"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

27 April 2012

After the rain...

After a few days of rain, I couldn't help but go wondering around the back yard this chilly morning and snap a few pics of the blooms that are starting to show themselves.  

Plus lilacs always smell so awesome after it rains.

Strawberry plants are making a come back.

The Columbines are going to be thick again this year.

Once back inside I was deep in thought again about how to use my pile of Flea Market Fancy fabric.  I'm seriously leaning towards something with a granny square block.

Then there is some final touches with some dishcloths that are being made for Julie's shop.

Smiles are a sure bet whenever I get near these lovely blooms

and when I pass by my new white pitcher filled with flowers.  I smile at these also even though they are silks.  Love all the blues, whites and yellows in the bunch.

Now I'm off to have 1 or 2 of these yummy little cookies.
Before I start working out with Glenn this coming week.  

I've got alot of catching up to do in that department.  He's already on week 8 of the P90X workout.  I'm only doing a portion of it just to work of some fluff.  I don't need the whole muscle thing.

It's a wonderful start to the weekend I do believe.


18 April 2012


Oh to be 8 again.
No real cares in the world.

Just eyeing the cake that your big sister made for you.  Because it was so hard to wait for everyone to get to the point of wanting to eat cake after going out and eating lunch just so you could have your much loved Pasta and Alfredo sauce.  Everyone ate too much.  A trip to the park was made just to work lunch off a little faster for everyone.

Big sis made sure you had a chocolate My Little Pony cake with raspberry cream cheese frosting.
Just because you mentioned it so many times.

Proud of yourself that you can still blow all the candles out in one breath.

Enjoying cleaning the hooves off to make sure you can play with the ponies later.

Cutting the first slice and deciding how big your slice of cake will be.

And then playing for hours with all the new things you got as presents.
Who knew that the train whistle you have had for a few years now would finally find it's true purpose in life.  To warn the ponies who have fallen onto the train tracks to move or get run over.

To be 8 again.
Love you Little B!


11 April 2012

05 April 2012

More cables...

I woke up this morning just itching to get started on the cables again.  I think I got a little too excited because with the first row of the cable pattern I had to go back a few times and correct mistakes.  There were a few (but quiet) not so nice words said.  Glenn said he was glad that he was getting ready to leave for work.  He looked a little nervous at the idea of being around me much longer while working on the pattern.

After that row things just started falling into place.  I even squealed at one time and got strange looks from the girls.  Then the sun started coming up and I moved myself into the craft room so I could sit in the sun.  So nice feeling the warmth come in through the window when it was so cold and frosty out this morning.  I'm liking this project so far.  Lets hope that the rest of it goes well also.


04 April 2012


I have been putting off any kind of project that deals with cables for quite some time now.  As I was sitting in the quietness of the house yesterday morning I said to myself "why not?".  I need something relaxing to keep myself busy right now.  And I'm needing a break from making all those color combination choices that need to be made with Glenn's blanket.

  Yesterday all supplies needed were gathered up.  A trip to the copy shop was made because it's just easier to work on a detailed pattern with pages that lie flat and not having to deal with pages that turn on you whenever they feel like it.  Maybe it's just me.

This morning I began deciphering the pattern and giving all the pages a once over before starting a single stitch.  Then while both the girls were working on an assignment that needed a bit of concentration on their part, I casted on and began stitching.  So far so good.  I made it through the first big increase row with no mistakes.  I was patting myself on the back.  Then the intense concentration on assignments ended.  I knew it was time to put things away for the time being.

I'm just waiting for some quiet time tonight to pick it all back up.  I'm at the point where I need to concentrate on all those cabley things now.


02 April 2012

So far...

After the last post I had finished one room and started on the other and completed half of the walls in that room.  I had such high expectations to get going early the next day and get the rest completed.  It didn't happen.  I woke up, heard the rain outside and checked on the cool temps.  I decided it was a rain day and that was that.  No painting.  No working.  Not much of anything.  The next day wasn't very productive either with Glenn being off work.  But Saturday was a totally different story.  The weather was gorgeous!  There was a trip to a park for some walking for Glenn and I, biking and roller blading for the girls.  A trip to an awesome drive-in that is a local landmark for lunch.  A stop at a friends flower shop for some plants.  And then back home where I put on the painting clothes and kicked some butt on the last room.  After only 3 hours, all the painting was completed.  Only touch ups are left.  Very minimal.  I was one happy camper.  I let out a yell of celebration and it scared the family.  I think they thought I fell of the ladder or something, without a thud.  At least I know they move fast.

Anyhoo, without any more delays, here are pics of the girls rooms.
(the before pics were taken the night before we started the reno because I forgot to take pics during the day.)

What is now Brenna's room before.

(was I working them too hard already?)

What use to be big brothers room but now is Em's.

Such a big difference in both rooms.  Much more light.  I just love how they both look.  They wanted a Pottery Barn look and I think they got it.  The girls do have their differences on how their rooms should look.  Where the beds sit.  One wanted her bed raised up again, the other forbids it.  What goes on the bookshelves.  One little person just had to have all her beloved animals on the wall shelves just like big sis though.  There is still talk about the sadness over having to paint over our favorite hockey teams logos.  I was told that it's a pain that will linger for a bit.

  There are still a few things to do.  New nightstands.  We will go antiquing for those.  Glass knobs will be bought to put on the shelves so that the girls can hang things from them without destroying the walls.  Comfy reading chairs will also be sought out.  And desks will be built between the bookshelves on both rooms.  That will wait until summer time.  I'm all reno'd out right now.  Although I would love to have the bead board look through out the house now.  Glenn was not as excited as I was when he heard that.

Now I'm going to look for something yarny to work on.