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11 April 2009

Easter wishes!!

Happy Easter to everyone!!
Things have been busy here with getting things done for Easter. 
The girls colored their eggs yesterday.  We only color a dozen because other wise they would just go to waste.  Nothing like having a good egg salad sandwich after Easter though.  The girls love coloring them but their favorite is the plastic eggs filled with goodies that the Easter Bunny brings.  I can't complain about eggs filled with chocolate!
They girls always live the eggs in the color for quite a few minutes to get to bold colors that they like.  I like them this way also.  Pastel isn't bad but we like the punch of color.  :)
The dresses are ready for the girls.  They have been wanting to wear them everyday since they have been finished.  The only thing is that they have to wear a shirt under them because of the temps tomorrow.  Still a little chilly.
We finally put some of the other decorations out yesterday.  Nothing like waiting till the last minute.  I just have to be in the mood to go all out.  Sorry Easter Bunny.  :)
The baskets are ready and waiting to be filled with goodies.  We don't dare put Brendon's basket out.  Not cool you know for a 21 yr. old.  Not to mention it has a stuffed bunny attached to it.  Someone use to squeal with delight when that basket was brought out for Easter.  No more.  :(  Although, I would be worried if a 21 yr. old squealed at the sight of an old Easter basket.
The eggs are waiting patiently for the Easter Bunny to sneak into the house, grab the eggs and hide them.  Hopefully they will be hid outside tomorrow.  That hasn't happened the last few years.  To wet.  The Easter Bunny always finds the best hiding spots no matter if they are inside or out.
Off to make the Lemonade Cheesecake Pie.  I have had a request to put blueberries on the top instead of the strawberries.  No complaints here.  But can you believe that I have to make a last minute run to the store when Glenn gets home!  I forgot to pick up little red potatoes for my green beans tomorrow.  You would think I would have my act together by now.  There are days I wonder.  The menu you ask?  Well here it is:

Glazed spiral ham
homemade mac & cheese
sliced tomatoes and cucumbers
crescent rolls
lemonade cheesecake pie w/ blueberries

I can't wait!  The house smells extra special on holidays with all the food cooking.  Smelling all that good food cooking on a holiday reminds me of Dad and all his little trips into the kitchen to make sure things were coming along just fine.  He use to say he was making sure nothing was being burned.  LOL!!!  :)  And did he love Mom's Easter Bunny cake!  The BEST memories I tell you!

I have to say Hi! to Mom because she is in Germany visiting relatives till the end of the month.  One of her brothers past away a few weeks ago, so she decided it was time to go and see everyone before something happened again.  She's having a blast with hanging out with everyone, walking every where and shopping.  She said she even visited some school friends from when she was little.  She was even on my little cousins scooter, goofing off.  I told her enough of that being she is so accident prone.  We don't need to deal with anything like that.  Geez!  LOL!!!

Anyhoo,  Happy Easter to all!  And don't eat too much candy!  Like I'm going to listen!  LOL!!!!



  1. Our menu is almost the same. We're having ham, mac & cheese, salad and sweet potatoes. For dessert it's fruit topped angel food cake squares.

  2. I don't think our decorations are going to make it up this year. We're dying our eggs today too. Nothing like waiting till the last minute:) I saw you over at Lalee's Cottage and thought I'd say "hi".

  3. Oh the eggs came out great! Your Easter menu sounds so delicious. I know your house smells yummy. There's something special about holiday/special occasion food! :-D I know your girls love those dresses. They too are simply adorable. You're making me want to break out my sewing machine, but I'm refusing with all the strength in me because then I really won't want to go to my job. lol

  4. Hi Kar,
    loveley Easter dekoration.We have today loveley sunshine and the temperature is 22 Grad.
    I wish you and your family a loveley Eastertime!!

  5. The Easter dresses turned out great. Easter snuck up on me this year and I planned everything at the last minute. I was looking for a couple of things before church on Easter morning. Some of my grand kids colored eggs with us...they turned out great.

  6. Happy Easter! Hope you had a wonderful time. It sure sounds like the menu was yummy. I only had to prepare a hashbrown casserole and my kids have outgrown egg hunts, so very low key for us. Church and the final day of the Masters Golf Tournament were the extent of our excitement. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful eggs! Have a great day! Liz

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  8. Love the dresses......!!!