"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

27 November 2010

Catching my breath...

I'm finally able to catch a few moments today where I'm not running around looking all crazy and with a million things to do.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Ours was quiet and much appreciated.  We have so much to be thankful for.  I wouldn't even know where to begin.  I'm just grateful for everyone and everything I have in my life.

Instead of dragging myself out into the insanity of shopping on Friday, the day was spent making sure all the Fall decorations were gathered up and put back in their bins.
 All the Christmas boxes and bins were pulled out of the attic so the house could be decorated with all the well loved decorations.  I think we finally stopped at about 7 last night and decided that the rest would be finished today after breakfast.
 The girls woke up to a wonderful surprise of snow.  It visited us on and off all day, leaving all of its beauty for us to enjoy.
 My little snowmen greet me every time I walk into the living room.
 Glenn's hat was finished in time for him to wear it to work on Friday.  I'll share pics of it when I have a chance to take one when he is home.  For now there are other little projects already being created.
 The girls snow monkey (which turned into a bear and then a pig)
 has turned into something totally unexpected.  
Wasn't expecting this at all.
You know I just don't ask anymore.  :)

For now, I am going to sit and watch the snow fall amongst all the pretty Christmas lights that brighten up our yard while having a yummy cup of hot chocolate.  Nothing better.  At least in my book for the moment.
Hoping the rest of your weekend is a great one.

20 November 2010

A creating weekend...

After a very busy week around here, this weekend was in need of a definite slow down.  Mother Nature was probably thinking the same thing because this is what she gave us this morning.  It's still coming down slowly.  The girls have already made their way out to the back yard to attempt a little 'snow monkey'.  Don't know how that came about.  By this afternoon it will probably be gone with the temps getting to 38 today.  But tomorrow there will be more coming.  It was very pretty to wake up to this sight this morning.  It makes things seem a little more peaceful and quiet.  Which I need right now.
I finally finished the knitting portion of Glenn's hat.  Thank goodness.  Glenn was driving me a little bonkers with this one.  He had an idea that we both discussed and even drew pictures to see how it was to be.  So once that was finalized I began knitting.  After I got to one point (after changing things once already due to some comments from Glenn) I had him try it on to see how much more to do.  You wouldn't believe the look on his face.  I took it right off his head and began ripping it apart.  I told him that I knew with that look he wasn't going to wear the hat when finished so I was stepping in with a executive decision and making it my way.  Now I'm up to the point of decorating it.  I'm am so crossing my fingers that this part will be done this weekend.  Third time is a charm right?  It better be.  I even made him pick out just the right color felt yesterday at the quilt shop (it's on his route for work) as he came in with their mail, while the girls and I were there.  Yes, it was planned like that by me so as to not hear any complaints about "it's not the right color".  I'm smarter than the average bear you know.  Sometimes.  :)
 Em is near finished with her turkey.  She's definitely one that has to be in the mood to any crafting or it just sits there for a bit.  She gets side lined with reading.  After the turkey finale she is planning on creating a Christmasy craft.  She was quite happy in the fabric store yesterday picking out just the right colors.  Hopefully the cutting will commence sometime this week.
Brenna of course had to pick out a special something so she could make something also.  She's so darn cute going through all the different choices just so she picks the right one.  I have no idea what she is planning.
 This lovely pile of yarn is patiently waiting for me to complete the hat so that I can start creating some crochet gifts that I've been thinking about in my little head.  I am really hoping that it all turns out cute.
And then, sometime, there are a few books from the library that are patiently waiting also to be looked through.  The top one is Angelina Ballerina's Christmas Crafts.  The girls choice you know.  So we will see if something is created out of that.  They so love that little mouse.
Must be going so that I might be able to accomplish a few things on my list this weekend.  I need to peek outside to see how the monkey is doing.

15 November 2010

Would you?

Not sure a gravy boat would be my first choice of a hangout spot if I were a turkey.
I'm surrounded by comedians around here you know.
I'm going to leave him in there to see how long he stays.

14 November 2010

Enjoying the quiet...

So the plan was to get started on a hat for Glenn but a certain little person (Em) had other plans for me.  She wanted to make a turkey decoration on her own, but needed Mom's help because she didn't even know where to begin.  Once things got rolling I was cutting out fabric to make one for Brenna.  She can't be left out you know.

So after a little bit of thinking and designing,
some cutting and sewing,
 and having the ever important M&M's near by,
(they help with the imagination and the determination to keep going until the project is finished.)
(at least that's what I'm going with.)
things started to take shape.
But the hours got late and I had to finally call it a night.
 Up early at 0630 hrs because I just couldn't sleep anymore.  The eyes and face were all that needed to be finished.
And we now have a cute little guy to brighten the place up for the upcoming holiday.
I'm sure he's glad he won't be on the menu next week.
Talking about next weeks menu, I have all my shopping finished also.  I got a 20lb turkey for just $9!
I'm tooting my horn over that snag.  Toot Toot!!

Around mid morning I made sure I started on the hat so that no one would come up and ask me to help start something else.  Em is still working on her bird and it's looking nice so far.  I'm determined to have this hat finished sometime this week because I have got to get some other little things finished for Christmas gifts.  The idea I have for the gifts doesn't seem too hard to accomplish.  You know I just jinxed myself.
The little snacky feelings are taking over me so I must go into the kitchen and root around the refrigerator and pig out on some awesome homemade guacamole and warm chips.  And whatever else I find to chow down on while watching the rain fall on this cool, damp Fall day.


10 November 2010

Could not resist...

