"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

29 April 2010

The first day...

I'm going to fore warn everyone that the pics on this post are not ones that I would pee my pants over.  Don't get me wrong.  I love traveling across our country, but after seeing basically the same scene for the majority of the day, it bites.

We left very early in the morning from Idaho because we wanted to be out of Salt Lake City before the morning rush hour.  It's horrible.  Plain and simple.

So by the time the sun was peeking over the mountains we were almost in Wyoming.  There was snow every where and it was chilly.  No pictures through the east part of Utah because of the bad lighting.  It was gorgeous though, from what we could see at that point.  By 9ish we were in Wyoming and ready for breakfast.  So a quick stop for gas and a stop at McD's was welcome by all.  Someone even had to go back out to the truck to get their Ipad because McD's had free WiFi.  Can you guess who?  I was seriously rolling my eyes.  Did not see the need in it.  But apparently it is important to see what was going on with the NHL at the moment.  The girls just thought it was cool that there was a real cowboy saddle set up for them to sit on and try.  Only in Wyoming I guess.
Well, back in the truck and down the road again.  The snow had come through just 2 days before and everything was still a blinding white.  Even with my sunglasses on, I got a mild headache.  It's just the place to go snow blind you know.  Could you imagine looking at all that white with the sun beating down on it the majority of winter?  I'm not sure I could.  At least the interstate was clear.  Awesome job Wyoming Highway Dept.!  We were amazed at how many snow break fences there were all along the interstate for the majority of the state.  Apparently they work well.  And let's not mention all of the gates along side the highway that come down and close things off when the snow blows so much to cause blizzard conditions.  Apparently that happens quite often also.  At least you get a warning with lights, signs, etc. a mile before so you can turn around and go back to the last town behind you.

The Green River that flows through Green River really is green.  Weird.  Not sure if I would want to dip the toes in there though.  Lots of railroads and mining there.  Kind of a neat old west looking town though.  We passed the Continental Divide twice and only saw a glimpse of the Great Basin.  It's mostly hidden by the hills that surround it on all sides.  Only a couple of breaks from the highway to see a very quick glimpse.  This is truly the Old West, open range, cowboy area.

It was only until we got near Laramie that the snow began to break, passed the Medicine Bow Mtns, that we began to see the more hilly terrain and more traffic.  I must apologize for not taking pictures during the last leg of the first day's trip.  We got into Colorado and down into Denver around rush hour and it was not possible to snap pics while helping with the navigating.  It was gorgeous though to see the mountains of Rocky Mountain Nat. Park.  It brought back memories of our one and only camping trip there with Brendon in the fall of '92.  Let's just say even though we planned our trip out well (we thought), we were not prepared to freeze our tails off the first night at 9pm.  We broke camp and headed out for warmer accommodations.

Anyhoo, it also brought back memories of Glenn and I getting married in the Denver area and our time at tech school in the AF.  Things surely have changed there.  Everything is much more spread out, people every where, traffic everywhere, etc.  Denver has really grown.  Still gorgeous with the hills behind it though.

After Denver we traveled through the SE corner of Colorado so that we could cut down to Amarillo.  Let's just say nothing prepared me for the "nothingness" that is there.  I always thought that North Dakota was boring in the western part of the state, then the part of Wyoming we had just been through.  But SE Colorado has them beat.  Flat.  That's it except for a few cows and ranch gates you see every once in awhile.  And then to go through that at the end of the day kills you.  Especially when you have been on the road, in a car for 18hrs that day.  I'll save you the expletives.  Getting to the hotel finally was so freakin' awesome.  We checked in, got something to eat, showered and hit the sack.  Couldn't tell you about anything else other than we got up the next morning and left at 5:30 so that we could get to Amarillo in 3hrs.

So, totally bored you yet?  Wow, you're tough.  Well, we will see about tomorrow's post.  Until then...

28 April 2010

Home at last...

We got back from the trip a few days ago.  I feel like I'm still trying to re-cooperate from the long drive there and back, along with all the running around we did.  It was a blast seeing things we haven't seen before (and haven't seen a very long time) and seeing all the family (including the newest addition) and dear friends.

 The girls went right back to their usual routine with no problem, even though they have a bit of a cold.  It's not stopped them.  As you can tell the desk in the craft room was bombed with paper while they were working on one of the creations.  I was still in quite the traveling fog, that I didn't even ask them to keep things "neat" while working.  Shocking, I know.

In the end they came up with their own version of spring birds, inspired by the ones over at Attic24.  they look very cute hanging from the ceiling in their bedroom.

As for myself, I did not touch my purple sweater the entire time of the trip.  Quite sad I must say.  By the time each day came to an end, I was too tired or too busy being around family.  And let's not forget all the cuddles with my niece Alex.  I'm hoping I can really get to the sweater and hopefully have something accomplished by the end of this week.

The weather is perfect for working on the poor little sweater.  It's rainy and cool again.  Crossing my fingers that just enough sun peeks out so that I can sit upstairs in my room and work on it to my hearts content.  Wish me luck.

Back later with more about the trip itself...

07 April 2010

Down the road we go...

Off on another road trip tomorrow.  I'm just hoping that there won't be any snow storms down through Utah and Colorado when we go through there.  The goal is to make a 2,000 mile trip in two days so we can get to Mom's(east of Houston) and start having fun seeing everyone.  The days are already jam packed with things to do the whole time we will be there.  The girls can't wait to see their new cousin who is already 4 mths old.  Time flies you know.  There will be pillow fights with Oma, playing on the Wii with her, etc.  And lets not forget seeing Em's BFF.  She's pee'ing her pants over that for sure.

So back to getting the final things packed today and making sure everyone gets rest tonight.  We will be hitting the road well before the sun comes up.  Gotta love those dark, earrrrrrrly morning starts.

I'm crossing my fingers that I will be able to make a few posts here and there while on the trip.  Keep your eye out for one.  You just never know.

02 April 2010

Happy Easter!!!

The atmosphere of the house picks up just a bit when all the brightly colored decorations get brought out of the bins.
Can't help but love the handmade bunnies the girls made a couple of years ago, fluffy tails and all.
Everything just waits on the dear ole' Easter Bunny to put his final touches inside the eggs.
Tomorrow there will be egg dyeing, with just the right colors.  
One must have dyed eggs, even if they just become egg salad in a couple of days.


We are trying to do what we can to brighten up the place any way, any how.
The weather has been the absolute pits around here for the entire week.
It's enough to drive one a little crazy.

Two days ago it went from an absolute down pour to where the street was filling up fast.

Then to hail that turned the yard and roof all white,
and finally snow.
All in 5-10 mins.
We ended up getting about 1/2" of snow before it was all done in 20 min. time.
Doesn't the calendar say it's spring?
So much for global warming.

Anyhoo, I'm wishing and hoping everyone has a great Easter with their family and friends.
Here's to hoping for a great big chocolate bunny for the basket!