"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

26 March 2011

Still waiting...

I must say this has been a really off week for me to say the least.  Quilting plans have not gone as planned.  Which has really set back my whole accomplishment goal that I had in mind.  I'm still waiting for the sewing machine  to be completely fixed.  The main thing was the timing.  Now that is perfect again, the bobbin case decided it was going on strike and not hold it's tension anymore.  So now I wait for a new one to be delivered to the house.  But that won't be until Monday.

So while I wait, again, I started to work on my little idea with all the colorful yarn at my disposal.  Yes I have some serious stash hanging around the craft room.  But you know how that is all going to work.  I'm not going to put this down until finished which means the quilt will not get finished until probably the end of next week "again".
 During that time I will help Em out on a smallish sized quilt that she decided that she just absolutely had to make for someone special.  It's just waiting for her to get finished cutting out the binding strips from scraps from what seems to be a never ending supply around here.  There are two other little projects just waiting on the sidelines patiently as she gets this one finished.
 Wee one decides that she also needs to create something since everyone else seems to be busy with whatever catches their fancy.  It seems everyone will be getting new melty bead creations soon.
I'm thinking the yarn project will be just perfect this weekend being that the weather just can't seem to make up it's mind.  Within five minutes it will snow, hail, rain and sunshine all for our enjoyment.  I'm thinking I'm going to throw something ooey-gooey and chocolatey into the oven to along with all the yarn time that will be happening this evening and the rest of the weekend.  Let's just hope the chocolatey goodness lasts that long.

I'm not so sure.

21 March 2011

A happy place...

Today started out just like a crummy Monday should.
Dark, gloomy, rainy and me not feeling 'tip top'.
I made it an official 'sick day'.  To say the least the girls were happy about no lessons for the day.

About mid-day I felt good enough to attempt working on the quilt.  So I obliged.  I was in my happy place!  I was plugging along rather happily until the darn machine just didn't want to stitch anymore.  I tried and tried to figure out what was up but with no luck.  After a few choice words and nearly throwing a hissy (the reason why the quilt is laying on the floor), I called the repair shop to see if they could take the beast in for a look.  Tomorrow I will be getting up bright and early to drop it off in hopes of getting it back by Wednesday.  
 So until then I have been trying to decide if I should find something else to work on along the lines of something yarny or do I wait patiently for the beast to be returned.  While I debate on that I've been gathering some colors together to see if something inspirational comes to mind.
Nothing yet.
I might have to go browsing through Ravelry to see if anything grabs me.
With a bowl of ice cream sitting next to me.
That might make me feel better.

17 March 2011

Just for Em...

Testing is finished for another year for Em.  She feels pretty darn confident about the entire test.  Not that we expected anything less.  She is so bright and makes homeschooling almost too easy.  We had fun seeing lots of friends and those acquaintances we don't see often.

It took me awhile to finally find something to keep me busy while I sat patiently during Em's tests.  I thought I had the perfect one picked out.  I started working on it Monday night so I could get a feel for it.  Let's just say it's very hard to get a feel for something when there is an error in the pattern to begin with.  And the most frustrating thing is that the pattern is from a very well known company that offers free patterns.  This has not been the first time I have had issues with their patterns.  It may be the last time I go looking on their site to find something.

Anyhoo, after the frustration of all that and searching for another hour or so, I finally found this wonderful little pattern.  So easy and quick.  A breeze to work up.  I even finished it during the last test of the day today.  Perfect timing.  Em didn't know that it was going to end up in her possession.  So she was very surprised.  Just a little something for all the hard work she always puts into her lessons and her tests.

Tonight there is going to be a movie marathon and some serious lounging around.
I guess I better get off this thing so that can get started.

13 March 2011

Another cuddly...

Busy little week here.
Good busy you know.
Little of this.
Little of that.
Trying not to put too much on my list all at once.
Day by day is basically how I let the last week pass.

As you can tell I never got started with my quilt.
I was consumed with another idea for a baby blanket.
This time for our dear friends daughter who is due with her first child a few weeks after our grandson.
I ended up using the same colors as I did for Connor's blanket.
She's having a boy as you can tell.
A quick wash and it should be good to go and ready to send off.

I'll probably have to wait to work on my quilt till the end of the week as I am going to have to find a small project to work on during Em's testing that will be going on this week.  I've got an idea as to what to do.  It has to be something small and "quiet" as to not bother all those smart little testers you know.  I just have to get everything gathered together for it.  I'll share pics of that later.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

06 March 2011

Mom's quilt...

The sun came out, so bright and shiny, so I could finally take pics of Mom's quilt.
Never mind the fact that it happened as we were going into the store to get a few necessities and I rushed everyone through there just so we could get home before the dark gray clouds decided to move in again.  

It will be on it's way tomorrow Mom!
Love ya!

05 March 2011

Warm and crinkly...

Today was a rather productive day in the ole' craft room.  With it wet and drizzly outside there was no other choice than to work on the quilt and get the binding finished off.  I had great company from a little artist that just had to work on her Spring watercolor masterpiece.  I'm sure that the pile of M&M's sitting on the desk helped bring her into the room also.  With great conversation and questions from a 6yr. old time passed quickly and before I knew it the binding was complete.
 Then it was off for a quick wash and dry...
so it could be finally be complete.

All warm and crinkly, just waiting to see if there is a wee bit of a break in the weather tomorrow so that a pic can be taken before it is packed up and shipped off to Mom on Monday.
Keep your fingers crossed.

Now I am going to treat myself to a warm bowl of apple cranberry crisp.
It's the least I can do for myself after all the hard work put into the quilt.
Then I have to figure out what to do to keep myself busy the rest of the night.

02 March 2011


What does a Mom do when one of her wee ones comes up and asks her to help open a new puzzle for them?  You help of course.  Then you try not to help too much because the little one wants to try to do it all by herself because she is a big girl.  But of course.  So Mom just sits for however long it takes for her sweet pea to finish the puzzle.  Not very long but long enough to enjoy seeing the little gears in their mind working.
 And long enough to see the puzzle completed with the biggest smile on their face.  And then hear her exclaim that she really needs some pet bunnies running around the yard.
Sorry, not doing that.
 Then the Mom notices that her other wee one (not so little anymore you know) has decided that she also needs to work on a 1000 piece puzzle and would like to accomplish that all by herself.
Not in one night though you know.  One must pace themselves.
 Little sis comes by to check things out.
 And quickly leaves once she realizes how much 1000 pieces really is.
It makes me happy inside to see them pick something else to do in the evening besides staring at the boob tube and turning into complete vegetables.  Makes me stop and think that I'm doing something right when it comes to their decision making part of their brain.  At least it looks like I haven't totally messed them up yet.