"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

14 January 2014

Keeping it simple...

It's hard to believe that January is already half way finished.  The days seem to pass faster and faster.  Keeping things simple has been the task at hand around here since before the holidays and especially after them.  Prioritizing has kept everything in check. Keeping everything simple.  Saying no to quite a few things just so days don't get all frazzled feeling.  I don't do the whole frazzled thing very well.  And saying no to things has felt very liberating, guilt free.

New projects have been started by all of us here.  Every one doing what they like at the end of the day. One person working on photography, one working on writing, one on whatever crafty thing that pops into her head and I have kept busy with yarn.  Then a couple of nights a week we hunker down to watch our most favorite shows.  Just a few because we aren't big tv people. New recipes being tried, keeping that all simple and healthy also.  Not making food harder than it has to be.  It's been so wonderful.  Things just seem to have a better flow about them.  Just doing what we like and spending time together.  Nothing better than that.

I was inspired by a picture in an old craft book to make my own textured throw for the bed.  A few different stitches here and there, pulling them all together in one solid color.  It's a wonderful project to be working on at the end of the day, sitting upstairs in the last bits of bright sun that the day has to offer.  That bright sun makes a difference during these short winter days.  At least for me.  A few other quick projects break up the monotony of the blanket and make things a little easier to deal with when I have to rip back an entire block of work because I just don't like how it was looking.  No deadline with this project.  It will be finished when I feel it is just right.

The first few weeks of this New Year has spoken to me.  Keep things simple and don't fret.  Take a deep breath and just do what you want, do what makes you happy.  Be your own person and don't put unreasonable expectations onto yourself.  Otherwise you will miss out on what is really important in your life.  The simple things.