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05 April 2012

More cables...

I woke up this morning just itching to get started on the cables again.  I think I got a little too excited because with the first row of the cable pattern I had to go back a few times and correct mistakes.  There were a few (but quiet) not so nice words said.  Glenn said he was glad that he was getting ready to leave for work.  He looked a little nervous at the idea of being around me much longer while working on the pattern.

After that row things just started falling into place.  I even squealed at one time and got strange looks from the girls.  Then the sun started coming up and I moved myself into the craft room so I could sit in the sun.  So nice feeling the warmth come in through the window when it was so cold and frosty out this morning.  I'm liking this project so far.  Lets hope that the rest of it goes well also.



  1. What a nice pattern you are knitting! You are right, it feels wonderful when the cable stitches fall into place. Do squeal as much as you need. :-)

  2. It's looking good, Kar! Now that you've retreated to your yarny project, I can finally start my renovation one. Wish me well. I'm prepping tonight and getting ready to go full blast on tomorrow. *fingers crossed*

  3. ooh, so squishy and pretty!!

  4. Sounds like a great morning, we are finally warming up here too, oh how i love that sunshine! Your knitting is coming along nicely, the cables look great!

  5. dear kar,
    your knitting looks great!!!
    happy easter to you and your family!!

  6. I LOVE cables!
    Just learned this last winter and they are so exciting:)
    Love the bright pink yarn! Its so fun!