of regular chocolate chips.  

It was well worth the change.


03 July 2012


One may wonder how challenging it can be to play croquet with a 1yr. old toddling around the yard during a game.

Challenging to say the least.

But you just enjoy all the cute sweetness that you must endure during this challenging moment.