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04 April 2009

Storms, field trips, and more crochet loveliness! :)

Just thought I would share a few pics of the little bitty storm that blew through the other day.  The girls and I went out to listen to the thunder.  It was really rumbling along.  It was a "nice sound" according to Brenna.  I can't disagree with her.  It did sound nice, bringing back memories of all the thunder storms from when I was growing up.  Weird how little things bring memories flooding back to you.  At least they were good memories.  :D

We were not out long before we had to dash back indoors.  The hail came in fast.  Luckily it was pea sized and no damage was done.  I can handle that.  It was a matter of minutes though before it looked like it was snowing out.  The girls were worried about Glenn being out in it while working.  Luckily he said he only got rain where he was at.  You should have seen the sense of relief on the girls faces when they heard that.  They really love their Daddy!  Mugged and Hugged every day when he gets home from work!  Who could ask for more!  :)

The girls did think it was neat watching the hail pile up on one of the window sills outside while watching the downpour.  It was kind of funny watching them run about the house from one window to another trying to see what everything looked like all around the house outside.  I just stayed out of their way for fear of being run over. :)

Yesterday was filled with a field trip of sorts to the Boise Art Museum.  The girls were excited.  The first time they have been.  It was cute watching the both of them looking at the map of the building and being our leaders for the day.  They thought it was neat that the original building was saved when the additions were built to make the museum bigger.  The Ansel Adams exhibit was awesome!  Glenn is a big fan of his work and it was nice to watch Glenn go around and soak everything up.  The girls thought it was nice too.  Watching them asking questions and seeing things in the pictures were neat!

We were quite proud of the girls with how they behaved and presented themselves at the museum.  Brenna even made sure that some of the other kids that were also there knew they were not behaving so nicely.  You really could not miss a little one saying "Mommy, those kids haven't been taught very well have they?" in her normal little voice.  To say the least those other mommies did not like that and their trip ended quickly.  I think the museum employees were pleased about that though because they were not having to following anyone to each room making sure nothing was touched or broken.  Glenn and I couldn't help but have a few quiet laughs!  The girls beamed at the end of our field trip when one of the workers came up to them and thanked them for being so good while visiting the museum.  Em said after leaving the museum that art is just an expression of some one's feelings about a subject that fills them with emotions.  That just about sums it all up.  Really, how much more detailed must one get.  And she realized that what is art to one is not art to another.  You should have seen her face when looking at things that just didn't grab her.  She would look at us, shrugged her shoulders and move on to the next piece to be looked at.  Brenna would just tell us what the pieces were made of.  Through the eyes of a "almost 5" year old.  A few things would catch her eye and she would stay and take it in.  Not much though.  :)
As we were leaving the museum, it was snowing lightly. I'm telling you, wait 5 minutes and the weather will change here in Idaho.  We decided that lunch was in order, so we made our way to Joe's Crab Shack down by the river.  The girls made sure we sat by the windows so they could watch birds and people along the green belt.  It wasn't long before it really started snowing hard!  Thankfully nothing stuck to the ground but Brenna was sure we were having a blizzard.  Almost looked like it!  By the time we were done eating, the snow had stopped but it was cold out.  48 yesterday and 60 today.  Possibly 70 tomorrow and Monday.  Geez Louise!!!  Things are not dull around here, at least with the weather in the spring!  Cheap entertainment.  :)  The only other bit of excitement was going to the store and watching a little one take forever with picking out new underwear.  Tough decisions if one should get princess, fairy or just bright colored undies.  Wouldn't that be nice if that is all we had to worry about and decide on.  Jealous I am!  Really.  :)

I had to show what my finished bag looks like and how much lovely yarn it holds!  I'm sure I can squeeze a few more skeins in there but I was in a rush to get a good picture before I forgot again.  Pleased as punch I am.  No more cramming things into one smaller bag just so it all goes into one bag.  Everything has room to spread out now.  :)

Then there is the yarn that was bought for the girls up and coming sweaters.  I really can't stand the light in this house at times. :P  Anyway, as soon as I get my tail moving today with cutting patterns and sewing those quick little dresses I will be moving on to the sweaters.  Believe me when I say that the girls are watching every move I make when it comes to walking into the "craft" room.  They are making sure that I am staying on track with my list of things to do.  Little hawks they are.  Nothing gets past them.

Well, I must get my tail moving for the day.  I have to put my banana bread recipe on the side for you like I said I would.  Then there is a wee bit of clothes that need to be folded before I have to start cutting patterns and fabric out.  So with that I'm going for now, to see what the day will bring.  No telling around here, especially being that Glenn is off again today (his long weekend).  Who knows what all the "kids" will be getting themselves into.  Another story for another day.  :)

Toodles!!!  Have a great weekend!!!


  1. Hi Kar
    Oh your bag is soooooooooooooooooo gorgeous.
    Beautiful colors have you choosen for the sweater.
    Here is the weather nice,we have sunshine,sunshine
    I wish you a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sounds like you've had a lot of fun in the past couple of days and it sounds like you and the girls must be feeling better now. :-) What an amazing field trip, and I know you were pleased not to get embarrassed by disorderly conduct. Someone's been a good teacher. :-D

    Your bag is AMAZING!!!!

    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. What lovely girls! You must be so proud. I'm going off to try some ripply crochet now. You bag is amazing!