"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

16 June 2009

7 things I love

I was tagged by Bev the other day with this blogger award.  Thanks Bev!  So I have found the time to finally post what I love and then to pass this award on to a few more.  :)

The rules are:
*  list 7 things you love
*  link back to the person who gave you the award &
*  pass it along to 7 other bloggers

So here goes, the 7 things I love:

1.  Glenn.  
If you know him you know why.  He is the most loyal, loving, imaginative, funny, smart and inspiring person I know.  And I am lucky to have him next to me.  Without him I wouldn't have the wonderful life I have.  And he smells great!

2.  My kids.
They  are the most wonderful gifts that I have been given in life. (besides Glenn).  And no matter how frazzled I feel on the most trying days, they are there with a hug and a kiss that puts things back in perspective.

3.  My country.
I am blessed to live in a country that is the best in the world, no matter what some say.  I was blessed to have served this country and I am a patriot to it.  I won't go on my soap box, but things need to turn around from where they are today so that we will still have a great democratic, patriotic, strong country to live in.  We are in charge, not the politicians.

4.  Idaho.
Like you didn't know that.

5. Life.
I love how the simplest things inspire me and how I am not afraid of trying something to see if I can do it.  You won't here the words "I can't" come from my mouth.  I will give things a try.  If it doesn't grab me, I move on to something else.  Except liver and rocky mountain oysters.  Sorry there is a limit.

6.  Food.
Especially southern food.  Nothing better.  It may not be good for me but at least I will die happy.

7.  And last but not least:
YARN!!!  Is there anything better after the first 6 things?  No.

So this is being passed on to the following to "spill the beans" on what they love (in no particular order)

Julie (farmer julie)
Alessandra (just be happy)
Lucy (attic 24)

I am still working on the baby blankie and it is going great!  Em finally got her nose out of her library book long enough to learn how to stitch up the squares and she is loving it.  It is hard to pull her from a book once she starts one.  The book she is on now has 81 chapters and she has finished nearly 20 in 3 days.

Just wanted to show what we will be doing on Thursday.  Exploring Horsethief Rerservoir about an hour north of our house.  I can't wait!  We have never been in that area of the region before and we are all bouncing off the walls getting things ready for the all day adventure.  I'm hoping we see a moose.  Cross your fingers.

I've got to be moving on for the day.  The laundry will not fold itself.  Man wouldn't that just be so freakin' awesome!  And we have friends to meet at the bowling alley today.  Brenna has just informed me that ALOT of her little animal friends that sleep on her bed all need some "band aids"  because they were all playing too rough this morning and some have boo boo's now.  So I'm off to give kisses and pretend band aids to all that need it.

Find something to put a BIG smile on your face today.  I'm sure you need one.  :)



  1. Well, the award is well deserved. You are a truly creative blogger! Good luck on the moose sighting. I have never seen one, it must be amazing. Have a great trip!


  2. love the list! i am sooooooo bad at these things..you know that silly!

  3. Congrats on your blogger award and for passing it this way. :-) Now, wouldn't that be amazing if laundry really did fold itself? I bet that Em of yours could figure out how to make that happen. :-)

    Happy Tuesday!

  4. Congrats on the award and thanks for passing it to me as well. I love your list. I have only seen a moose twice in my life. I hope you get to see one and get a picture of it.

  5. I am glad you stopped by my Blog! Next week is the Festival of Flowers, I took some pictures of Charli and her Pop looking at the topiary display they have set up downtown I will be posting some tomorrow. My email is Tammy_Gary@ Yahoo.com if you want to ask anything about what is going on, What year did you leave?

  6. Hello Sweet Kar!
    I got your package and I LOVE the coasters! What a very sweet thing for you to do! Tell the little ladies the color is PERFECT!
    Thanks for the note too. I'm praying for you.
    Sorry I've been silent for so long. I miss all my blog friends.
    Love to you, Danette