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01 November 2010

Until next year...

 Another Halloween is over and done.
The pumpkins were carved from the patterns picked out.
The decorations had a good week to spruce up the place thanks to the girls.
They really helped out alot being I just wasn't in the mood for decorating this year.
Very odd.

The pink spider witch and the purple batterina made out like bandits on the candy front.
All that is left now is the ever important 'trading session'.  They are working out the details with that.
Now all webs, mice, spiders, gravestones, etc. are slowing making their way back to their bins to wait for another year to make their show again.
Hopefully it will be longer than just one week.


  1. The girls look sooo gorgeous in their costumes. Please let them know. :-)

  2. Two pretty trick or treaters.

    How cute...the little mice running along the baseboards!

  3. Those costumes are so cute! We have 3 pumpkins and would you believe we did not carve them this year. How sad is that? :0
    I have had that caramel corn before and it's awesome! Thanks for sharing the recipe.