"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

28 June 2009

A very pleasant weekend

This weekend has found us taking things easy and not moving too terribly fast.  Even though we didn't go exploring any new  places, it was enjoyable.  

Friday we bought a little trailer that hooks onto my bike so that Brenna can sit and take it easy when we go on long bike rides.  You would know that the first bike ride with it had to be taken where there are small hills.  And I only have a one speed bike.  It was kicking my butt at first, but I kept pushing myself to continue on and I did good!  I was tired at the end of the day but it was fun.  Can't wait to hit the green belt, during the week.  Now we have to make some calls to see if some of the other trails in other towns are one speed bike friendly.  And then we are off on some more adventures!  Yippee!

Saturday started slow but everyone was moving early enough so that we made it done to the Saturday Market before it got warm out.  The girls were on a mission:  looking for cherries from the orchards in Emmett.  We couldn't have asked for a better morning.  Wonderful little breeze, only 67 out, and beautiful sunshine.  

We were laughing at Brenna because she was doing a skippy little run from one side of the sidewalk to the other.  I was cringing because she is our little "accident" waiting to happen.  And it usually happens when she is running and there is nothing to protect her knees.  Everything turned out good and we made it to the market in one piece.  We skipped the yarn shop because we didn't want to torture Glenn with our usual ritual of going in, browsing,  and getting a good dose of a color fix.  We forgot to take pics like we intended too.  We got caught up with all the wonderful little things that were being sold there.  I've got my eye on a bench glider that I will be saving back for.  If I get that, this family will suffer.  You would find me sitting on that glider all day crocheting and enjoying the outside.  Good thing Glenn is a good cook!  LOL!!!  There were the prettiest little roses there in the small park where the market is held.  I love the pink color they have.  I should find some to put in my yard.  :)

On the way home we had to stop at the park.  There is no way we can walk by it and not get a bit of swinging in.  Especially when Dad is around.  He always make it fun with dodging in and out of the girls as the swing by.  They giggle so hard that they get the hiccups.

Then, after getting their fix, we headed back down the sidewalks towards home so that we could enjoy our wonderful little treat that was found at the market.  YUMMY!!

Good thing we looked around first before buying because the prices at the market varied greatly.  On stand was selling Bings at $5 a pound.  We found one where they were $1.75!  And the Rainiers were $2!   It was no wonder why this stand was selling out quick and the others still had a boat load sitting around.  Greedy little buggers.  I've never had the Rainiers before.  They are my new FAV!  Look how pretty they are too!  Love the color!

After our little trip we headed to the store for the usual stuff; bread, milk, etc.  But this trip included a little something extra this time.  I must tell you that I was not sold on getting this item at first being the tight wad I am.  But some how a Wii game system found it's way into the cart, through the check out and in the back of the truck headed for our house.  But after getting home, setting the thing up and watching the gang trying it out for a bit, I had to join in.  We played the darn thing from 5pm till midnight!  I didn't think you would move very much playing these games but let's just say that I have bowlers butt and I never stepped into the bowling alley yesterday!  Yes, laugh.  Go ahead.  We had a blast playing the games and having the stereo playing and having a friend over to join the fun.  It was a blast!

So today I'm taking it easy.  A little crochet, a couple of bowling games and kicking back.  Don't want to aggravate the bowlers butt you know.  One does not want to get a cramp in that spot you know.  That would be rough!

So on that note, I hope that everyone had a great weekend and you found something to smile about.  We surely did!  And I think the fun will start up again after dinner here in a bit.  WooHoo!!!


25 June 2009

A day of relaxing with the yarn stash

It's been a busy few days around here. Sunday you would have found us just hanging out with Glenn enjoying a trip to the book store and then just relaxing at home with him. The rest of the week has been spent doing a bit of cleaning, yard work, organizing the craft room (after the girls spent time in there) and staying out of the heat yesterday. I've been trying to keep Brenna busy with things to do inside because I'm trying to get her little b00-boo healed as soon as possible. That means no shoes as much as possible. Her boo-boo is right next to her ankle and twice now shoes have wrecked the progress we have made. So, she is getting sick of being inside to say the least. Yesterday and today have been pretty warm here in our parts so it makes it a bit easier.

But last night, after the heat started to escape, we went up to our favorite sunset spot and caught the most wonderful show. It was so nice with the breeze that was whipping around up there. Nice break from the heat earlier in the day. And it was nice to get out of the house. You don't have to ask me twice if I want to go watch this beautiful scenery. I'm usually waiting for everyone else to hop in the car. Slow pokes. :)

I had to show how the flowers in the little fence buckets are filling out nicely. I love going out to look at their "cuteness".

