"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

25 September 2014


     It seems as if Fall is finally ready to be present in our area.  Today is so nice and comfortable compared to the last few days. I quietly protested about being finished with Summer by finally refusing to water any of the flower pots any longer last week.  The poor flowers are dry and crispy, looking pretty shameful.  Luckily they were sitting behind the fence where no one could see them.  The garden area has been cleared of any plants that just aren't producing any more.  And all the Summer flowers have been removed from the flower beds to provide room for all the Mum bushes through out the yard.  Even when the last few days got warm enough to turn the A/C on, I refused.  Except for a couple of hours before bed last night.  I will put my foot down and not turn it on for the rest of the year.  So not doing it till next year.  I mean it.

     I am making more time for creating things again.  Whether it be quilting, knitting, crochet or even cooking, I am enjoying all the creating here lately.  I may have put a bit more on my plate again but I'm okay with it.  I'm not panicking about it.  Two quilt tops have been finished for Christmas gifts.  I started on a sweater for my sweetie.  He checks everyday to see how far I have gotten with it.  It's funny to see the smile on his face each time and the nod of approval.  A poor neglected afghan was pulled out of hibernation so it can be worked on during the early, quiet morning hours.  Even the girls have gotten more in the mood for creating.  Someone bought herself a most adorable crochet book of animals and quickly went to making the most adorable horse for her little sister.  I couldn't help but give her hugs for that.  It was beyond sweet.

     Now I'm patiently waiting for the forecasted rain and temps into the upper 60's throughout the whole weekend.  There are plans for baking, soup making and working on projects in progress.  All while sitting back enjoying the cool breezes, listening to the rain, drinking hot tea and putting on an extra blanket on the bed at night.  It all sounds absolutely wonderful to me.  Now I'm just chomping at the bit just waiting for it all to happen.



05 September 2014

September air...

     Oh September.  I'm so glad you are finally here.  The little teases of Fall here and there the past couple of weeks have been fabulous.  But it is wonderful to know that it is officially started as far as I'm concerned.  Windows open all day and all night is just the absolute best.  A couple of mornings have been chilly enough that the windows had to be closed and an extra quilt was thrown on top of us.  Heaven in my book.

     The garden is slowing down with its daily treats.  There are a few flowers that still don't disappoint.  Even the bees are enjoying the last bits of pollen from the last of the sunflowers.  Their little legs look so heavy with pollen that we are amazed that they are able to fly at all.  It's wonderful to walk around the yard and see what is still hanging in there at the end of the season.  One last act of stubbornness before things will have to give in to the cool morning temps that are now here to stay.  Even our little feathered friends are starting to stock up for Winter.  They are around all day long and we are outside so much that we can now get with a foot of them and they won't fly off.  Gorgeous little birds the Nuthatches and Chickadees are.  Love hearing their songs through out the day.  Sweet things.

     The oven has been used several times in the last week.  A big difference compared to the entire Summer.  Favorite cool weather meals are starting to find themselves at the dinner table.  Comforting treats that warm the soul at the end of the day.

     The cooler temps have kept me occupied with more yarn projects.  There is just something about yarn and cool air that just go together.  I just can't shake it.  A second sweater was cast on being I totally goofed up on the size on the last one.  Long story short:  I did a total brain dump when I started the other one and never changed to the bigger needles as needed at a certain point of the pattern, totally throwing the whole gauge thing out the window.  It never clicked in my head and I made the entire sweater using the smaller needles.  I only woke up to this realization when I was sewing the buttons on to finish it and noticed that the sleeves just looked a bit small.  So instead of fitting the 3yr. old grandson it was intended for, it is now going to the 1yr. old grandson.  The new sweater is coming along just perfect as I have made sure this time not to forget very important bits of information in the pattern.  I made two others before this with no problem.  Just another reminder that I shouldn't work on projects like this while stressed out.

    A teeny, tiny break from knitting was taken for a whole day yesterday after I walked by all kinds of wonderful colors of yarn that was in my stash.  A quick gift for a friend was worked up while waiting for a couple of studious little people to finish their school work for the day.  I love how all the colors look together and am hoping that they will be loved by the dear friend when she gets them.

     Now back to enjoying this fabulous change in the weather.