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09 October 2016

Shakespeare's First Folio...

     For anyone who knows my girls, you know they love books.  They have stacks of books everywhere in there room.  They collect them, read them and treasure them.  One mention of the library or an old book shop and they are ready to head out the door.  Since one of them works at our local library there are bits of information that get mentioned and passed around between volunteers, co-workers and other patrons who love books just as much.  One such bit of information was that our local university was hosting a showing of Shakespeare's First Folio beginning the end of August through September on tour from the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington DC.  

     The date was set to meet up with friends who were just as excited to see this exhibit.  The days were literally being crossed off the calendar.  The trip down to see it all was so worth it.  It was a real treasure to see all of the old printed books, all different sizes, so many different print types.  And to take a peek at one of the original Folio's ever printed was amazing.  400 years old.  Absolutely amazing.  None of Shakespeare's works were ever printed until after seven years his death by friends of his who were in the acting company he wrote for.  Sad to think his works could have been lost without this effort of his friends.

     I'm so glad we took the time to go and see all the amazing works that were there.  And so very glad that there are wonderful people in the world that have saved such precious items as the ones on display so we would have the opportunity to see them for ourselves.

     You can go here to read more about this amazing book, Shakespeare's First Folio.



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