"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

25 May 2014

A long overdue quilt...

     I finally finished the "Super Nova" quilt this past week and it was quickly sent of to my brother and sister-in-law.  After I had started on the quilt for my sister and brother-in-law, I remembered that I had never made one for my brother and his wife when they got married.  I was quick to remind everyone that I had not even begun to make quilts at that time and I should be given a little bit of slack for that.  

     I love everything about this quilt.  The fabric, the design, the colors, the quilting.  It was hard to send this one off.  Glenn and the girls asked many time over if it couldn't stay here and I could always make up another to give away.  I must admit I had the same feelings.  

     The quilting took the longest of the entire project.  A lot of finagling on the machine, turning corners, etc.  But so well worth it in the end.  The quilting makes the back look so wonderful with all the shapes going on on the back.  And of course I can't just let the back be plain with just one choice of fabric.  Nope.  So I make a 16 patch block with a border and threw that on there for a teensy bit of flair.  Apparently that block now has special powers; Glenn told my brother last night that if ever his wife gets miffed at him for any reason at all,  all he has to do is throw the quilt on the floor with the back side up and stand in the block and it's the safe zone.  My brother told Glenn to try that out and see how that goes and then let him know what happens.  That was good for a really big laugh.

     I know this quilt will get a lot of use being my brother loves to take naps on the sofa.  Just what it was meant for.



21 May 2014

Loving Spring time...

     Spring time has been fabulous around here this year.  It's just easing along, letting us enjoy the breezes, the sunshine and the mild temps before Mother Nature throws the hot days of Summer at us.  Windows being opened for days on end, even at night.  Clothes making their way back outside to dry out in the sun and breezes.  It's just down right wonderful.  Last year it seemed like it skipped right passed us, not wanting to stop and visit for a while.  Just cruising on by without caring what we thought.

     There has been a lot of digging around in the back flower beds.  Rearranging the plants that came back.  Planting seeds for new ones.  All of us crossing our fingers in hopes all the seeds sprout so things can look like we imagine.  And every once in a while we stop to see all the little bugs and bees that seem to be visiting this year.  Taking in their sounds and just watching their work when we should be doing some of our own.  We even have a couple of feathered friends who have taken a liking to our Lilac bush and have made a nest in it.  Their visits to the feeder throughout the day put a smile on our faces.  Such pretty color those Goldfinches are.  There are even Hummingbirds that have made a nest for us to see this year.  So sweet.

   The nice weather has also allowed us to get back to some painting that needs to be finished from last Fall.  I'm so glad I didn't start with the patio area first.  I would have quit soon after and the house would have never been finished.  I'm just thankful for lovely helpers who don't complain about helping out.  Love them to pieces.  Even the side garage door get a spiffy new color.  Although the neighbors don't seem to care for it much (lovely notes left on the fence for us to find this morning).  When they start paying the mortgage they can have a say.

   The garden is giving off loads of leafy greens for us to enjoy.  How I love a good salad every day.  And with it coming from our little bitty garden patch makes it even more enjoyable.  Our first harvest of rhubarb has given us plenty to go around for jams.  I found a recipe that just sounded beyond awesome and had to give it a try.  So worth the effort.  11 jars of strawberry rhubarb and 11 jars of pie cherry rhubarb to please us all here.  This recipe is a keeper for sure.  The girls loved helping throughout the whole process and can't wait to make more flavors here soon.  I can't wait either.  I have figured out though that I am a "canning" hoarder when it comes to certain things and it just kills me to see the last jar of something special (pie cherries) being used up.   I'm loving the strawberry rhubarb with my favorite Greek yogurt.  So much better than a store bought brand, that is a tiny bit pricey for one serving.  But I do thank them for introducing this combination to me.  It was truly one of those "why didn't I think of this" moments.

   Even the evenings have been pleasant and enjoyable while relaxing after a days work.  Enjoyable knitting on the deck, all the while debating on how to finish off this "private" area off of my bedroom.  Then there has been relaxing work being accomplished on the quilt.  It is becoming a favorite for sure.

   I'm just hoping that Spring hangs around as long as possible.  It has truly become a favorite so far this year and I'm not one to be rushing it off any time soon.

12 May 2014

A perfect day...

     A day that started out like many others where I wake up earlier than the other people of this house.  I go downstairs quietly and open all the blinds to let the morning light pour through the windows.  I stand in front of one taking in the light and thinking about what will happen during the day before me.  Who actually knows around here.  The possibilities are endless.

     I read for a bit in the sunlight waiting for the others to wake up, patiently waiting for the breakfast that will be made for me.  Cinnamon roll waffles.  It's hard to wait for that but I do.  Finally the other sleepy heads start to wake and rustle around.  They make their way down to the kitchen and start with all their busy work.  The warm, cinnamony smell starts floating through the air.  It makes it harder to wait patiently.  We all sit at the table enjoying our waffles topped just the way we like them, each person different.  Talks about what will be done for the day go from person to person.  It sounds like it will be a relaxing day for everyone.  Conversations continue as breakfast is finished and everyone sits at the table for a while longer.