I finally got around to cleaning out all the over grown junk out of the last flower bed in the back. I planted the little starts we put in peat discs and added more seeds. Hopefully soon it will look much better. Even this is better than it was. And I'm finding spots for the rocks we've drug home from our little adventures lately. Looking nice.

The garden is doing good, except for the watermelon seeds and the eggplant. No sign of them yet. And Glenn lets me know about that everyday. I'm crossing my fingers for those two to show themselves soon. I'm not too happy with my neighbors tree which has grown way too much since last year and is now shading the far corner of my garden area. I some how knew when they planted that tree a few years back that it would some how "mess up" my garden space. At least its only a wee corner, for now. Argghhh.

I've got three rows finished so far on the baby blanket. Sorry, I'm not unfolding it right now. This is only a tease. :) I'm really liking it though. Can't wait till it's done.

Now for this wee bit of inspiration. This is not my work. But isn't it wonderful! I came across it on flickr after Julie told me about Ingrids photostream. Simply awesome! You must go take a look. I am now wanting to make one for myself. And believe me when I say that I have enough scraps to do it. Glenn would be happy to hear that. :)

Here are some other bits of inspiration that I've been staring at the last few days. Enjoy! I know you will.

Mary. Love her "Fruit Punch" blankie! She seems to have an artistic eye for things. Lovely.

Trudette. Love her crochet work. Very inspiring.

There are lots more but I don't have the time to sit in front of the computer today. Just don't get lost in all the photo streams on Flickr. You will lose track of time and the whole day will be shot. Trust me.

Well, I am going to go and continue enjoying my birthday today. I've had a quiet morning to start the day( which was lovely) a wonderful foot soak and a "pedicure" (I did it myself, but loved every minute of it.), some crochet time and just listening to music. I'm just trying to figure out now what to get for dinner because I don't want to cook with it being so warm out. Popeyes chicken sounds so yummy right now, so you never know. Heck, even Sonic sounds good with a huge order of onion rings along with a yummo burger from there. I think I'm liking that. Let's see if I can twist Glenn's arm for that one! Hey at least he will have nice soft feet rubbing on his legs when he goes to sleep tonight. Yea, he loves that. Not. LOL!!! I also have to figure out where to go for exploring this weekend. Rough job you know. Quite stressful!

Hope everyone has had a FABtasTic day so far. Look around for something to smile about. Something is out there, trust me.


20 June 2009

Off to... Warm Lake, Idaho!!!

The day started off bright and early, 5am, and can you believe I was the first one to get up and get everyone else moving for once.  That doesn't happen often.  I usually lay in bed trying to squeeze every little minute out of more sleep that I can.  But not today.  I was ready for a grand new adventure in an area never explored by this crew.

We were out of the house and heading up north by 6:30ish.  Not bad timing with the slow pokes that I was dealing with.  It was a perfect drive up north.  Not too many people, great weather and wonderful scenery.  I could tell everything was falling right in place for a most wonderful day.  The hills were beautiful with the sun coming up and peeking through them.  Some areas looked like they were beaming with gold from the sun coming up over the tops of the hills, warming things up ever so slowly for the morning.  

The fog and clouds were still hanging around from when they settled into the valleys over night.  I had Glenn pull over to the side of the road a few times just so we could take in the beauty of the morning light coming across everything and trying to burn its way through the fog and clouds.  Trust me when I say that there is no way you would try getting off this road and attempt to get back on it during any other time of the day, especially in the summer, on the weekend.  You must know that there are only main roads that lead to the far northern reaches of Idaho.  Hwy. 55 is one of them and eventually it merges with the other highway to become one.  That is how rugged our state is and how difficult it is to build roads in the mountain areas.

Back on the road again, trying to see everything we can.  I kept trying to point out things for Glenn to look at if we were in a good part of the road without risk of running off it and into the river below.  That wouldn't be good.  The girls couldn't believe high and fast the river was still running this time in June.  Normally it has slowed a bit, but not with all the snow we had this past winter and with the rain we have had lately.  All I could think about was how "whacked" some people are for trying to raft or kayak down that water.  You have to also know that Idaho has over 3500 miles of whitewater rivers and 6 of them are so treacherous that no one is allowed to go down them.  And the ones that are listed as class 5, one would need to get a permit to go down them.  Sorry not my cup of tea.  I will stay perched on the banks watching the other crazy, messed up people try to kill themselves.  :)

Anyhoo, back on the road, down a ways we happened to spot the most wonderful little cloud with a hole in it.  It stayed like that for the longest time, just spinning away like it didn't want to disappear.  Then the winds changed around the hills and off he went into a whole new shape to have us look at.  Just breath taking to see nature at work.

