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09 June 2009

Yarn love

Okay, I'm weak.  I'll admit it.  I'm not perfect.  I had to put the wristies down and just had to get out the new yarn I bought last week.  I just couldn't stand walking by that bag any longer and staring at all the yummy colors that will be going into the baby blankie for my sister Kim.  Sorry Kim, and all my readers, this may be the only picture that I will be sharing about the blankie until I finish it.  I do want it to be somewhat of a surprise for Kim.  I know I'm awful for teasing, but sometimes it just happens.  :)  Sister love.

I was scouring pictures to get ideas for the above mentioned baby blanket and I came across these pics on Flickr.  I was taken by all the cheery, bright, beautiful colors that I had to explore all of Carina's pics and her blog.  Very nice.  I have been inspired by all the wonderful color that she uses in all her projects.  It just means more "trouble" for me with all the ideas I have running about upstairs in my little head now.  :)

Wouldn't you just love to have this wonderful, colorful stack of blankies sitting around your place, staring at you every time you walked into the room?  I would!  One can never have too many blankies laying around.  Who knows when the next ice age will hit.  You must be prepared!  :)

Things have been a wee bit stressful around here the past few days when it comes to dealing with my son and the "not so smart" decisions he is making in life.  Trust me, he has eaten the whole entire "dumb" cake.  I love him to pieces, but I'm drawing a line in the sand with what I'm going to put up with for now on with him.  Way too much so far.  Anyhoo, I'm so looking forward to drowning myself in this new project, with all the new colors and having Em help me with it.  She's very excited in learning granny squares and I'm quite confident she will do a grand job.  She is very picky about how her crochet looks and wants to make sure it looks just right.  She's just too cute.

Well, off to start the day.  A wee bit of laundry, breakfast with the girls, enjoying the gorgeous weather outside and yes, by all means, some baby blanket work.  It's rough but someone has to endure it.  I will do my best to struggle through this tedious list today!  I know I'm just a wee bit "touched".  Someone has to be and it might as well be me.

Have a great day and find something to smile about.  Your face needs the daily excercise!



  1. Love those colors!

    Sounds like you are going to have an awesome day! Enjoy it to the fullest -- and don't the son get you down.

  2. Well, thanks to you, I found something to smile about...your photos of yarn, granny square and that stack of blankets are very pleasing to my eyes.....just so, so pretty! Best go check out her blog.

  3. Just found your blog today! Love the color choices for your crochet blanket project! Can't wait to see the finished item!

  4. Oh, your yarn does look yummy. Is it Vanna's? Your sister will definitely enjoy whatever you decide to make. And about your son, you'll just have to pray for him. Glad to hear Em is particular about her stitching. Today, during break between field day I saw 6 kids crocheting. They kept coming back to me or to another kid who started earlier saying "How do I start a new row?" It was the best!

    Have a great evening!


  5. Oh your yarn looks so bubblegummy, I love it, it's going to make a wonderful bubblegum hug for your sissys bambino!! I do love all those wonderful brightly colored grannyghans, they're my absolute favorites!!! You have a wonderful time working on that yummy yarn!!!

  6. Your afghans are so pretty. The colors are wonderful!

  7. I love your color choice!

    And, you are so correct. The anticipation of seeing sprouts in a garden is so worth it!

    I too have a son who hasn't made the best choices in life. Not causing me legal headaches, but a few life heartaches in there. If they'd just LISTEN to us!

  8. What wonderful inspiration! I can hardly wait to see the finished blanket! ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic