"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

24 April 2009

Flowers, packing and crochet! All in one day!!

I think today will be the quickest post so far.  I had to show of  some of the wonderful tulips that are blooming in my yard right now.  Gorgeous!!  They make me happy when I peek out a window to get a quick dose of springtime color.  :)

  We getting ready to go visit so dear friends of ours for a wee bit.  We have know them since we were in the military.  We are all a bunch of goof balls when we get together.  No telling what trouble we will get into.  We can't even have a decent game of cribbage when we get together because we start goofing off and end up laughing so hard that our face and sides hurt.  It's a zoo!!  :)  And we have a huge list of things to see and do while visiting with them.  We will need a vacation from vacation when we get back!!!  LOL!!!
I did get started on Brenna's sweater last night.  It goes a wee but faster then Em because hers is smaller and I know the pattern now. :)  Brenna kept making little trips around where I was sitting just to see how much I had done from time to time.  She gets a big smile on her face and then goes wandering again or looks for a book to "read" while sitting next to me.  I will bring this on the trip so that I can finish it and she will be able to wear hers like Em.

I'm not sure how often I will be able to post while on our trip.  I hope to do a few and show pics of where we are.  No promises though with the list of things to do that we have.  The girls keep adding things as the days go by.  I'm tired already just thinking about it all.  So you will just have to skip by and see if I stopped in for a quick bit.  Off to finish getting last minute things ready!

Keep creating and finding things that make you happy while I am gone.  
Take Care!!


22 April 2009

One sweater finished and one more to go!!!

The last couple of days have found me to be busy juggling my time with things I want to do and things that have to be done.  More yard work was done.  I don't think it ever really gets done to my liking.  Always wanting to change things.  That's why you are never sure what will be growing in my yard from one year to the next.  One day I will figure it all out and leave things alone.  :)

The one thing that I really love are my little yard animals.  They are the only constant in this mad little world of mine.  I've had my beloved little pigs so long that I may have to "refinish" them so they stay around longer.  They are hilarious and make me smile every time I go out in the back yard.  Nothing like one piggy doing a jig and the other two busting a gut over it.  LOL!!!

I'm not sure I could pick a favorite of these little guys.  They are all too ridiculous!  And yes, that is the little piggy's tail in this pic.  I was told by the other grown up in this house that it didn't look like it in this pic.  Out of the gutter please!  I won't have that with my little piggies.  :)

On a complete spur of the moment last night (8pmish), there were three people outside on the deck enjoying the lovely weather we had for the day.  I was scared to death when all three of them stormed into the house demanding that we all get in the truck and head for the hills for the sunset NOW!!!!  You should have seen this mad woman running around the house closing windows (don't want burglars feeling too welcome) and running out to the driveway in two minutes flat carrying my bag, camera, and shoes in hand.  Haven't moved that fast since the military during a recall to the base!  I was quite impressed with myself.

Anyhoo,  we headed up to the hills just north of the house (a few minutes drive) and this is what we were able to enjoy!  Man, I really do love living in this place.  Believe me when I say that I had issues with this area before.  Who knows.  I believe some of it was my fault of letting other peoples opinions cloud my "mind" and not to mention that I was having issues with a few things that were also clouding my over all judgement of the place we chose to live.  There was a reason we moved back here after the military and this is one of those reasons.

I can not tell you what it does to my soul when we go on this little excursions.  It settles me in a way.  I snapped a few pics.  Over 50 to be precise and then I  just sat on the hill and listened to the breezes that were coming across the grasses and feeling them on my face.  Pure peace.  We heard a few coyotes in the distance talking to each other.  Beautiful sound I tell you.  Just as long as they don't get too close to me, I'm okay.  :)  There is a smidge of calmness that comes over me while taking in all of this absolutely simple beauty.  Makes one wonder if this is how the pioneers of years before felt when they came out to this area of our country.  Jealous I am.  We watched the sun go completely down and then noticed that up north of us in the hills there was a wee thunderstorm happening and sat and watched the bits of lightening that were popping about along the hills.  A very pretty sight.  The girls thought that was so awesome.  They were also amazed at all the little holes in the ground they kept finding while up in the hills.  It was funny listening to them talking about what they thought lived in the holes and Brenna even asked if the have lights down there since it was getting dark out.  Hilarious!!  Love those moments.  Moments like that makes everything you do worth it, doesn't it.  You just want to squeeze them.  :)

So after being out in the hills for about an hour, there wasn't much time for anything back at home other than hitting the showers, brushing the teefers, doing our bedtime rituals (drinks, animals, songs from Dad, hugs and kisses) and straightening a few things up.  So what did I do at the crack of dawn this morning?  Why head right to the family room and sit down to finish the edging on Em's sweater!  It really turned out nice and she loved trying it on after getting dressed for the day.  It made Brenna want hers even more.  So later tonight that is what I will be starting on.  At least this time I won't be having a "Westinghouse" moment while looking at the pattern.  I've got it down pat now!

Must be on my way for the day.  Lots of other wonderful things to do on the list.  Not all of them are wonderful but such is life.  Trying to get things done inside so that we can hit the outdoors again for the majority of the day.  Most of it to be in the garden area, getting it ready for some FaNtAbUlOsO homegrown veggies this summer.  Gotta love those big juicy tomatoes!  The top veggie on my list!  I'm drooling thinking about all the FAB tomato sandwiches I will be having this summer!  YUMMO!!!  

Have an absolute FAB day all!  Find one thing that makes you smile today and enjoy it all day long!!!


20 April 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!! but lots of FUN!!

There sure was alot going on around here the past few days!  No slowing down I tell you!

There was all the fun that was to be had with celebrating turning 5!  
Bowling with big sister and Mom.

Eating some really wild colored cake after some yummy grilled hamburgers and hot dogs AND "ranchy" noodles. (can't forget those)  :)  Then staying up late playing with all the nice gifts that were given to the birthday girl.

There was some yard work (a lot) the next day, then refurbishing a "new" bike (Em's) with training wheels and letting the big girls take it for a spin.  Let's just say that this child will be making me nervous every time she gets on the bike.  No fear at all.  She thinks she can pedal as fast as she can and then try to turn just like she would when riding her trike!  I was running and hopping behind her like I was a mad woman.  My nerves were shot by the time we all went in Saturday evening.  I think Glenn saw that I was a wreck and called it a day before I passed out.  :)

Sunday was not any slower.  We decided to take a trip to Shoshone Falls on the Snake River to see the high water flow.  What a wonderful sight to be seen when we have awesome snow falls in the winter.  It was awesome!   The last time we were there was when Brendon was about 2 1/2 and at that time there was a so-so water flow, but neat just the same.  The two hour trip southward was well worth it.  The sound was deafening and there was mist in the air everywhere.  The girls loved looking at the rainbow that came out of the mist.  Very pretty!  There were quite a few platforms that had been built since the last time we went.  Some hanging out on the very edge of the cliffs, which did not make me feel any safer.  I am a complete height freaker-outer!  Can't stand it.  I thought I was going to toss just sneaking a quick peek over the rail.  So Glenn and the girls being right at the end of a platform and trying to get a peek over was way too much for me.  I had to walk away.  I was getting weak in the legs to say the least.  They do love torturing me.  :)

We went around on all the trails that have been built around the falls and saw some very beautiful views of the falls and the surrounding canyon.  There were a few steep pieces on the trail but my little explorers did an awesome job with getting to the top to see the whole overlook.  Beautiful!  I was really amazed to look at the pictures that were posted around the main area of the park from the 1910's.  There were some brave people back then.  Take in mind that there were NO rails, fences, trails, etc. for these folks to enjoy.  There were pics of people all dressed prim and proper down at the bottom of the cliffs taking in the views.  And there was on pic of in the winter at one time with some one on the frozen river with their car!!!  HELLO!!!  Are you completely out of you mind!!  Just looking at that made me woozy.  They had to be drinking some really good stuff, that's all I can say.  Too much for me!