Yeah, it was going to be a good day!

Back in the truck again, down to another spot where we had to stop and take in the beauty.  This area really had the fog and clouds seated in it.  Every once in a while you can see a faint little white dot trying to peek through, but the clouds just were not going to have it.  The trees and hills had a cool damp look to them that was almost magical.  

There was an area where you could park on the side of the road and get down near the river.  Yeah, you guessed it.  I stayed up by the road and the 3 daredevils went down to check things out.  Crazy!

The river was deafening as it went over all the rocks that were in its way.

We finally came up to the valley and could see where the lowing lying clouds and fog were trying to break up from the sun's insistence of shining through.  You have to click on the picture to see the bright little spot (sun) near the top.  Very thick stuff.

We finally get to Cascade where we turn off the main highway to get to our destination.  The view is awesome.  Especially in the morning when everything is quiet and all the critters are waking up to explore for the day.  We saw the prettiest hawk ever and a cute little fox bounding across the fields looking for breakfast.  They were way to fast to snap pics of though.  But at least we were able to pull over to the side and watch them as they looked for snacks or something.

Our first stop was Horsethief Rersv.  So very pretty there.  Lots of camping and fishing in the area, but no real trails to go hiking on.  I'm sure we could have made our own trails to explore on but there were alot of marshy areas along the edge of the water.  So after a wee bit of taking in the sights, we were back in the truck going further down the road for Warm Lake.  

I have to tell you that we found our new favorite place to explore close to home.  So absolutely awesome!  Warm Lake will be on our list to go camping when the crowds settle down.  We could even go up during the winter because there are cabins to rent!  I was dancing!  :)  A quick stop at the lodge to get some info on trails and off we went.  First stop was Tule Lake.  The girls had a blast there.  Two summer ago this area had a massive wild fire that went through and burned just about everything.  There a few things that survived, but not much.  All the grasses and wild flowers are doing awesome now.  And a few little trees here and there are really trying to hard to make the area lush again.

Even though you could see alot of the area was burned, it still had its own beauty about it.  I kept thinking that if the trees were still thick and green, I wouldn't be able to see the wonderful hills that were behind them.  So sometimes nature has its way of bringing out the beauty in things when you think things have been destroyed.

                                 Tule Lake

Just think of how thick this area was with trees before the fire two summers ago.  The one thing we noticed about the trees was that most of them were still good for timber.  The fire just burnt the bark and peeled it off.  Never saw that before.  Kind of neat.

Further down the road was Stolle Meadows.  WOW!!!!  So pretty with all the wildflowers starting to pop up and show themselves.  We heard an elk bugling off in the distance.  Very cool.  Every once in a while you could hear the teams from the forest service in the area clearing some of the trees from the fire.  The girls were startled by the loud sound of the trees crashing to the ground.  It sounded like someone was setting off a stick of dynamite.  The quiet and stillness of the area made it sound way louder than it normally would.

You knew that some time during this trip there would be a stop to get up next to the river to take in the sounds and beauty around it.

And for some rock throwing too!  Brenna is behind the little stump of a tree trying to haul her rock out to where she can toss it.  She's going to hurt herself one day.  :)

A little ways down we came across Juniper Mtn. airstrip.  This was so neat to see I have to tell you.  We have heard so much about the back country air strips here in Idaho and to see this one is way cool.  It is said that if you can land your little plane here, you are good!  The strip is small and the winds whip up around here to make this a very tricky area to land.  We read somewhere that back country pilots are made to land here before they can get there license.  Too bad we didn't get to see anyone land that day.  That would have been COOL!

The girls were both hanging out the windows taking in the sights, looking like a couple of pups enjoying the breeze.  Don't get nervous.  I think we were going a whole 15 mph trying to see all we could and to make sure we didn't hit any of the little pot holes in the dirt road.  Brenna said she loved not having the seat belt on her.  She could see the sky and mountains better.  I'm so glad my kids love the outdoors like Glenn and I do.

Then finally we found Cougar Creek Trail.  Off we went, hoping we wouldn't run into any of the black bears that frequent the area.  We didn't.  Thank goodness.

Could you imagine having something this wonderful out your back door to listen to everyday.  I would be in a trance!  Believe me, it was heaven to listen too.  I'm going to have to record it one day for everyone to hear.