While waiting for the girls to get finished with their handwriting yesterday I couldn't resist grabbing all the fall colored yarn I used in the tablerunner and decided to make a doily.  I finished it within about 1 hours time and now need to make another one to make a set.  Very addicting.
I used the pattern "Your Neighbor Lady's Doilies" but changed it just a bit so that I could get two repeats of the colors into it.  My doily has 10 rounds not 9.  My row 9 has individual dc all the way around and then I crocheted row 9 from the pattern for round 10.

For those who were wondering about the tablerunner, the so called pattern is strictly from my head.  There would have to be some tweaking done to it before I ever share it.  It's okay for me but not okay enough to share, for now.

The girls are not happy today.  They believed the weather forecast last night as far as getting snow this morning.  Not one flake is to be seen here in the valley.  Just rain.  The girls were so hoping to have a snow day today.

09 November 2010


I finished the table runner last night.  I was determined not to go to bed until it was completed.  No more of letting all the every day distractions get in my way of putting this on my table finally.

It looks so much better than the 'cheap' piece of junk that was one there.  Which by the way was not cheap.  I paid over $25 for a something that had alot of felt leaves just hot glued on to a piece of fabric.  ???  I should have sent it back the minute I got it.  It was from a company I don't care for anymore.

(note to self:  I have got to repaint the dining room/kitchen and get the awful yellow off the walls.  Can't stand the yellow glow all over anymore.)

Anyhoo, on to the next project which is for Glenn.  He has this hat idea that he wants me to make him, to add to his holiday hat collection for work.  He doesn't think I can do it.  But you just wait and see.  One way or another, I'm going to do it.

05 November 2010

Reflecting and slowing...

This past week was spent slowing down a bit and just enjoying all of the wonderful weather that was given to us.  Glenn and I also celebrated our 24th anniversary Wednesday along with Brendon's 23rd birthday yesterday.  He still reminds us that he was the best 1st anniversary present we could have ever received.  He's right.  We have come a long way from the meager beginnings we started from.  We have been truly blessed with every thing we have accomplished in our marriage.  We are truly very lucky.  We have wonderful children, a nice home, food on the table.  What else could we possibly need.
As long as we have each other it's all good.

I finally finished the hat I had been working on since last week.  I had to scrap the pattern that I was originally working with and just go with something out of my head.  Everything was wrong with the other pattern from start to finish.  Wrong cast on stitches.  Uneven decrease stitches.  It was a mess.  So I just winged it.  At least it came out looking like a hat in the end.  I'm no expert you know.  Now I just have to get my tail moving and mail it off.
 I couldn't sit still for long.  I had some great Fall colored yarn staring at me and decided to make a new table runner for the dining table.  So again I am winging it with something out of my head in hopes that it will look a lot better than the cheaply made thing that I ordered from a catalog a few years ago.  Anything will look better than what is there now.
We are hoping for a continued bit of the whole slowing down thing for the weekend.  Cooler, damp weather is suppose to be coming in so I'm making sure we have everything we would need for warm, yummy, comfy eats around here.  Nothing better than yummy eats, yarn time and lots of snuggling in blankets with weather like that.

Question for you.
What do you like better, knitting or crochet?
Personally I can't decide.  It's very hard for me because I love all the wonderful textures that both can give you along with all the fabulous creations.  I'm just happy that both give me lots of yarn time.


01 November 2010

Caramel goodness...

I know it's only one day after Halloween and there are plenty of sugary treats to eat all around.  But I couldn't resist making this yummy treat when I spied the main ingredient at the store.  We have been looking for it for weeks ever since I went to the quilt shop's holiday review and one of the girls made this for treats for all the invited guests.

So here's what you need.
 Melt the butter, Karo light corn syrup and brown sugar all together.
 Add the vanilla and baking soda.
Mix everything up and bake.
Yummy tummy treats!!!
It is so awesome, trust me.
Nothing but caramel melty goodness!!!

Here's the recipe:

2 sticks of butter (1cup)
2 cups of brown sugar
1/2 cup light Karo corn syrup
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp baking soda
2 bags Chesters puffcorn, butter flavor
parchment paper

Place the puffcorn in a large mixing bowl and set aside.  In a large saucepan combine butter, sugar and corn syrup and boil for five minutes over medium heat, stirring occasionally.  Stir in the vanilla and baking soda.  It will bubble up on you, so watch it.  Pour mixture over puffcorn and mix until well coated.  Place coated puffcorn on parchement paper lined pans and bake at 250F for 1 hour, stirring for 15 minutes.  Remove from oven and let cool.

Then pace yourself as you are taste testing because you can go over board.  :)
It's that good.

*Just a little hint*
I mix one bag at a time in a large with bowl with half of the mixture to make sure all the little puffs are well coated.  While doing this place the saucepan back on the stove with the burner off so that the mixture doesn't cool off and harden and possibly boil over.  I also spray the mixing bowl with cooking spray so that none of the caramel mixture sticks to the bowl and gets wasted.  Can't have that.

Until next year...

 Another Halloween is over and done.
The pumpkins were carved from the patterns picked out.
The decorations had a good week to spruce up the place thanks to the girls.
They really helped out alot being I just wasn't in the mood for decorating this year.
Very odd.

The pink spider witch and the purple batterina made out like bandits on the candy front.
All that is left now is the ever important 'trading session'.  They are working out the details with that.
Now all webs, mice, spiders, gravestones, etc. are slowing making their way back to their bins to wait for another year to make their show again.
Hopefully it will be longer than just one week.