"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

20 March 2016

Stirring a bit...

     The weather is starting to turn a bit.  A bit more like Spring every week.  Although we have days when Winter does not want to let go, Mother Nature tells it otherwise.  It is a welcome change here.  We are getting outside more.  Hikes along the river.  Time just spent sitting along the banks listening to the water moving by.  Sitting in spots that will be underwater within weeks when water is released from the dam for irrigation.  It's so wonderful.  Especially when you have made a bad habit of hibernating too much during Winter and sitting at home in the warmth of it all is so addicting.

     Daylight savings is not a friend of mine.  I much prefer to wake up early in the morning with the sun peeking over the hills watching all the beautiful colors that come with it.  Boo to the pitch black that lingers around much too long for my liking.

     I finally got my hands on my Christmas/very early anniversary present (the spinning wheel) after patiently finishing it.  It is so addicting after getting the hang of it, of sorts.  I'm not by any means a pro at it yet but it is so relaxing to sit for long periods of time working with the movement of it all.  I can't wait to get my hands on more wool just so I can sit and watch something colorful come together.

     Cooler mornings have me working on several things.  A quilt for hubby.  Helping a little one work a little more on her quilt.  Crochet Easter presents for the grandsons.  And early morning tea with knitting while watching the sun peek through the darkness.  Then after lunch and school work it is out to the yard for as long as I want or as long as the weather permits.  I can't wait to get seeds planted so that everything will spring up and show all the colors there is to show off.  The patio has been cleaned off and bouts of knitting with very pretty yarn, listening to the birds and just sitting in the warm sun are happening here and there.  I might even go outside today and mow the grass.  Just because I am itching to start doing it.  I absolutely love it.  I know, I have issues.