At one point while heading back down the trail, we all spotted something off the side of the trail.  Glenn checked it out and said don't let Em see it.  Of course she had to look.  It turned out to be a "piece" of a little bunny that was left behind by a coyote or something that runs around out there at night.  Oh that did not go well.  She was sad the rest of the way down the trail.  Brenna thought it was cool because she saw it's little tail.  She is such a tomboy, let me tell you.  Cracked us up!

We took one more quick look at the falls before leaving.  We had got there early in the morning (9am ish) and had spent about two hours there.  And by this time, there were too many people there.  So my crew, being they don't like hoards of people, were ready to hit the road and explore something else.

So back in the truck, heading back west, we stopped at Malad Gorge to see the sights there.  Hadn't been there in many years either.  The bridge reminded me why.  I'm sure it is sturdy, but you can feel it wobble up and down when some walks on it.  Not good for my stomach.  And not to mention how high up you are on it.  So I hurried up and got off.  I was surprised that Brenna did not like it either.  So the two of us waited as the other two adventurers trekked on to see more of the gorge.  Brenna and I stayed near the "history" center reading things bout the gorge and enjoying the solid ground we were on until something landed on her head and she just about came unglued!!!  It was a lady bug.  Not that the "thing" being a lady bug made it any more pleasant for her.  She was not happy either that I decided to get a few shots of it to show Dad.

The sound of the water was loud here too.  Unbelievable to see that amount of water that was flowing from this area also.  We have had a really good snow fall this past winter.  Good for the reservoirs!  I do like seeing these neat sights.  As you are on the prairie, you would never know things like this were in the area until you were right up on them.  So cool to see these hidden treats!

After this stop there was but one more to take in.  Back to Mountain Home to our most favorite Chinese restaurant in the world.  We have been going there for nearly 23 yrs. and it still doesn't disappoint.  While stationed in Mountain Home when in the USAF we went there often and it got to the point that we didn't have to look at the menu after awhile.  Helen (the owner along with her husband) would come over to the table and ask if we wanted the usual and she would give Brendon his free won tons and some crackers.  Then we were transferred, got out of the USAF and moved back to the area after 10yrs.  The first time we went back, she walked over to our table, said it was nice to see us again after so long and asked Glenn if he wanted his usual Chinese veg. soup and special chow mien.  We just about fell over!  Ten years mind you.  The woman has a memory like a bear trap.  Never writes anything down and NEVER messes up an order.  Everyone enjoyed all the yummy food and the usual catch up and visit with Helen.  Wonderful ending to a great day.  And no, we did not forget Brendon.  Helen even asked if we were going to order something to take back for him.  So he was treated to some special chow mien also, with extra pan fried noodles.  YUMMO!!!

So far the agenda today is to do not a lot and fold all the clothes that I washed this morning from waking up at the crack of dawn.  I might have to throw in some yarn time here and there.  There would surely be something wrong with me if I didn't.  :)

Have a grand day all!  Make the most of it and have FUN!!!


17 April 2009

Someone is 5 today!!!

Today we are celebrating Miss Brenna's 5th birthday in our little world (the zoo).  I'm having a bit of a hard time with it I must admit.  It seems like yesterday we were told that we were expecting her.  Yes, a total surprise!  A story for another time. :)  Then 5 years ago we were rushing to the hospital, hoping I wouldn't have her in the car.  My water broke and not much happened for a few hours, not even one contraction.  The nurses hooked up the patocin because my water broke and nothing was happening.  After a few hours of that, Brenna made a BIG shift off of my right side and all YOU KNOW WHAT broke loose!  She was laying just right to where the patocin was not getting through to where it should have been until she moved.  :)  Little stinker!  Well, I was only in labor for less than an hour to say the least.  Thank goodness my doctor lived a few blocks from the hospital.  I had to have FAST epidural just so I could breathe.  The contractions were so strong and fast they took my breath away.  There wasn't even time to put the meds through the IV, they went straight into the port in my back.  Good thing because Brenna wasn't waiting by this time.  Poor Glenn was even nudged out of the way a few times.  :)  No playing around I tell you!   Everything went way fast but ended up well in the end.  That is how things have been ever since Brenna arrived.  Fast and furious!  And look at all the fun I've been having since!  Wouldn't trade her for the world!!  She is my spunky one!  :)

Well, yesterday was spent doing a few short lessons and then it was getting down to business with baking a special cake for one little girl.   She had to have a rainbow cake when all was said and done.  Wasn't sure how it would turn out, but it went well.  I can't remember where I saw the idea (sorry).  But it definitely is colorful!!  Just mix up one box of cake mix by the directions.  Divide the batter out into bowls for how ever many colors you want.  Add the color and mix.  Then start placing the colors one at a time, on top of each other,  into the pans.  Then take a knife or skewer to do a FEW swirls in the batter and bake.  That is it.  

