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28 April 2010

Home at last...

We got back from the trip a few days ago.  I feel like I'm still trying to re-cooperate from the long drive there and back, along with all the running around we did.  It was a blast seeing things we haven't seen before (and haven't seen a very long time) and seeing all the family (including the newest addition) and dear friends.

 The girls went right back to their usual routine with no problem, even though they have a bit of a cold.  It's not stopped them.  As you can tell the desk in the craft room was bombed with paper while they were working on one of the creations.  I was still in quite the traveling fog, that I didn't even ask them to keep things "neat" while working.  Shocking, I know.

In the end they came up with their own version of spring birds, inspired by the ones over at Attic24.  they look very cute hanging from the ceiling in their bedroom.

As for myself, I did not touch my purple sweater the entire time of the trip.  Quite sad I must say.  By the time each day came to an end, I was too tired or too busy being around family.  And let's not forget all the cuddles with my niece Alex.  I'm hoping I can really get to the sweater and hopefully have something accomplished by the end of this week.

The weather is perfect for working on the poor little sweater.  It's rainy and cool again.  Crossing my fingers that just enough sun peeks out so that I can sit upstairs in my room and work on it to my hearts content.  Wish me luck.

Back later with more about the trip itself...


  1. Welcome back, Kar!! Glad to know you had a great time with your family. :-)

  2. Why, I was just wondering about you yesterday and thinking it's ABOUT TIME YOU GOT HOME! Glad you're back and it sounds like you had a great time.

  3. Welcome Home,Kar!!
    I have been missing your blog posts.
    Glad you had a lovely trip and look forward to hearing more about it:)

  4. Hey Karfeeeeee!!! So was your trip a blast or what? I would love to get in the car and just keep driving! I have a flight to my sister's planned in July but nothing else! At least not yet!

    Love the little birds! Tell the girls they did a great job on them!!

    We had very mild weather here today, but it will be in the 90's this weekend! YIKES! That was fast!

    Hope the rest of your week is wonderful!
    Know you're glad to be home!

  5. Welcome home, Kar! I missed you, but I'm glad you were able to travel and meet your family. :-)

  6. get on that purple sweater already! lol.catching up on your blog!