"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

15 April 2009

More yarny stuff and tons of smiles to go around!

I must show you what has been putting a smile on my face the last few days.  The girls picked some of the grape hyacinths that have been going willy nilly where ever they please and gave them to me to enjoy.  So of course I had to put them in my favorite little vase given to me from my dear friend Julie (aka. FarmerJulie).  I love putting little flowers in there.  It's just the right size for all those eensy weensy little blooms the girls always seem to find for me.  And who could resist looking at that cute vase.  It's fabulous all by it's self too.  Of course I have to put it by my most favorite "kitcheny" thing ever.  Does anyone remember Bob's Big Boy restaurants?  They bring back memories for me.  Going out to eat were special treats when I was growing up.  Not the everyday thing like now a days.  It was always fun walking up to the front of the restaurant and seeing that big statue holding the yummy looking burger.  It was just so darn cute to look at.  Anyhoo,  they both sit near my kitchen sink with the corner windows where I can see the things that make me smile.  I spend enough time at the sink some days that I should have something cute and pretty to look at.  And everyone knows not to ask "why" something is sitting by my kitchen window anymore.  It's just because I want it there, to smile at!  :)
The Easter Bunny left all kinds of goodies for everybody here at our zoo.  We had to make a mad dash out to the backyard to hunt eggs after breakfast though.  As Em and I were cleaning up things at the sink, we just happened to look out the window to see a squirrel (yard rat) sitting on the fence with something in his hand.  What could it be you ask?  One of the plastic eggs the Easter Bunny left behind for the hunt!!  There was some banging on the window which scared the squirrel, who dropped the egg (in the neighbors yard) and then four crazy people making a mad dash upstairs to change out of pj's to hopefully make it out back before anymore goodies were taken.  Glenn asked, after all the hunting was done, if there was the possibility of us(the girls) moving that fast for now on when we wanted to go some where.  :D  Not a chance!!  Unless it has to do with saving chocolate from a crazed,  messed up squirrel, who obviously doesn't know who he is dealing with.  Don't mess with our chocolate!!!

The girls checking out their loot and getting really silly!!
Then by the afternoon the weather was absolutely beautiful and we could not resist being outside until it was time for two little peeps to scrub down and hit the hay.  I even did some yard work, cut the grass, straightened up the back patio from all the winter crud and sat outside crocheting while the girls were running around being as silly as ever.  FAbULouS Day had by all!!!

Monday was another grand day so after our morning at the car dealership getting things done to the "truck" we went down for a hike along the river to listen to all the birds that were out and about.  I was quite impressed with Brenna who went further then she had before and never complained.  She is really getting into the whole hike thing!  I'm glad because it would be a real bummer if we were to have one child who did not get into the whole nature hike, exploring thing we do.  So all is good.  :)

I was snapping pics of everyone (none of me, sorry) and did not realize that Glenn was standing near by "staring" just waiting for me to snap one of him.  I can't show the other I took because there is a "smarty pants" hand gesture in it that I didn't notice until I downloaded the pics to the computer.  Even then it's subtle, but there none the less.  Thanks Glenn!  I busted a gut laughing as I was looking at it.  He is such a goof ball!  :)
Of course whenever two little people are by any bit of water, there will be rock throwing!  Just try to picture the wee one trying to lift the biggest rock in the area so she can make a "super duper humongous" splash in the river.  That has to be her biggest goal to accomplish when we get near the water.  It's nice to have goals, isn't it?  :)  After noticing it was well past dinner time we headed back for the truck but had to stop along the trail to look at some rocks.  I was wondering what the girls were looking at, because they had to run ahead a bit (as Mom was frowning).  They were stooped over these rocks saying something was moving in the leaves around them.  When I got to them to see what they were looking at, I darn near had a hissy fit with a rather large squeal to go with it!  What were they looking at you ask?  Let me tell you.  It was a snake that was under the leaves!!!  I grabbed Brenna and literally threw her in the air towards Glenn, who caught her and Em was shoved at least a good 10 ft. away.  Don't get in the way of Mom Power!  Now mind you the snake was only about a foot long and as big around as a fat pencil, but that didn't matter.  Man I hate those things.  Gives me the creeps just thinking about it.  :P  But it all turned out good and we went on our merry way.  Glenn was busting a gut most of the way back to the truck.  Glad I could supply him with a comedy bit.  That's what I'm here for!
Other than that, I have started on Em's lacy sweater from the "topsy turvy" pattern book.  I had to do eeny, meeny, miney, mo to pick whose to start on.  Let's just say it didn't go over well that Em's was picked to be first.  There was one mild hissy and a few little tears over it but luckily it soon passed (thank goodness.  not my favorite thing to listen too!) and someone's attention was diverted from the sweater to some play doh and some outside time.

I have been able to finish everything but the sleeves so far.  It took a bit the other day for the pattern to click in my head as I was reading it.  I had one of those AH Ha! moments and then sat there thinking to myself "what a doofus".  My Dad would have been proud!  He would laugh at me when I would have those moments when growing up, realizing that what ever I was trying to figure out was easier than I made it to be.  He would would call me "Westinghouse" when he saw the light bulb turn on.  Oh the love!!!  :)  Cracks me up when I think of that now.  LOL!!!!
Well, off to go make some potato and ham chowder for dinner.  I have to use that ham up.  Lord knows there is half a hog left sitting in the fridge.  Everyone will be glad when it is gone and there won't be any surprise recipes to use it up.  You should see the faces I get when asked what is for dinner.  Like they are hoping that some ham thief miraculously came into the kitchen overnight and stole the leftover ham so that they will be saved from one more meal with ham.  Kind of like when it's Thanksgiving time.  I love to torture my crew.  It brightens my day.  :)  They are truly miserable in this house when they must put up with my cruel and unusual punishment.  hehehehe!!!  Just one more smile for the day for me.  I'm just one mean Mom.  It's my job.  :D

Have fun out there!


  1. Looks like you've had a wonderful Easter!
    Those pesky squirrels..... my partner can't stand them, they always eat his strawberries. Every year we hope for homegrown strawberries and never seem to get them.
    Beki xxx

  2. We finished up the last of our ham last night but would still be eating it for another week had we not sent a bunch home with dinner guests. I'm glad you had such a nice Easter. The girls look great in their dresses and that sweater is really going to be lovely. Can't wait to see more pictures of its progress.

  3. Hi Kar...You had me laughing at the squirrel story!! Sounds like your life has been full of little adventures!! Squirrels, snakes, hikes, prying chocolate out of the clenches of an unsuspecting little furry squirrel!! My kind of gal!! LOL!!!

    Love your little lacey sweater, too!!

    Hope your Thursday is awesome!! So good to get some time to visit!!

    Hugs and blessings,

  4. Oh this was such a great story! You paint real good imagery. I could literally see you throwing your kid in the air, hubby catching her while you wrestled the skinny snake! Ha!

    The girls look so darling in their Easter dresses. And now I've finally realized what those plastic circles (on the new sweater) are supposed to be used for.

    Don't worry. I think Moms everywhere recycle ham and turkey. Thank goodness my mom fixed chicken and dumplings for a change. (Um, she also had ham that she ended up freezing. I know it'll reappear magically somewhere.) :-D


  5. Hey, I have those Westingtonhouse moments often...!

  6. Hi Kar, I've just found your blog via some others, and its lovely! I love that lacy sweater, I wish I could knit complicated patterns like that x