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11 October 2016

Swan Falls Dam

Lucky Peak Reservoir

     September was a crazy month around here with all that was going on.  Blogging took a back seat for sure.  So here is my attempt to catch up a bit and then see if I can do a little better at it.

     Someone got their drivers permit and driving every day has been happening.  She is so determined to make sure that she does well with her driving test.  There were days upon days of going to a big parking lot next to a sports complex, just to get the feel of the beginnings of driving.  Turning, stopping, backing up, parallel parking, etc.  When she was all good with that, streets went on to the schedule, more speed, more distance.  She is doing quite well with it all.

     There have even been a few day trips  to test her abilities.  A trip to Swan Falls Dam was taken one day.  Beautiful day for it.  Breezy, sunny and a quiet week day.  We would have stayed longer but we were trying to avoid rush hour traffic on the way home.  Truth be told, I think she would have been fine driving in it.  Another trip was taken to Luck Peak Reservoir.  Another beautiful day.  But such a shock to see how much water was released from it during the Summer.  A lot of fisherman out there were all saying we had be starting some serious snow dances if we want the reservoir filled back up.  This was the lowest they have seen it in quite some time.  They were very worried.  Those are the kind of professionals you should listen to.  We've been doing some jigs here and there around the house.

     Night driving has started now.  It's been good so far.  I'm thinking with how well someone is doing at the moment, we won't have to worry about an inattentive driver when she gets her real license.  I'll still be nervous though.




  1. Your outing looks like fun. Best wishes to the new driver, sounds like she is doing great! Heather

  2. That certain someone works well at everything she does. I'm sure she'll be just fine (and responsible too). Truth be told, I think all parents worry about the transition between car rider and car driver. :-)

    p.s. After Hurricane Matthew, I have a new appreciation for dams.

  3. What a beautiful place to visit. I remember driving past something similar to this on our way up to your area. Congrats and good luck to the new driver. I remember those days with the kids like it was yesterday.