The wildflowers making a come back from the fires.  Gorgeous!

We stopped along the trail to show the girls how the bark was peeling away from when the fires came through, and Glenn noticed this little guy.  Yes, he thought he was intimidating us.  Little billy bad *** you know.  All it took was Brenna putting a stick near him and he was gone.  Quick little guy for his size.  My skin was crawling though.  Gross!

There was more exploring to be had down by a log jam.  A huge buck was to be seen as we got back on the trail again.  But too fast for the camera.

Then finally we reached Vulcan Hot Springs.  I am telling you now that these were VERY hot.  You could feel the heat coming from the pools while still on the trail.  We have been to Old Faithful and that was awesome.  But for some reason this was even more awesome.  I think because there is no commercialism with this.  Just pure natural beauty happening here.  There were little "pots" where the water came out of and all of it ran down the side of the hill that was solid rock.  Just look at all the algae and stuff growing on the rock from the hot springs.  Beautiful!  Keep in mind that up here in the mountains the temp was about 70 degrees.  And even with that there was all this steam coming up from the hot springs!  I had to keep turning my head away from where the steam was just to clear my glasses so I could see!

Here's one of the "pots" where the water comes out of the ground.  We saw eggs shells laying around in certain spots.  Someone had boiled eggs in the hot water.  Yes, that hot!

Some explorers checking out the algae that was growing all over the rocks.

Can you see how pure the water is coming out of these little pots?  Yes, there is water in there.  It's that clear!

Brenna said she is calling this "fur allergy" because it looks all furry and soft as the water flows over it.

Here's one of the little "pots" were you could actually hear the steam coming out of the ground.  Way cool.  

About this time, we were getting ready to get back on the trail because it was getting late (2ish) and we wanted to make sure we didn't get caught in a line of traffic on the highway home.  Brenna went to follow Em across the rock, stepped on a branch that somehow splashed her with the hot water and it went into her shoe.  Yes, she has a blister on her ankle that we are now tending to.  Pure little punkin'.  I just about cried for her as Glenn and I took turns holding her as we hiked back to the car.  Luckily it wasn't anything serious, but enough that I'm feeling awful about it.  On the way out of the mountains we saw a deer that made Brenna happy.  It was right near the road so she got a good look at her.

Even with the little mishap we all had an absolutely awesome day!  And everyone wants to go back up again so we can see the salmon run in the late summer.  Man is that going to be awesome!  We were able to see some baby salmon along the slow areas of the river.  The only bad thing was that no moose was sighted.  But we did get to see a hawk, a fox, a mountain bird (state bird), a snake, a buck and a deer.  We were quite excited about the mountain blue bird because we had never seen one personally before.  You really have to see it to believe how extremely blue they are.  Just perfect.

Once home, everyone was pooped and it took everything we had to unpack, eat a bit, get cleaned up and hit the bed.  Everyone was in bed by 8:30.  No kidding.  But even with all the tiredness going around we had the most wonderful birthday with Glenn.  It was the most wonderful way to celebrate his birthday, doing something he absolutely loves to do.  Is there anything better?  NOPE!  Except for the blueberry cheesecake we made him the day before.  Couldn't let him go without that just because we were hiking on his birthday.  

Well, back to some more sewing and then some crochet time later.  Sorry for the goof up earlier and posting this before I was actually finished.  Brenna came in to give me a hug and kissy and hit something which posted this prematurely.  Anyhoo,  hope you have found something to smile about today.  Just thinking about our trip the other day is doing it for me.  Have a grand weekend all!


16 June 2009

7 things I love

I was tagged by Bev the other day with this blogger award.  Thanks Bev!  So I have found the time to finally post what I love and then to pass this award on to a few more.  :)

The rules are:
*  list 7 things you love
*  link back to the person who gave you the award &
*  pass it along to 7 other bloggers

So here goes, the 7 things I love:

1.  Glenn.  
If you know him you know why.  He is the most loyal, loving, imaginative, funny, smart and inspiring person I know.  And I am lucky to have him next to me.  Without him I wouldn't have the wonderful life I have.  And he smells great!

2.  My kids.
They  are the most wonderful gifts that I have been given in life. (besides Glenn).  And no matter how frazzled I feel on the most trying days, they are there with a hug and a kiss that puts things back in perspective.

3.  My country.
I am blessed to live in a country that is the best in the world, no matter what some say.  I was blessed to have served this country and I am a patriot to it.  I won't go on my soap box, but things need to turn around from where they are today so that we will still have a great democratic, patriotic, strong country to live in.  We are in charge, not the politicians.

