"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

30 March 2015

So dang happy...

     Spring has definitely arrived here.  Crisp mornings and warm afternoons.  Waking up with the sky getting lighter earlier in the mornings.  If I had my way, the sun would be out showing itself at 6am.  I look for excuses to open the windows as early as possible already.  Ice tea is being made continuously.  Moments on the patio are taken as soon as chores and other responsibilities are taken care of.  Seeds are filling up the greenhouse.  It's quickly running out of room for everything I want to grow.  I couldn't wait any longer to smell fresh cut grass, so I gassed up the lawn mower and went to town with it.  I got stange looks from several people passing by.  I didn't care.  It's all about me and not them.   I was happy.  If I could have skipped while pushing the mowing without hurting myself, I would have.

     I'm so freakin' glad that Spring is finally here!!!



21 March 2015

Busy days...

     Just when you think there might be a few days where things will slow down so you can relax someone comes up with other plans.  Slowing down never really happens around here.  But that isn't a big thing to fret about because it just means there is more time with my most favorite people.  

     There was an extended weekend taken by G so that we could possibly get out and do some exploring together, even if that meant staying in the local area.  It turned out to be a fabulous weekend.

     Our first trip was out to the Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge.  Just a short drive from our house.  Can you believe that in all this time we have lived here, this was our first time to visit Deer Flat.  The morning had already started with grey clouds all over and we weren't sure if the whole trip would be ruined with rain.  But we decided that we would take our chances and make most of it.  Just a few miles from our destination it started to sprinkle.  The rest of my crew started to get bummed out right away but I wouldn't allow the truck to be turned around.  So onward we went, rain or not.  Negative Nellies were not allowed on this trip.  Once there we went into the visitors center to get any information we could.  After a look around and some info from the volunteers, we decided to drive out to a viewing platform to try to see the Bald Eagles that were nesting in the area.  Down the trail we slowly drove only to be surprised by several Mountain Bluebirds flying around.  Odd being that they are usually only sighted up in the mountains being they love the higher altitudes.  Some wonderful pics were taken by G. I will be getting one of them printed so that I can hang it up in the house somewhere.  Once at the platform the rain came down heavier and there wasn't much to see.  So back to the visitors center we went to turn in our permit and call it day for the Refuge.  We told the volunteers that there were no eagle sightings but G got some great pics of the bluebirds.  Everyone there just about passed out from us telling them this.  Apparently the sighting of a Mountain Bluebird at the Refuge is a very rare sighting (only 3 in the last 30 years).  Contact information was swapped by us and the volunteers and before we knew it our phones were ringing off the hook for the next two days.  Long story made short is that G will now have one of his blue bird pictures permanently displayed at the refuge and will be credited with the sighting that day.  Pretty darn awesome if I must say so myself.  We have now found a new favorite place to go and explore.  Too bad it took us this long to get ourselves out there to begin with.

     The very next day found us getting up and heading out the local wetland ponds where all the birds love to hang out.  The trip did not disappoint.  Hundreds of birds every where.  We even spotted a Northern Shovler Duck.  A first for all of us.  After a couple hours there of watching, sitting and exploring we headed off to another area reserved just for bird watching.  We looked for the Western Screech Owl that we spotted the year before but no luck.  But just around the next turn on the path there were three Mule Deer just wandering around munching on anything they could.  By the way they looked, it was a rough Winter for them.  Hopefully they will fatten up well now that Spring is here.  There were lots of geese, noisy buggers.  And quite a few mallards picking out their nesting spots and getting them ready for eggs.  A few wood ducks were spotted along with a lone Blue Heron.  After a few conversations with others that were enjoying the park we headed home for the day.  All the fresh air and exploring tired everyone out and there was no problem with anyone going to sleep early that night.  

     The rest of the long weekend was spent at home due to the rain.  No complaints being it was an opportunity to catch up on a Masterpiece series before the new season comes out soon.  It was also a perfect time for getting the girls ready for their yearly tests.  And lots of time for finishing up a project for the coffee table.  And soon after that another blanket was started so there would be busy work for me during testing.  

     The rest of this weekend does look like it will be slow for us due to more rain coming in.  I will surely be finding my way to the greenhouse to finally put seeds in.  Especially being that our specially ordered seeds have arrived and I can't wait to get them into the dirt.  Then the rainy days will hopefully be filled with some awaited sewing.  Is there some kind of rule that flannel pj pants can't be made or worn once Spring gets here?  I don't care if there is.  I'm going to be a rebel and do it any ways.  It's just how I roll.



07 March 2015

Sunny days...


     The past week has been all about catch up after our special little visitors were here for a few days.  How fast one forgets how busy little ones keep you when your own little ones aren't so little anymore.  There were trips to the river to throw rocks in the water, time at the park for important moments with the slides and watching important hockey games in the evening with Genpa.  How fun it was to have our little guys here, especially since the weather was so wonderful for this time of year.  Now we must wait for the next visit from them.

     There is planning going on now for the vegetable garden and the front flower bed.  We had the beastly pine tree cut down in the front yard.  It was a long time coming. There are so many ideas floating around for what to do in this area due to all the sun that is there now.  I'm thinking an overflow of Zinnias.  What could be better than seeing all those colorful blooms all across the front.

     But for now the rest of the weekend will be spent working on my newest creation while enjoying the flood of sunshine the is now coming into my craft room.  After all, one must enjoy themselves how ever possible.