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20 April 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!! but lots of FUN!!

There sure was alot going on around here the past few days!  No slowing down I tell you!

There was all the fun that was to be had with celebrating turning 5!  
Bowling with big sister and Mom.

Eating some really wild colored cake after some yummy grilled hamburgers and hot dogs AND "ranchy" noodles. (can't forget those)  :)  Then staying up late playing with all the nice gifts that were given to the birthday girl.

There was some yard work (a lot) the next day, then refurbishing a "new" bike (Em's) with training wheels and letting the big girls take it for a spin.  Let's just say that this child will be making me nervous every time she gets on the bike.  No fear at all.  She thinks she can pedal as fast as she can and then try to turn just like she would when riding her trike!  I was running and hopping behind her like I was a mad woman.  My nerves were shot by the time we all went in Saturday evening.  I think Glenn saw that I was a wreck and called it a day before I passed out.  :)

Sunday was not any slower.  We decided to take a trip to Shoshone Falls on the Snake River to see the high water flow.  What a wonderful sight to be seen when we have awesome snow falls in the winter.  It was awesome!   The last time we were there was when Brendon was about 2 1/2 and at that time there was a so-so water flow, but neat just the same.  The two hour trip southward was well worth it.  The sound was deafening and there was mist in the air everywhere.  The girls loved looking at the rainbow that came out of the mist.  Very pretty!  There were quite a few platforms that had been built since the last time we went.  Some hanging out on the very edge of the cliffs, which did not make me feel any safer.  I am a complete height freaker-outer!  Can't stand it.  I thought I was going to toss just sneaking a quick peek over the rail.  So Glenn and the girls being right at the end of a platform and trying to get a peek over was way too much for me.  I had to walk away.  I was getting weak in the legs to say the least.  They do love torturing me.  :)

We went around on all the trails that have been built around the falls and saw some very beautiful views of the falls and the surrounding canyon.  There were a few steep pieces on the trail but my little explorers did an awesome job with getting to the top to see the whole overlook.  Beautiful!  I was really amazed to look at the pictures that were posted around the main area of the park from the 1910's.  There were some brave people back then.  Take in mind that there were NO rails, fences, trails, etc. for these folks to enjoy.  There were pics of people all dressed prim and proper down at the bottom of the cliffs taking in the views.  And there was on pic of in the winter at one time with some one on the frozen river with their car!!!  HELLO!!!  Are you completely out of you mind!!  Just looking at that made me woozy.  They had to be drinking some really good stuff, that's all I can say.  Too much for me!

At one point while heading back down the trail, we all spotted something off the side of the trail.  Glenn checked it out and said don't let Em see it.  Of course she had to look.  It turned out to be a "piece" of a little bunny that was left behind by a coyote or something that runs around out there at night.  Oh that did not go well.  She was sad the rest of the way down the trail.  Brenna thought it was cool because she saw it's little tail.  She is such a tomboy, let me tell you.  Cracked us up!

We took one more quick look at the falls before leaving.  We had got there early in the morning (9am ish) and had spent about two hours there.  And by this time, there were too many people there.  So my crew, being they don't like hoards of people, were ready to hit the road and explore something else.

So back in the truck, heading back west, we stopped at Malad Gorge to see the sights there.  Hadn't been there in many years either.  The bridge reminded me why.  I'm sure it is sturdy, but you can feel it wobble up and down when some walks on it.  Not good for my stomach.  And not to mention how high up you are on it.  So I hurried up and got off.  I was surprised that Brenna did not like it either.  So the two of us waited as the other two adventurers trekked on to see more of the gorge.  Brenna and I stayed near the "history" center reading things bout the gorge and enjoying the solid ground we were on until something landed on her head and she just about came unglued!!!  It was a lady bug.  Not that the "thing" being a lady bug made it any more pleasant for her.  She was not happy either that I decided to get a few shots of it to show Dad.

The sound of the water was loud here too.  Unbelievable to see that amount of water that was flowing from this area also.  We have had a really good snow fall this past winter.  Good for the reservoirs!  I do like seeing these neat sights.  As you are on the prairie, you would never know things like this were in the area until you were right up on them.  So cool to see these hidden treats!

After this stop there was but one more to take in.  Back to Mountain Home to our most favorite Chinese restaurant in the world.  We have been going there for nearly 23 yrs. and it still doesn't disappoint.  While stationed in Mountain Home when in the USAF we went there often and it got to the point that we didn't have to look at the menu after awhile.  Helen (the owner along with her husband) would come over to the table and ask if we wanted the usual and she would give Brendon his free won tons and some crackers.  Then we were transferred, got out of the USAF and moved back to the area after 10yrs.  The first time we went back, she walked over to our table, said it was nice to see us again after so long and asked Glenn if he wanted his usual Chinese veg. soup and special chow mien.  We just about fell over!  Ten years mind you.  The woman has a memory like a bear trap.  Never writes anything down and NEVER messes up an order.  Everyone enjoyed all the yummy food and the usual catch up and visit with Helen.  Wonderful ending to a great day.  And no, we did not forget Brendon.  Helen even asked if we were going to order something to take back for him.  So he was treated to some special chow mien also, with extra pan fried noodles.  YUMMO!!!

So far the agenda today is to do not a lot and fold all the clothes that I washed this morning from waking up at the crack of dawn.  I might have to throw in some yarn time here and there.  There would surely be something wrong with me if I didn't.  :)

Have a grand day all!  Make the most of it and have FUN!!!



  1. What a fab place, can I come and visit please?
    Glad the little one had a good birthday!
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  2. Oh it sounds like you had a wonderful adventure. Awww, poor bunny. :-( I have lots of bunnies around here and they look so nervous. I feel bad for them, always on the run, literally.

    Those waterfalls are absolutely amazing. Great capture, although I do understand the aversion to heights!

    Glad you had a great time!
    *p.s. The break is over....

  3. Ooo, what lovely pics! That sounds like a wonderful trip - hopefully I'll get to see it someday. (The husband knows that someday, he's going to be flying into Fargo and driving all over the Northwest, probably ending up in Puget Sound. I say Seattle, but he's convinced that after that road trip, he'll just steer right into the water. I bet a nice, quiet not-moving hotel room will save him, though.)