4.  Idaho.
Like you didn't know that.

5. Life.
I love how the simplest things inspire me and how I am not afraid of trying something to see if I can do it.  You won't here the words "I can't" come from my mouth.  I will give things a try.  If it doesn't grab me, I move on to something else.  Except liver and rocky mountain oysters.  Sorry there is a limit.

6.  Food.
Especially southern food.  Nothing better.  It may not be good for me but at least I will die happy.

7.  And last but not least:
YARN!!!  Is there anything better after the first 6 things?  No.

So this is being passed on to the following to "spill the beans" on what they love (in no particular order)

Julie (farmer julie)
Alessandra (just be happy)
Lucy (attic 24)

I am still working on the baby blankie and it is going great!  Em finally got her nose out of her library book long enough to learn how to stitch up the squares and she is loving it.  It is hard to pull her from a book once she starts one.  The book she is on now has 81 chapters and she has finished nearly 20 in 3 days.

Just wanted to show what we will be doing on Thursday.  Exploring Horsethief Rerservoir about an hour north of our house.  I can't wait!  We have never been in that area of the region before and we are all bouncing off the walls getting things ready for the all day adventure.  I'm hoping we see a moose.  Cross your fingers.

I've got to be moving on for the day.  The laundry will not fold itself.  Man wouldn't that just be so freakin' awesome!  And we have friends to meet at the bowling alley today.  Brenna has just informed me that ALOT of her little animal friends that sleep on her bed all need some "band aids"  because they were all playing too rough this morning and some have boo boo's now.  So I'm off to give kisses and pretend band aids to all that need it.

Find something to put a BIG smile on your face today.  I'm sure you need one.  :)


12 June 2009

Yarn pizzazz and family time

Wednesday you would have found us up in the hills nearby Idaho City exploring our most wonderful state.  Just a hop, skip and jump from our house we have the most beautiful country to see and explore.

Gorgeous  wildflowers in the most beautiful colors.  The lupines haven't even bloomed this high up yet.

After some hiking, I was content on just sitting in a small meadow, watching the clouds go by, having some snacks and seeing the rain fall in the distance.

We had to check out a huge boulder to see what it was balanced on.  We think it is part of the rock it is on top of.  From one side it even looked like a creatures head.

The creeks, streams and rivers are all running fast and deep from all the snow melt that is still going on.  Yes, I plopped my self down beside the river and just listened to the water rushing down over rocks and logs.  I just lose myself doing that.  And the water is FREEZING!!  Took forever for our hands to warm up after testing it.

We went on one of the trails in the area to explore some different areas where mining use to take place.  Em and Brenna were sad to see the little bridge was burned from the fires that happened last year.  Good thing it was only scorched.

We saw the areas where rocks were thrown when all the mining was taking place in the area in the 1800's.  That must have been rough digging through all of that.

Down the trail a bit, along the river there was some rock hunting to be done.  You know what happened after that.  Just the right rock had to be found so that it could be tossed in the water to see who could make the biggest splash.  It just cracks me up.

I found another spot to sit and listen to the river and enjoy all the beauty that surrounded us.  Have I ever said how much I love living in this state.  Wasn't sure.  :)

Then after an entire day of enjoy all the wonderful peaceful wilderness we headed home, dreaming of how wonderful it would be to live up in this area.  I would love the solitude.  We are making more plans for the next few weeks to go back up to the same area.  Just this morning I found info on the net for another quick trip area to go to maybe this weekend.  Cross your fingers for nice weather.  Even with the clouds it was a wonderful day for our hike around Idaho City.  I'm so glad we are making an honest to goodness effort of getting out and seeing everything we can in the state we call home.  It's awesome!

So I'm giving everyone a bit of a tease (even Kim) of what I've finished so far with the baby blanket.  I think I've revealed too much but isn't it just so yummy!  The colors are so bright and cheery.  What baby wouldn't want to have this wrapped around them to keep them warm?  I can't think of any.  Well, I must plug on in order to get it done.  It's a tough job but someone has to do it.  :)

Well, the cake mix cookies aren't going to make themselves so I better get off this computer and get my tail in the kitchen.  Looks like rain again.  We had a heck of a down pour earlier and I just sat in the living room with the window open a bit listening to it.  I nearly fell asleep!  I have to say this is the most pleasant start to summer we have had in many years around here.  And I'm liking it extremely!  It's so nice not having the A/C going all day long.   Windows were made to be open with the fresh breezes blowing through them.  :)

Find something to smile about everyone!  Your face will like you for it!