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01 June 2009

A weekend of gardening and sunsets

We had a busy but enjoyable weekend around these parts.  It started with a nice afternoon over at Julie's (FarmerJulie) so our girls could spend time together and we could just sit back and enjoy some crochet time.  It was wonderful!  She has the nicest family.  And her husband is just the sweetest.  Funny too!  :)  We stayed longer than planned but I don't think any one cared.  It was a nice afternoon (evening :) ) spent with friends.

We finally found the time (made the time) to get out and put our veggie garden in.  I made sure I got up early before it got too hot to be outside.  I was surprised to find Glenn and the girls in tow behind me to help out.  We had a fun time out in the garden together and the whole job got done quick!  Thank goodness!  While we were in the garden area, a huge fat slug was found and had to be checked out by the girls.  I've never seen one that big before.  As big as the palm of my hand.  He was quickly moved away from the garden so he couldn't destroy anything.

After about 2hrs everything was in and off to find more tomato cages we went.  That was a chore in it self but by the end of the day this is how it looked.  I had to put sticks and string around everything so that things won't get trampled by my little garden helper Brenna.  She gets excited about checking out the garden and doesn't pay attention to where she is stepping.  :)  The next day she had to go out to see if anything was growing yet.  Impatient.  This morning I was out there putting seven dust over everything because all the lovely little ants found that we had put seeds out and were trying to take them away.  I wasn't happy.  Anyway, there's a little of everything in there.  Rhubarb, lettuce, carrots, spinach, kale, peppers, tomatoes, okra, beans, cucumbers, zucchini, watermelons and gorgeous sunflowers from Julie.  I can't wait till those come up.  Glenn had to have watermelon planted.  I'm not sure I'm as excited about them.  They take over everything like pumpkins.  We will just have to wait and see.

The girls strawberry plants have a few little berries on them.  Nothing to pee your pants over but at least they are having fun taking care of them.  It is cute to see them go out every morning to see if they need water or not and then argue about who is going to do the watering.  I had to assign baskets to them both.  :)

The English Daisy sprouts are coming along.  Just waiting for the Larkspur.

My mini yellow rose bush that my Dad bought me years back is doing FAB!  I'm very protective of it.  No one gets near it.  Brenna likes to "watch" it to make sure it's okay.

All the little buckets on the fence are coming along wonderfully.  I just love all the white and red blooms that are crammed in them all.  White and Red.  There is not a better combination of "country" colors.  Love it!  :)

The petunias are doing pretty good too!  All the different colors are so pretty together.  I love looking out the kitchen and dining room windows at them to see all the wonderful colors peeking back at me.

In the midst of all the gardeny stuff going on I was able to make some pot holders (hot pads) for myself ...

and a friend.  I will have to send these off soon so that they aren't sitting around here forever.  I got the idea over at Dawn's blog.  I love all the colors she uses on her projects.  Very nice work she does.  Very inspiring.

Well, off to start some good ole' spaghetti for dinner.  Can you believe that today has been nice enough to where I have had the windows open since 6am.  Cross your fingers that I don't have to close them and use the A/C at all.  I'm dancing about it!  :)

Hope your weekend was as nice as the one I had here.  There was plenty to smile about around here.  Even at the end of the day of gardening we found time to go up in the hills above the house and sit for 2hrs or so to watch a storm go by south of us and to catch the most beautiful sunset!  I don't seem to ever have a problem getting to sleep on the nights when we go up, sit and watch the magic in the sky.  AWESOME!!  Now I'm am going to go dig out my wrist warmer project that has been patiently sitting in a bag waiting for me to finish them.  It should take only a day or two and then off to another one of my yarny ideas.  Never ends.  :)



  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend. Love the potholders and enjoyed looking at all the flowers. We put a bunch in on Friday. Ken worked. I supervised. It works better that way. ;-)

  2. Your garden is looking great. We are planning still to put in strawberry plants. My grandmother had crocheted pot holders. Yours look great. I have been so busy and I really need to get my next baby blanket done.

  3. You've had a lot going on. Love the potholders!