"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

05 November 2010

Reflecting and slowing...

This past week was spent slowing down a bit and just enjoying all of the wonderful weather that was given to us.  Glenn and I also celebrated our 24th anniversary Wednesday along with Brendon's 23rd birthday yesterday.  He still reminds us that he was the best 1st anniversary present we could have ever received.  He's right.  We have come a long way from the meager beginnings we started from.  We have been truly blessed with every thing we have accomplished in our marriage.  We are truly very lucky.  We have wonderful children, a nice home, food on the table.  What else could we possibly need.
As long as we have each other it's all good.

I finally finished the hat I had been working on since last week.  I had to scrap the pattern that I was originally working with and just go with something out of my head.  Everything was wrong with the other pattern from start to finish.  Wrong cast on stitches.  Uneven decrease stitches.  It was a mess.  So I just winged it.  At least it came out looking like a hat in the end.  I'm no expert you know.  Now I just have to get my tail moving and mail it off.
 I couldn't sit still for long.  I had some great Fall colored yarn staring at me and decided to make a new table runner for the dining table.  So again I am winging it with something out of my head in hopes that it will look a lot better than the cheaply made thing that I ordered from a catalog a few years ago.  Anything will look better than what is there now.
We are hoping for a continued bit of the whole slowing down thing for the weekend.  Cooler, damp weather is suppose to be coming in so I'm making sure we have everything we would need for warm, yummy, comfy eats around here.  Nothing better than yummy eats, yarn time and lots of snuggling in blankets with weather like that.

Question for you.
What do you like better, knitting or crochet?
Personally I can't decide.  It's very hard for me because I love all the wonderful textures that both can give you along with all the fabulous creations.  I'm just happy that both give me lots of yarn time.



  1. Brenden cracks me up! But I'm betting he's right. I am shaking my head yes to what you wrote in the beginning of your post. As long as you're together and love each other life is good. Love the hat and I really love the colors in your table runner. I'm finishing up the socks I'm making for myself and I'm going to try and surprise Jim with a pair of socks for Christmas. I hope I can knit them without him knowing it.
    I like doing both...I'm with you, as long as I can have the yarn in my hands I'm happy.

  2. Hi Kar
    First I have to say that I again love the new banner, so fun and colorful. Yes life is so good! Your hat is awesome and I am sure who ever is the lucky person receiving it will treasure it for a long time to come. I am a knitting fool, no question. I am not good at crochet and can barely SC. It is wonderful that you are fluent in both crafts. Have a great weekend!

  3. Your new banner is lovely, the colours are gorgeous. I can knit, rather poorly and I'm learning to crochet. I must say I prefer to crochet and admire anyone who has the patience for knitting.
    Have a lovely weekend,

  4. Lovely autumn images and yes, I love your new header too. :-)

    I think your hat came out super wonderfully and the recipient will surely love it. It's so colorful. Love the pom pom at the end.

    I love the colors of autumn anyways, and it's a perfect combination of them in your table runner. We've had some drizzling action here for a few days and then today the temperature dropped and I had ice on my windshield this morning! Enjoy yours.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Beautiful colors!

    To answer your question. I like crocheting because it's faster to develop different stitches and patterns. I like knitting because it just looks nicer...and has more give to it.

    You have a great weekend too!

  6. Love the new banner :) I'm torn between the two crafts as well. Each style produces lovely work, though I do find I prefer crochet when it comes to afghans and larger homey projects. I like knitting for making wearables - I guess I feel it's a more finished look. Either way, I get to work with some scrummy yarns!

    Happy Anniversary and have a lovely weekend!


  7. Your new banner is wonderful. There's something about yarn that just makes me want to hunker down and create. And me -- I'm a crocheter. No knitting sadly. The colors you picked for your runner are yummy. I'd want to sit down at your table.

  8. Happy Anniversary!
    Happy Birthday to Brendan as well!
    What a lovely picture of the leaves, I just love the colors of this time of year.
    The hat is so cute and the table runner's colors are very pretty!
    To answer your question, well,its a toss up for me as well.
    I think I like them both but in different ways.
    I learned to Crochet when I was about 7 from a dear sweet lady.
    Any time I made anything, I crocheted it,up till about two years ago.
    Now knitting is something I am determined to master...however I still like crocheting.

  9. That's a tough question. I find both of them relaxing, and fun, but I think I prefer crocheting for blankets, afghans and such and knitting for socks, sweaters, scarves, etc. Just what works for me. But, I have seen some gorgeous crocheted sweaters too!