"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

07 December 2016

Disquieted times...

     There are moments in life that just stops you in your tracks.  Events, happenings that that are so alien to you that you just don't know how to handle it all.  That is the status of where I have been for nearly two months.  To say that our family's life has changed drastically since the middle of October is a complete understatement.  It involved a call from our son asking to get him and his boys out of a domestic violence/child abuse/neglect situation.  From then on, my head has been spinning.  I have lost all faith in the legal/justice system for not protecting the boys and being more worried about the rights of an abusive mother, who lied in front of a judge about her actions and then told the boys she won't ever do it again.  A CPS system that seems to drag their feet more than actually doing anything for children.  I'm disgusted.  The only place that has given us any amount of hope is a local group that helps men and women in these kind of situations.  Yes, men can be the abused also.  It's a shame though that their hands (the local group) are tied in certain circumstances because of the law and how it protects abusers.  I don't know how the people working within this group handle these cases day in and day out.  I'm not sure I could do it just because of how I have felt these last two months.

     I'm trying to get back to some sort of normalcy around here.  Not only for my family but for myself. I'm sick of anxiety, panic attacks and all the other range of emotions that one feels and deals with in a situation such as this.  It's all something I've never had to deal with before.  I do not wish it on anyone.

     I'm also getting back to focusing on my shop this week.  I've got some ideas for patterns, more blankets, etc. in hopes that I can raise money to donate to the local group mentioned above so that they can continue to help people who truly need them.

     I'm hoping and praying that all of this works out in the end and someone finally sees that the abused should have more rights than the abusers.



12 October 2016

Lakeside Sweater...


     With all the work I have been putting into opening my online shop, The Wiggles & Squeaks Shoppe, I felt like I needed to make a new sweater.  Don't know why, just wanted a new sweater with these colors.  It was simple & quick.  Just the type of project I needed for the moment.  Now I can't wait for the cool temps to come back so I can wear it.

Yarn:  from my stash, colors that were inspired by a shirt and a fabric line coming out next year.



11 October 2016

Swan Falls Dam

Lucky Peak Reservoir

     September was a crazy month around here with all that was going on.  Blogging took a back seat for sure.  So here is my attempt to catch up a bit and then see if I can do a little better at it.

     Someone got their drivers permit and driving every day has been happening.  She is so determined to make sure that she does well with her driving test.  There were days upon days of going to a big parking lot next to a sports complex, just to get the feel of the beginnings of driving.  Turning, stopping, backing up, parallel parking, etc.  When she was all good with that, streets went on to the schedule, more speed, more distance.  She is doing quite well with it all.

     There have even been a few day trips  to test her abilities.  A trip to Swan Falls Dam was taken one day.  Beautiful day for it.  Breezy, sunny and a quiet week day.  We would have stayed longer but we were trying to avoid rush hour traffic on the way home.  Truth be told, I think she would have been fine driving in it.  Another trip was taken to Luck Peak Reservoir.  Another beautiful day.  But such a shock to see how much water was released from it during the Summer.  A lot of fisherman out there were all saying we had be starting some serious snow dances if we want the reservoir filled back up.  This was the lowest they have seen it in quite some time.  They were very worried.  Those are the kind of professionals you should listen to.  We've been doing some jigs here and there around the house.

     Night driving has started now.  It's been good so far.  I'm thinking with how well someone is doing at the moment, we won't have to worry about an inattentive driver when she gets her real license.  I'll still be nervous though.



10 October 2016

The Wiggles & Squeaks Shoppe...

     A couple of weeks ago I finally opened an online shop.  I had been thinking about it for quite a long time and finally decided to just go for it.

     There will be hand made items for sale along with patterns for crochet, knit and sewing.  I'm working on patterns now as I speak.  For the moment there are a good sampling of ready made blankets for sale just waiting for new homes to go to.  Perfect for the chilly days ahead.

     Check back often for more items and patterns to be added.



09 October 2016

Shakespeare's First Folio...