This is how it looks before baking:

And this after:  :)  It is different!!  But Brenna loves it!  That is what matters.  :)

Then after adding her favorite flavor of frosting, TADA!!!  She's been eyeballing this thing since yesterday afternoon.  I'm hoping she can hold out till after dinner.  :)

I had to share SOME of my favorite photos of my little cutie patootie with everyone.  I could just squeeze her!  I get all emotional whenever I look at all 3 of my little punkins pictures.  Yes, even Brendon.  I just wish there was a way to keep them at the age where they are all cuddly and huggy for a long time.  And who can resist the most wonderful baby smells in the world!  There are some we could do without, but when they are all clean cuddly they all have the best smell about them.  :)  I can't help but remember the little looks I got, the coo's, the giggles, the first steps, getting into things, etc.  All a blast to me.
Enjoy the pics of my now 5 yr. old.  She is a one of my big blessings in life!  

enjoying her favorite treats
zooming around running into everyone

helping out with baking

loving the dirt

trying to hide with moose
celebrating the 4th of July

exploring the North Shore, MN
loving the snow

checking out ALL the roses at the rose garden

another grand hike in the mountains
having a blast at the pumpkin patch

just being her cute little self

Well, I must be going to see what the birthday girl is up to now.  WHO KNOWS!!  :)  We are off for some lunch, bowling, outside time then dinner and cake.  What more could you ask for?  I did mess up yesterday and made her most favorite dinner yesterday (meatloaf, mash potatoes and corn).  So I have to make sure I have everything to make cheeseburgers, ranchy noodles and sliced tomatoes and cucumbers (the second fav).  

Hope everyone has a FAbuLouS  weekend!  We will be enjoying our family and our lovely weather here.  Don't take your family for granted.  Ever.  :)


15 April 2009

More yarny stuff and tons of smiles to go around!

I must show you what has been putting a smile on my face the last few days.  The girls picked some of the grape hyacinths that have been going willy nilly where ever they please and gave them to me to enjoy.  So of course I had to put them in my favorite little vase given to me from my dear friend Julie (aka. FarmerJulie).  I love putting little flowers in there.  It's just the right size for all those eensy weensy little blooms the girls always seem to find for me.  And who could resist looking at that cute vase.  It's fabulous all by it's self too.  Of course I have to put it by my most favorite "kitcheny" thing ever.  Does anyone remember Bob's Big Boy restaurants?  They bring back memories for me.  Going out to eat were special treats when I was growing up.  Not the everyday thing like now a days.  It was always fun walking up to the front of the restaurant and seeing that big statue holding the yummy looking burger.  It was just so darn cute to look at.  Anyhoo,  they both sit near my kitchen sink with the corner windows where I can see the things that make me smile.  I spend enough time at the sink some days that I should have something cute and pretty to look at.  And everyone knows not to ask "why" something is sitting by my kitchen window anymore.  It's just because I want it there, to smile at!  :)
The Easter Bunny left all kinds of goodies for everybody here at our zoo.  We had to make a mad dash out to the backyard to hunt eggs after breakfast though.  As Em and I were cleaning up things at the sink, we just happened to look out the window to see a squirrel (yard rat) sitting on the fence with something in his hand.  What could it be you ask?  One of the plastic eggs the Easter Bunny left behind for the hunt!!  There was some banging on the window which scared the squirrel, who dropped the egg (in the neighbors yard) and then four crazy people making a mad dash upstairs to change out of pj's to hopefully make it out back before anymore goodies were taken.  Glenn asked, after all the hunting was done, if there was the possibility of us(the girls) moving that fast for now on when we wanted to go some where.  :D  Not a chance!!  Unless it has to do with saving chocolate from a crazed,  messed up squirrel, who obviously doesn't know who he is dealing with.  Don't mess with our chocolate!!!

