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07 April 2009

Soaking up the sunshine!!!

As I mentioned, yesterday was filled with being outside the whole entire day.  There was even a lovely picnic lunch to be had out in the front yard.  I must be getting older than dirt because I'm feeling all of the bending, pulling, stooping, etc. this morning.  If I didn't know better, I would even question if I knew how to type because of how my hands feel.  Old age here I come!!!  Yippee.  Maybe I should reserve a walker now.  LOL!!!  Even Glenn noticed everything when he drove up to the house and mentioned that I was going to "pay" for all that work in the morning.  He knows me like the back of his hand.  I should hope so by now!  :)

As I try to get moving for the day, I will share with you some of the pics taken that just made the day wonderful.  One could not help but break a smile while seeing some of these little pretties.

And of course, some of the pleasures of just being a kid.  Remember those days?  They were wonderful.  There are times when I go outside to enjoy the weather and to work on a project but then find myself just sitting and staring at the girls as they play.  They grow so fast that it is heartwarming to watch them as they play now but also remember when they were wee ones just starting to explore and  figuring things out.  I sometimes wish that there was a clock somewhere to stop so that they can stay wee ones just a little longer with all the wobbly steps, chubby hands and feet.  But we can't.  So we must enjoy every moment we get with no complaints.  :)

The girls with their "wagon train".  Em looked like a clown peddling with her knees hitting the handle bars.  :)
Some quiet time with the play tents and listening to the little quails in the neighbors yard.
Helping little sis try out a big girls bike because that is next on one little girls "things to do list".  She is a big dare devil.  No fear, except for strangers.  Good thing.
Hope everyone has a FaBuLoSo  DAY!!!  Off to find the Aspercreme for the hands.  :)  Anyone seen my walker?  LOL!!!



  1. Do you want to borrow my walker? tee hee! Looks like everyone had such a fun day. I really miss having kids around to keep things lively. Having the grandkids over last weekend was exhausting but so much fun.

    Keep on Keepin' On, Kar. I love your world.

  2. Wow, such lovely spring flowers! It got cold again today, so I had to break out my big coat. So no bike riding in short sleeves for me today.

    Kids are amazing. When you just observe them, they have a very interesting way about themselves: how they communicate with each other, the environment, themselves; the games they make up; and if they're fortunate enough, they can enjoy the simple things of life without too many complications - until they become adults. :-) Your kids are superstars (and you can tell them I said that too.)

  3. Great summer photos. It must be really warm there. The sun is out here but not warm enough for bare arms.

  4. That looks like a lovely spring Monday you had! Such pretty little tulips you have. And the girls are adorable, especially the photo with the tents!

  5. Thank you for stopping by my blog. YES! You can lift the Southernisms...I got them from an e-mail.

    You are an interesting person too. My one son is 25. No grandchildren yet. Sigh.

    I'll go through your blog thoroughly this weekend to see what you've been up to.

  6. That little cart is just Gorgeous!

  7. I can't wait to take pictures of flowers again. I love the tents...my kids used to make things like that outside in the yard too. Have a wonderful weekend.