     For anyone who knows my girls, you know they love books.  They have stacks of books everywhere in there room.  They collect them, read them and treasure them.  One mention of the library or an old book shop and they are ready to head out the door.  Since one of them works at our local library there are bits of information that get mentioned and passed around between volunteers, co-workers and other patrons who love books just as much.  One such bit of information was that our local university was hosting a showing of Shakespeare's First Folio beginning the end of August through September on tour from the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington DC.  

     The date was set to meet up with friends who were just as excited to see this exhibit.  The days were literally being crossed off the calendar.  The trip down to see it all was so worth it.  It was a real treasure to see all of the old printed books, all different sizes, so many different print types.  And to take a peek at one of the original Folio's ever printed was amazing.  400 years old.  Absolutely amazing.  None of Shakespeare's works were ever printed until after seven years his death by friends of his who were in the acting company he wrote for.  Sad to think his works could have been lost without this effort of his friends.

     I'm so glad we took the time to go and see all the amazing works that were there.  And so very glad that there are wonderful people in the world that have saved such precious items as the ones on display so we would have the opportunity to see them for ourselves.

     You can go here to read more about this amazing book, Shakespeare's First Folio.



28 August 2016

The Scrappy Granny...

     Have you ever had a project that seemed like it took forever to finish?  You were really not sure if there would be a day when you could say it was complete.  This was that project for me.  I really couldn't remember exactly when I started it so I went on to my Ravelry account to see if I had any information there about it.  Thank goodness I had recorded its beginning.  That was all, no other information added.

     So this little gem was started back in the Summer of 2009.  It's so sad to even be typing that.  I had seen a picture of the most beautiful little blanket on another blog/flickr account and just knew I had to make one myself.  So I set off to gather as many scraps as I had, stored everywhere in my craft room.  Bits of yarn from all the previous projects I had completed.  Scraps from things made for the kids, grandkids and anyone else in the family.  I had started it with the thought that I would work on it in the evenings when the day was slowing down and everything was getting quiet.  At some time I noticed that everything I gathered and had already completed eventually ended up in the craft room closet and I had forgotten about this project of mine.  Longer than I dare to say.

     I dug it out once again with the thought of working on it in the evenings again.  A little here.  A little there.  At least it didn't end back in the craft room closet again.  After each time I worked on it I would leave it lay in the living room, all folded nice and neat, just so I wouldn't forget about it and eventually stop working on it again.  Slowly progress was being made.  It was in full sight everyday just so I wouldn't forget that it needed to be finished.  I didn't always work on it though.

     But then came the Olympics this Summer and I thought this would be the perfect time to pull the big girl pants up and get this project finished.  And so it began, every evening while the girls were watching certain events, I would sit myself down in the same spot and work on it as fast as possible before the two weeks were finished.  Quiet weekend days were the best because I got so many brightly colored squares finished.  I just couldn't put this blanket down now.  Plus I definitely did not have any desire to be outside because it was far too hot out.  Every time a row was finished I made sure everyone in the house knew about it and reminded them of how many rows and squares I had left to complete.

     Then all the squares were finished.  A scrappy colored edging with a little scallop was decided on and completed in two days.  After the last two ends were weaved in the blanket went into the washer and dryer to get all soft and snuggly.  All ready to use after all that time of waiting.  2009-2016.  So very sad.  

     Hopefully I won't ever have another project that takes this long to finish.  Seriously crossing all my fingers.



28 July 2016

Miss B's first quilt...

     This quilt.  It makes me smile inside to see how proud Miss B is with this quilt she made with only very little help from me.  She picked all the fabrics herself.  Her most favorite layer cake of fabrics ever, Simply Color, along with every special scrap of fabric she had collected for quite some time.  The planning stage was long.  It had to be made with the perfect pattern, perfect fabric, etc.  She was so determined about it all. 

     Now, finally it is complete.  Months of work.  Letting her work at her own pace so she would love the process.  All in the hopes that she will want to do this again one day.  But for now she is content with her very own quilt, made by her hands.  Quite an accomplishment indeed for a 12 year old.  

     I couldn't be more proud of her.  I haven't stopped smiling yet.