"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

12 June 2009

Yarn pizzazz and family time

Wednesday you would have found us up in the hills nearby Idaho City exploring our most wonderful state.  Just a hop, skip and jump from our house we have the most beautiful country to see and explore.

Gorgeous  wildflowers in the most beautiful colors.  The lupines haven't even bloomed this high up yet.

After some hiking, I was content on just sitting in a small meadow, watching the clouds go by, having some snacks and seeing the rain fall in the distance.

We had to check out a huge boulder to see what it was balanced on.  We think it is part of the rock it is on top of.  From one side it even looked like a creatures head.

The creeks, streams and rivers are all running fast and deep from all the snow melt that is still going on.  Yes, I plopped my self down beside the river and just listened to the water rushing down over rocks and logs.  I just lose myself doing that.  And the water is FREEZING!!  Took forever for our hands to warm up after testing it.

We went on one of the trails in the area to explore some different areas where mining use to take place.  Em and Brenna were sad to see the little bridge was burned from the fires that happened last year.  Good thing it was only scorched.

We saw the areas where rocks were thrown when all the mining was taking place in the area in the 1800's.  That must have been rough digging through all of that.

Down the trail a bit, along the river there was some rock hunting to be done.  You know what happened after that.  Just the right rock had to be found so that it could be tossed in the water to see who could make the biggest splash.  It just cracks me up.

I found another spot to sit and listen to the river and enjoy all the beauty that surrounded us.  Have I ever said how much I love living in this state.  Wasn't sure.  :)

Then after an entire day of enjoy all the wonderful peaceful wilderness we headed home, dreaming of how wonderful it would be to live up in this area.  I would love the solitude.  We are making more plans for the next few weeks to go back up to the same area.  Just this morning I found info on the net for another quick trip area to go to maybe this weekend.  Cross your fingers for nice weather.  Even with the clouds it was a wonderful day for our hike around Idaho City.  I'm so glad we are making an honest to goodness effort of getting out and seeing everything we can in the state we call home.  It's awesome!

So I'm giving everyone a bit of a tease (even Kim) of what I've finished so far with the baby blanket.  I think I've revealed too much but isn't it just so yummy!  The colors are so bright and cheery.  What baby wouldn't want to have this wrapped around them to keep them warm?  I can't think of any.  Well, I must plug on in order to get it done.  It's a tough job but someone has to do it.  :)

Well, the cake mix cookies aren't going to make themselves so I better get off this computer and get my tail in the kitchen.  Looks like rain again.  We had a heck of a down pour earlier and I just sat in the living room with the window open a bit listening to it.  I nearly fell asleep!  I have to say this is the most pleasant start to summer we have had in many years around here.  And I'm liking it extremely!  It's so nice not having the A/C going all day long.   Windows were made to be open with the fresh breezes blowing through them.  :)

Find something to smile about everyone!  Your face will like you for it!



  1. Love the colors of the blanket...I just love your area, your pictures are always so beautiful.

  2. Hi Kar!! What a great post!! Just love all of your photos and found myself wishing I was brookside with you just listening to it babble along!! Beautiful countryside indeed!!

    Love your blanket, too!! It is so bright and cheery, just like it's creator!! :o)

    Have a joyful weekend!!

  3. You know what song came into my head while I was reading this? "Beautiful Dreamer." Isn't that funny? Nature at its best right now. I don't even really mind all the rain because when it stops everything smells so wonderful!!! (Well, what I can smell through my cold that is.) Have a great weekend!

  4. Your pictures are so wonderful, and such a cheery blanket, love it!

  5. beautiful flowers, my goodness I just love them!
    and your blankie, oh... LOVE LOVE LOVE the way it looks so far, it will be absolutely amazing!!!

  6. What a gorgeous blanket!! I would love to know how to crochet like that :) It looks like a wonderful little trip you took too. It's been to rainy and stormy here for much getting out lately. Still not too hot, which is good. There are some nineties in the forecast though, ugh!