     After all the chit chat, things are tidied up, beds are made and people start in on what they want to accomplish for the day.  One person creating with her new found love of sewing.  Everyone receives bunnies made from her very own design.  All proudly made.  One person continues with her astronomy studies, excited about every new thing she did not know about before.  Another starts digging through boxes of stuff searching for special objects that need to be out in the open again.  And I found myself working a bit more on the quilt, enjoying how this one is turning out minute by minute.  I was asked often if this one has to be given away because it has to be the absolute new favorite.  I understand it all but the quilt will eventually find a new home away from here.

     After lunch outside, we all found our way into the garage looking through old boxes with Dad who continues to look for things.  It was a good search because it lead to all kinds of memories, conversations and purging of things that just did not need to be hung on to any longer.  It is so funny how material things will stir up memories of days gone by of the kids.  Special little shoes, favorite little hats, special outfits that had to be worn every day it seemed by little people.  Special memories that will forever be in my heart and soul.

    A phone call from my oldest was answered and went on for well over an hour.  Just chatting about anything, as if he were sitting in front of me.  Some of the conversation was filled with laughter, some of advice.  All of it filled with love, missing him being right next to me like when he was little.

     I finally went back to helping with the boxes when the phone call was finished.  More special things were found and brought into the house.  All the while wondering why these things were packed away to begin with.  A move that never happened.  All of us happy about that.  Linens found in a big box having new lives within the house again.  The girls went through them all deciding which special piece they like the best to have as their very own treasure.  I find treasures that I haven't seen in years, given to me by relatives.  They all have a special meaning in my heart.  I make a pact with myself to use these items more often, to remind me of those who are not near and no longer with us.  

     Finally dinner is made by all and laughter was the main course it seems.  It started with the girls playing 1-2-3 Little Red Schoolhouse for whatever reason.  They made ridiculous faces trying to make the other make sounds.  It all ended with everyone laughing so hard that we all nearly spitting food and drink out everywhere.  Lovely sight.  Not the best of manners but the best of dinners by far.  There are many around here like that.  We were all laughing so hard that we had tears rolling down our faces by the end of dinner.

     The rest of the evening was spent listening to anything that the girls wanted to talk about.  Favorite foods, goals for the next week, projects to be worked on, what they really want out of life, etc.  The topics go from one extreme to another.  Some funny, some serious.  Beautiful conversations with beautiful girls, all snuggled up on the couch with them.  Finally the day ended with both girls laying in bed with me watching the daylight fade through the window, until it was time for them to make their way to their beds for the night.  Precious wonderful moments I treasure more than anything in the world.

     It was a perfect day in my book.  A day like many others around here.  But always made special by having those precious people near me.  The precious people that make me a Mom.  

A special thanks to my wonderful husband for making this role in life possible.  Without you look at what I would miss out on every day.  None of this would be possible without you.  I love you.



07 May 2014

Moving right along...

Just figuring out how I want the back of the quilt to look and putting it together.  Nothing too fancy but nothing too plain.



05 May 2014

Weekend happenings...

* Our roof was replaced on Friday.  Apparently we had enough hail and wind damage to it from the storm in September that the insurance company replaced it.  There was a fabulous crew that worked on it.  Super nice and talented.  We even think it looks better than the last time the roof was done 10yrs. ago.  I'm wondering if the cookies and ice water I kept bringing out to the crew had anything to do with the fab job the crew did?  Doesn't hurt though to be nice, does it!  It was also nice to hear the peace and quiet in the evening after 12hrs. of ripping, stomping and nailing that went on throughout the day.

* I finally got all the pieces cut out for the front of the quilt by Saturday.  Sunday morning found me making a very quick trip to the store so that I could get back and start sewing together pieces for the front of the quilt.  I was very impatient.  By lunch I had already finished half of the front.  It was a great time to take a break.

* Then there was time for a few bike repairs so two people could go on their bike rides.  One chain kept popping off due to a bent gear tooth on the back tire and then there was another flat tire.  Both bikes are fixed and ready for what ever the two weasels throw at them.

* A spur of the moment grass cutting session happened, which made me very happy afterwards with the fresh smell of cut grass being breathed in while on the back patio reading.  Nothing better than smelling fresh cut grass and lilacs at the end of a very good weekend.

*  The heater hasn't been on at night for a week now.  There is just something about that seasonal milestone that just makes me happy.  No A/C, no heat.  Windows open.  It's awesome!  Yeah the gas bill will go down even more but there's just something else about it that just puts a smile on my face.  Maybe it has to do with the fact that even though the furnace isn't kicking on through out the night it is still cool enough to where you still have to have two quilts on the bed just to make things comfy.  It's all about the quilts.  At least that is the story I'm sticking with.    

Simple and happy.  It's what I live for.



01 May 2014

On to the next quilt...

There is just something about a new stack of fabric that comes in the mail to get all of that creative planning flowing in your head.  The pattern has been decided on and the fabrics sorted out accordingly.  Now I'm just waiting patiently for the evening to start cutting into this pretty stack.



All the fabric was purchased from Fabricworm except for the bottom blue/green print.  The pattern ("Super Nova") for the quilt comes from the new book "Adding Layers" from Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession.

(There are no kick backs for me for mentioning Fabricworm or Kathy Doughty.  Fabricworm is just who I like to order from because of their super duper customer service and selection and Kathy's new book is awesome!)