"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

20 November 2014

It's cold...

     We woke up yesterday morning to see that fog had settled in during the night and left a blanket of hoarfrost all over everything.  While it had warmed up to a balmy 9 degrees first thing in the morning (which is far better than the 2 degrees we had been at for the past 4 mornings), I for one was not going out to take pictures of anything.  So pictures were taken from within the warmth of the house.  And you know it's cold outside when the icicles are all frosted over.  There seems to be something so wrong when that happens.



16 November 2014

Beautiful snow...

     The first snow of the season came to us on Thursday morning.  It continued to come down all day, through the night and again on Friday.  There were numerous trips outside for two people just so they could get in the right amount of play time out in it.  By the time Friday afternoon arrived we had at least 11" of snow on the ground.  Perfect for snow angels, shoveling snow and building snow walls that could be walked on and just for looking at.  Friday afternoon there was a break in the clouds and the sun tried to peek through for just a bit.  It made the snow all sparkly and bright.  So pretty to look at.  Saturday the colder temps came and we stayed in, only to enjoy the snow from the windows.  But all was good because so many indoor things got done and it ended up being an excellent day.  Even colder temps settled in this morning.  A very chilly 2 degrees F.  There are icicles every where, hanging off the roof, the trees and anything else that the sun touches.  All of this keeping us indoors again enjoying pool games, bowling on the Wii, warm delicious Egg Drop Soup for lunch, yarn time for me to create new hats for the girls and time for naps under warm blankets and quilts.  It's been an absolutely wonderful weekend.  There's no complaining here from me.



13 November 2014

Being productive...

     It seems as if the productivity level has risen here that last few days.  Lots of little things being done. Everyone feeling quite accomplished, even if for a short while.  There were colorful edgings being added onto long forgotten items so that someone's desk could look complete and finished.  A bit of experimenting with a long forgotten pattern book has turned out some pretty fabulous table pretties.  Even if the experimenting created a lot more work than necessary with working with two colors.  So many little tails of yarn to deal with during the project.  But well worth the work once the project was done.

     The girls had been patiently waiting for today to come after keeping a close eye on the forecast the past few days.  Snow was coming and they couldn't wait to see it.  There was the usual raking of leaves and blowing leaves off the roof the other day before the snow fell.  A quick job with everyone pitching in on the last 40 degree day around here for a while.  It was a bright sunny day for all to enjoy.  Then afterwards a big pot of yummy soup was created with the help of everyone.  Gotta love beautiful Fall days like that.

     This morning found two people getting up earlier than usual just so that they could see the snow start falling.  It was quite pretty to see it in the early morning light.  They did their school work at their desks just so they could watch snowflakes fall outside.  I even found myself up in my room sitting in front of the window just so I could stop and watch the snow every once in a while.  Such a gorgeous day really.  Everyone doing their thing in a quiet house enjoying the peacefulness of the snow outside.  Every once in a while a little one would squeal "Oh my gosh it's so pretty outside!".  It did put smiles on all our faces.

     Hopefully more projects can be finished the next couple of days being that the weather will be about the same.  Snowy and cold.  Everyone knows that when it is snowing outside I don't go past the sidewalk out front.  I stay in and hibernate as much as possible.  I didn't even have to shovel snow today because the girls just had to do it without any help from me.  I do love days like today.  Good things do happen when it snows.



06 November 2014

03 November 2014

Settling into Fall...

     The past week now seems like a blur.  So much going on, so much to do.  But at least it was all good stuff.  Old crappity crap windows being taken out and new ones put in.  The girls are beyond delighted.  They will sit for hours at their desks looking out their windows, admiring how crisp and clear the view is while not having to deal with cold drafts coming in to bother them.  It is truly a wonderful yet simple thing that makes all of our days.  And being able to open and close a window with one finger is just the bees knees apparently.  I understand totally because I did the same thing last Fall after my bedroom window was replaced.  Simple things I tell ya, simple things.

     There was a frantic call from our son very early one morning as he was going off about how the grandsons have lost their minds.  Apparently dear son did not see the humor in one little man flinging around a baby powder bottle and emptying it out all over his bedroom while baby brother was in his crib cheering him on.  Those of us in this house thought it was absolutely hilarious and just about pee'd our pants laughing so hard.  He didn't see the humor in that either.  Then to top it all off, when all the powder was cleaned up the boys came back in their room, they flopped on the floor, smelled the carpet and exclaimed "Tanks Dada!  Nice!", then rolled on their backs and seemed to enjoy what their handiwork had accomplished.  Paybacks.  How wonderful they are.  I so love grand babies.

     Fall is in full swing here now.  Halloween was over in a flash.  The girls had everything planned out early just so they wouldn't be running around crazy at the last minute.  Pumpkins were even carved with out parental help this year, which was fabulous in the parents whole scheme of things.  And I for one have had my fill of chocolate, at least for a few days.  Saturday had to be the best day yet.  Sunny, then gray off and on through out the day and then rain all night long till Sunday morning.  Then having the time move back was the icing on the cake.  I went to bed early, falling asleep with the sound of rain and didn't get up until the morning light started peeking through the window.  Beyond fabulous.

     Sunday ended up being a pretty terrific day in itself.  Getting up early of course.  Eating cinnamon rolls.  Working on some crochet projects for a bit.  Staying in cozy flannel pj's all day long.  And finally gathering up all my library books I checked out last week and cozied up with them on the bed with a toasty quilt while watching the clouds and sunlight out my window.  Perfect.  There may have even been a quick nap taken while reading was suppose to be happening.  I'm not sure how the day could have been any better.

     I'm just glad it is now light out in the morning soon after I get up.  The day starts out so much better when the sun peeks over the trees and all the clouds are colored pretty pinks and oranges.  It adds so much more pep to your step than dark, gloomy skies for hours.  I'll take the pinks and oranges any day over black and blah.

     Now back to my regularly scheduled program and a whole new set of crazy daily adventures.  Never a dull moment around here.