"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

24 August 2011

Ready for Fall...

I finished the all important pumpkin hat for Connor.  It was such a pleasure to sit at the end of the night and work on such a cute knitting project.  The girls are going to bed earlier so they can get ready for early morning wake up's when our school schedule starts.  Love them dearly but it is so nice to have an hour or two of quiet time at the end of the day.
As I was finishing the leaf of the hat, the flood gates opened with tons of ideas of Fall projects flooding into my head.  It was a bit overwhelming.  So after the last stitch was weaved into the hat and snipped I started digging out all the fall fabric that I have stuffed away for the last few years.  Now I just have to figure out what fabric will be used for specific ideas running around my head.

I don't know about you but I'm so ready to bid farewell to the heat of summer and welcome with open arms the cooler, crisp air of Fall.  With all the warm temps lately I've not been so yippy skippy about cooking every night.  Quite pathetic really.  There have been alot of crock pot recipes lately.  To be very honest I'll be glad to get into all that warm and comfy cooking that Fall brings out.  Things will feel normal again.  

So heat be gone so that our beloved Fall can arrive in open arms.
I'll be more than happy to welcome it.
What about you?

21 August 2011

Weekend happenings...

The quilt was finally finished on Friday.  Washed, crinkly and ready to go to its new home.

 The remainder of the day was filled with yard work and a last minute change of plans of which date we were going to the fair.  There was hours of rides that were accomplished by the girls and big brother.  I kept my feet on the ground.  Someone had to stay with Connor when others were squealing while hanging upside down.  They swear they will never do that again.  We shall see.  Brenna was not on this ride.
 Ribbons were won.
Glenn and the girls talked me into entering my big granny blanket.
It won 2nd!!!
 Brenna got ribbons for her two pics she worked hard on.
She did the biggest happy dance I've ever seen when she turned the corner and saw them.
 Em got 1st place on her first blanket ever made.
We are all very proud of her.
 Stops had to be made at the farm yard picture boards.
 Even Connor got in on the fun.  :)
 It was a late arrival back home that night.  Everyone was beat.  It didn't take long for everyone to fall of to sleep.  Good thing because Saturday was filled with a big to do list and then meeting Glenn after work downtown so we could walk over to BSU stadium and watch the free fall scrimmage game.

After all the years of living here, this was the first time we had been in the stadium.  Sad I know.  We were all hyped up about seeing the blue turf in person and seeing our wonderful team out on the field.
 It was a quick couple of hours but a wonderful way to finish off a hot summer day.  You can't help but get excited when watching the home team play.  Even if it was just practice.  Can't wait for the season to start in two weeks.
 Today has been quiet.  Full of naps, catching up on laundry and just staying at home.  Much needed.

After dinner there will be some casting on for a special pumpkin hat so that a certain little someone will be properly dressed for the fall season ahead.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend also.

16 August 2011



Can anyone be any cuter?

Right now I'm thinking...


I know I'm biased when it come to this little guy but oh well.
He just puts the biggest smile on my face.
I had to share.


12 August 2011


There have been lots of simple enjoyable moments around here during the last week.

The a/c was fixed after a whole day and a half of doing with out it.  It was a very long day and a half for me.  It was like hearing angels singing when the door bell rang and the a/c guy was standing there with the fan motor that would soon fix things and make everything better.  I nearly felt like throwing a teeny tiny celebration when the power was flipped on for the a/c and that wonderful new fan went spinning away like nothing ever went wrong.  I made sure that the a/c guy had the biggest glass of ice cold lemonade that was ever poured in this house.  He deserved it.  To me it still wasn't thanks enough.

The rest of the crew went through that time like little troopers never fussing once.  Not I.  I made sure at least once that my opinion about the whole situation was heard.  Soon after I came to the realization that I would have never made it through the "days of the Pioneers".  I know for sure I would have been thrown off the wagon train and left for the wild animals because I would be the biggest whiner of them all when it comes to dealing with the heat.  I'm a sissy and I'm not ashamed to admit it.  I'm just glad that I live in an area where I don't have to suffer through the horrible heat and humidity 9 months of the year.

Things have warmed up here during the dog days of summer.  Nothing like the south but still hot for these parts.  The girls finally broke down and drug out the 'baby pool' so that they would be able to cool off and have fun outside during these dog days.  It seems that the heat made them stop protesting the whole 'baby' thing and they just gave in to it.  The little pool is filled daily with all the Ponies that are in their possession. The Ponies just keep partying from mid morning until evening every day.
What ever makes them happy I say.  I'm just waiting for the girls to grow fins or something due to the time that is spent out in the 'baby' pool.
 Em's blanket is finally finished.  She is so proud of her accomplishment.  Heck, we all are.  I couldn't be prouder.  She drew her design out on paper, asked how she should do certain stitches and stitched away everyday for a month.  Now she just has to wait until Monday to turn it in at the fair and see what happens.  The anticipation is getting to us all.
 I've been plugging away at the quilt.  The top was finished.  The quilt sandwich was made.
 Now I am hand quilting it.  Let's just say that I probably won't be hand quilting another for a very long time.  What was I thinking?  I obviously wasn't.
 Then there have been a few bits of wonderfulness a few times this week when this little guy decided that he needed to spend some time with Mema.  I was not complaining one bit.  His poor mom and dad were practically left standing at the door as the car seat was ripped out of their hands so little man could get in the house as fast as possible.  You just can't get enough of him.  When it is time for him to head back home, I get sad.  All the wonderful little smiles and coo's just don't get old, ever.  Can't wait for the next time he needs to spend time over here.
So what kind of wonderfulness has been going on in your neck of the woods?
I would love to hear about it.

03 August 2011

Keeping busy...

Things have been slow around here the last week.  No complaints here.  Just plugging through day to day things and offering helpful advice to someone working on a crochet blanket for the fair.  Pics of that coming very soon. 

Then there is dealing with the a/c not working during our hottest time of the year.  Wonderful.  Not.  It always happens when you need it most.  I'm just hoping it's a easy fix today so it can get running again.  I don't deal with issues like this very well when it starts costing lots of money.

So to keep my mind off of sweating to death and dishing out more money than I would care for, I have been busy working on a quilt.

Lots of 1 1/4" squares
 matched with a bunch of  2 1/2" squares
have now turned into 42 big coordinating colored squares
 so that they can soon be turned into something like this.
 I really, really, really like working on projects from this book by Camille.
 Now I must go place myself in front of the fan before I get too cranky from all this 'wonderful' heat.
Wonderful my foot.
Bring back spring!!!!