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20 November 2010

A creating weekend...

After a very busy week around here, this weekend was in need of a definite slow down.  Mother Nature was probably thinking the same thing because this is what she gave us this morning.  It's still coming down slowly.  The girls have already made their way out to the back yard to attempt a little 'snow monkey'.  Don't know how that came about.  By this afternoon it will probably be gone with the temps getting to 38 today.  But tomorrow there will be more coming.  It was very pretty to wake up to this sight this morning.  It makes things seem a little more peaceful and quiet.  Which I need right now.
I finally finished the knitting portion of Glenn's hat.  Thank goodness.  Glenn was driving me a little bonkers with this one.  He had an idea that we both discussed and even drew pictures to see how it was to be.  So once that was finalized I began knitting.  After I got to one point (after changing things once already due to some comments from Glenn) I had him try it on to see how much more to do.  You wouldn't believe the look on his face.  I took it right off his head and began ripping it apart.  I told him that I knew with that look he wasn't going to wear the hat when finished so I was stepping in with a executive decision and making it my way.  Now I'm up to the point of decorating it.  I'm am so crossing my fingers that this part will be done this weekend.  Third time is a charm right?  It better be.  I even made him pick out just the right color felt yesterday at the quilt shop (it's on his route for work) as he came in with their mail, while the girls and I were there.  Yes, it was planned like that by me so as to not hear any complaints about "it's not the right color".  I'm smarter than the average bear you know.  Sometimes.  :)
 Em is near finished with her turkey.  She's definitely one that has to be in the mood to any crafting or it just sits there for a bit.  She gets side lined with reading.  After the turkey finale she is planning on creating a Christmasy craft.  She was quite happy in the fabric store yesterday picking out just the right colors.  Hopefully the cutting will commence sometime this week.
Brenna of course had to pick out a special something so she could make something also.  She's so darn cute going through all the different choices just so she picks the right one.  I have no idea what she is planning.
 This lovely pile of yarn is patiently waiting for me to complete the hat so that I can start creating some crochet gifts that I've been thinking about in my little head.  I am really hoping that it all turns out cute.
And then, sometime, there are a few books from the library that are patiently waiting also to be looked through.  The top one is Angelina Ballerina's Christmas Crafts.  The girls choice you know.  So we will see if something is created out of that.  They so love that little mouse.
Must be going so that I might be able to accomplish a few things on my list this weekend.  I need to peek outside to see how the monkey is doing.


  1. Such a busy crafty household that of yours! Can't wait to see what your girls are planning to make with those beautiful fabrics.
    I see you had some snow today, now I am envious. Have a great weekend! :-)

  2. Oooh, so many pleasant surprises to wait for. Glenn's hat and your girls' special treats too. I can't even imagine snow right now. Enjoy!

    p.s. As this has been quite a wacky season, I was glad to hear that we're "Thanksgivinging" with Dad's side of the family. So absolutely no prep around here. :-)

  3. I can relate to your hat dilemma completely, having made several for my husband (he loses hats a lot). We just got our first snow, too! Hope your weekend is peaceful.

  4. Oooohhh look at all the fun stuff you have going on! So fun and oh my gosh look at that snow, sigh... Here's wishing you a wonderfully quiet weekend.

  5. Finally I'm able to comment...The weather has been bad on the satellite and I haven't been able to read blogs yesterday. I love the Angelina Ballerina books...I have a few and read them the the grand-girls all the time. I can't wait to see what the girls come up with.

  6. Pretty fabrics. Pretty yarns. And SNOW! You are surrounded by loveliness this weekend. I'm not going to buy any more fabric for a while (and I have such willpower -- not). I recognize the green fabric with the red and white dots -- I made potholders using it for Christmas presents last year.

  7. You certainly have lots on the go! I'm sure it's all going to turn into one beautiful pile of goodies!

  8. My girls LOVE Angelina Ballerina. However, Sunday morning, new snow trumped her and they headed outside.

    We got no snow overnight. Just wind. And I've seen on the news what happened in the Boise area.