The girls checking out their loot and getting really silly!!
Then by the afternoon the weather was absolutely beautiful and we could not resist being outside until it was time for two little peeps to scrub down and hit the hay.  I even did some yard work, cut the grass, straightened up the back patio from all the winter crud and sat outside crocheting while the girls were running around being as silly as ever.  FAbULouS Day had by all!!!

Monday was another grand day so after our morning at the car dealership getting things done to the "truck" we went down for a hike along the river to listen to all the birds that were out and about.  I was quite impressed with Brenna who went further then she had before and never complained.  She is really getting into the whole hike thing!  I'm glad because it would be a real bummer if we were to have one child who did not get into the whole nature hike, exploring thing we do.  So all is good.  :)

I was snapping pics of everyone (none of me, sorry) and did not realize that Glenn was standing near by "staring" just waiting for me to snap one of him.  I can't show the other I took because there is a "smarty pants" hand gesture in it that I didn't notice until I downloaded the pics to the computer.  Even then it's subtle, but there none the less.  Thanks Glenn!  I busted a gut laughing as I was looking at it.  He is such a goof ball!  :)
Of course whenever two little people are by any bit of water, there will be rock throwing!  Just try to picture the wee one trying to lift the biggest rock in the area so she can make a "super duper humongous" splash in the river.  That has to be her biggest goal to accomplish when we get near the water.  It's nice to have goals, isn't it?  :)  After noticing it was well past dinner time we headed back for the truck but had to stop along the trail to look at some rocks.  I was wondering what the girls were looking at, because they had to run ahead a bit (as Mom was frowning).  They were stooped over these rocks saying something was moving in the leaves around them.  When I got to them to see what they were looking at, I darn near had a hissy fit with a rather large squeal to go with it!  What were they looking at you ask?  Let me tell you.  It was a snake that was under the leaves!!!  I grabbed Brenna and literally threw her in the air towards Glenn, who caught her and Em was shoved at least a good 10 ft. away.  Don't get in the way of Mom Power!  Now mind you the snake was only about a foot long and as big around as a fat pencil, but that didn't matter.  Man I hate those things.  Gives me the creeps just thinking about it.  :P  But it all turned out good and we went on our merry way.  Glenn was busting a gut most of the way back to the truck.  Glad I could supply him with a comedy bit.  That's what I'm here for!
Other than that, I have started on Em's lacy sweater from the "topsy turvy" pattern book.  I had to do eeny, meeny, miney, mo to pick whose to start on.  Let's just say it didn't go over well that Em's was picked to be first.  There was one mild hissy and a few little tears over it but luckily it soon passed (thank goodness.  not my favorite thing to listen too!) and someone's attention was diverted from the sweater to some play doh and some outside time.

I have been able to finish everything but the sleeves so far.  It took a bit the other day for the pattern to click in my head as I was reading it.  I had one of those AH Ha! moments and then sat there thinking to myself "what a doofus".  My Dad would have been proud!  He would laugh at me when I would have those moments when growing up, realizing that what ever I was trying to figure out was easier than I made it to be.  He would would call me "Westinghouse" when he saw the light bulb turn on.  Oh the love!!!  :)  Cracks me up when I think of that now.  LOL!!!!
Well, off to go make some potato and ham chowder for dinner.  I have to use that ham up.  Lord knows there is half a hog left sitting in the fridge.  Everyone will be glad when it is gone and there won't be any surprise recipes to use it up.  You should see the faces I get when asked what is for dinner.  Like they are hoping that some ham thief miraculously came into the kitchen overnight and stole the leftover ham so that they will be saved from one more meal with ham.  Kind of like when it's Thanksgiving time.  I love to torture my crew.  It brightens my day.  :)  They are truly miserable in this house when they must put up with my cruel and unusual punishment.  hehehehe!!!  Just one more smile for the day for me.  I'm just one mean Mom.  It's my job.  :D

Have fun out there!