"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

16 November 2014

Beautiful snow...

     The first snow of the season came to us on Thursday morning.  It continued to come down all day, through the night and again on Friday.  There were numerous trips outside for two people just so they could get in the right amount of play time out in it.  By the time Friday afternoon arrived we had at least 11" of snow on the ground.  Perfect for snow angels, shoveling snow and building snow walls that could be walked on and just for looking at.  Friday afternoon there was a break in the clouds and the sun tried to peek through for just a bit.  It made the snow all sparkly and bright.  So pretty to look at.  Saturday the colder temps came and we stayed in, only to enjoy the snow from the windows.  But all was good because so many indoor things got done and it ended up being an excellent day.  Even colder temps settled in this morning.  A very chilly 2 degrees F.  There are icicles every where, hanging off the roof, the trees and anything else that the sun touches.  All of this keeping us indoors again enjoying pool games, bowling on the Wii, warm delicious Egg Drop Soup for lunch, yarn time for me to create new hats for the girls and time for naps under warm blankets and quilts.  It's been an absolutely wonderful weekend.  There's no complaining here from me.




  1. Wow! So much snow! Is it the same house where this summer temperatures were so high you couldn't even breathe? How can the weather there change so much? What an amazing and beautiful place. :-)

  2. The first snow is always so beautiful. Here, in upstate NY, we had our first bit of snow on Friday - it's gone already but, I'm sure there's more to come. Your soup looks delicious - I love egg drop.

  3. Oh my goodness, you got so much snow. Looks like your girls are having a blast. I love how quiet my street feels after the first snow. We don't get snow that often here in Georgia, but when we do I really enjoy it. My kids do too, because there's no school- basically the whole city shuts down! LOL!!

  4. hi kar,
    the first snow is always the best.love the photos!!! here in my part of the world is it grey and rainy,no snow.
    i hope of snow this year.egg drop soup sounds wonderful.
    wish you a wonderful restweek,
    hugs regina

  5. The snow is so beautiful! And a warm bowl of egg drop soup is just perfect for the season. Especially after making snow angels. :-)