"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

31 August 2010

He is here!

Our newest family member finally made it!
Stubborn little guy.
A week and four days late.
But that is okay.
We won't hold that against him.
He's just too cute.

Little Tyler!
He's got a good set of lungs.
And now that he's warm, wrapped up and next to Mommy and Daddy he's getting all the hugs ever imagined.  If I were there I'd be squeezing him too.  :)

30 August 2010

Busy little day...

It feels like there are a million things to do today.
I had to take a few moments while everyone was busy eating lunch just to post some pics of what has been accomplished recently.

First, the blueberry sweater is finished.
It is so cute!
Of course you know I couldn't hang around here with nothing to do, so I started on a cute little cuddly for one of the two newest wee ones of our family.
(Sorry no little nephew yet.  If nothing happens today, it will surely be tomorrow.)
Sorry, back to the beginnings of the cuddly.
I know.  Not much yet.  But it's going to be so cute when I'm all done.
I hope.

Then I finally had a picture taken of my purple sweater.
It's not the best, but I had to get it while the getting was good while Glenn was home.
The picture of the sweater that is.
(Keep it clean folks.  This a family operation here. )
hehehe!!!  :)

Alot was accomplished around here over the weekend though.
Lots of baking, enjoying the most wonderful cool weather you could ask for, just plain relaxing and of course as one can see from above lots of knitting.  Mighty fine!

Must be off so that lessons can be finished so that I can get some wonderful outdoors time in while knitting.  Nothing like sitting in the sun with a beautiful breeze blowing and working on another little creation.

TaTa for now!


25 August 2010

Moving right along...

I just couldn't wait to show the 'raspberry' sweater to everyone.
I finished seaming it up while waiting for the girls to finish their writing assignments.

After another attempt at shoe tying lessons I will be starting on the 'blueberry' sweater.

Just trying to be as productive as possible you know.  :)

The perfect start...

Everyday starts just about the same.
Up early with Glenn.
Help get him out the door.
Open all the windows for wonderful fresh air, when it's possible.
Today it was possible, again.  :)
Loving all the cool temps in the morning.

Today there was an added surprise.
The all to familiar sound for this time of year when the morning temps start cooling off.
The firing of burners that can be heard over everything else stirring in the morning.

A quick run upstairs to let the girls know about the morning surprise.
They run down as fast as possible so not to miss anything.

Brenna sees her 'favorite' (it's red you know).
A few minutes later the sound was heard again.
Brenna's other favorite (pink hearts).
And then right after that, the BSU balloon.

What a sight so early in the morning.
The balloons and two little ones standing in their pj's, all sleepy eyed, enjoying this treat.

But I got the best treat of all from little Brenna.


"Yes punkin'."

"Thanks for waking me up to see the balloons.  I love you so much and forever."

"I love you so much and forever also punkin'."

Big hugs were shared.

A perfect start to the day in my book.

23 August 2010

Simple goodness...

A few things that made me smile while out in the early morning sun.

My zinnias blooming.
The only red one so far.
Watching the goldfinch feed on the sunflower.
(he's hanging upside down on it in the middle of the pic)
Just taking in all their yellowy goodness.
And watching this little guy enjoying himself in the morning breeze.
Perfect way to start the day!

21 August 2010

The Fair...

Everyone made sure they were up bright and early so we could get into the fairgrounds as soon as the gates opened on the first day.  Just waiting in line for a whole 5 minutes was pure torture for three individuals that I was with.  You should have seen the speed walking that was being done when we cleared the gate area.  Can you believe I even got the "eye" from my gang when I stepped over to have my bag checked through security and even asked was my bag really needed at the Fair.  More on that later.  :)

First order of business was to go look up Glenn's pictures he put into the photography contest.  Very important to see if anything placed you know.  We came around the corner where one of his was pinned up and one of our smallish crew members gave out a loud squeal for everyone in the building to hear.
This is what she saw.
And around another corner there was this.
Very proud moment I must say.
Oh, it was going to be a great rest of the day at the Fair you know.

The next order of business was to make a mad dash to the ticket booths for the rides to get two little ones wrist bands.  Lord knows it's cheaper than buying paper tickets for everything.  And then Em had to make a bee line for her most favorite ride.
The Fire Ball.
Sorry not for me.
Too much spinning and turning for me now.
Maybe a few years back... I don't know.
I did manage a good pic of Em with her seats at the top, her facing straight down and she's just swinging her legs having a good ole' time.
I lost count after 6 times of going on this ride.
Then there was the swing ride with Brenna,
the slide a few times, (which we were told was very fast this year.  The squeals explained it all.)
and a ride I've not seen before.
(it was a big hit with the wee one)
(it was given two thumbs up afterwards)
A few more rides were given a try and then it was off to check out all the food stands.
Oh the choices were tough.
Except for one little one.
She went right for the Pronto Pups (corn dogs).
Light Mustard.
Along with an ice cold pop and all was good.
Then after all the food was scarfed down it was off to the pig races.
Perfect place to go after eating all that food.

To darn FUNNY!!!!

A little info for you...
There are 4 races, 4 pigs each.
And they race for an Oreo cookie.
Angelina Sowlie, Lindsey Loham, Dolly Porker, Arnold Schwarzenpigger, etc.
The names are a riot!!!
I swear you can't help but laugh.
Sorry, back to the point.
For each race, each pig has a cheerleader picked for them and if the cheerleaders pig wins the race, the cheerleader has to go up and receive their pig nose prize.  But in order to leave with the nose, one must do the Piggly Wiggly dance.
I just about hurt myself laughing when this one guy went up to get his nose and he was told to hurry up and sit down because this was a family show.
We were down to the last race and wouldn't you know it, Em was picked as #2's cheerleader.
And #2 (Arnold Schwarzenpigger) won the race!!

Lord we laughed so hard.

She proudly went up to get her prize.
And did the Piggly Wiggly!
No prouder moment for a Mommy and Daddy I tell ya.
I had a tear in my eye.

The girls couldn't leave without getting a pic with Charles, the owner of the pigs.
Very funny and friendly man.  What a character!  Full of good ole' Southern humor.

Then some more browsing amongst all the quilts, carving, pottery, baked goods, etc.
The craftsmanship is just amazing.  
There was a patchwork quilt with squares that were just 1".  Not sure I would have ever attempted that.
I would have lost my mind.

Then the Australian animals had to be seen.
An albino Kangaroo!
Who would have known.
Very cute guys.
And the wallaby's were just too adorable.

There was a quick look a some new cars that were set up at the Fair.  Good ole' Brenna saw one she liked (it was red) and wanted to know how much it was.  We told her nearly $40,000 and she said maybe we should go tell the guy we would take it home.  Glenn told her to shut the door and get away from the car.  She was led away from the cars rather quickly.  She has no clue.

Over to see all the other farm animals and some asking about getting a rabbit, chickens, a cow, a pig, a sheep.  Same thing every year you know.  Not sure where the girls think we would keep all those 'cute' little things.  How long would they stay cute is the question.

The carousel could not be passed up.
Then it was off to feed the little goats.
They get a talking to from one little girl when they get to pushing and shoving for the treats.
She's very selective about who she goes up to to begin with.
Only the nice little guys are visited by her.
She couldn't pass up the friendly little sheep that was being so nice.
The goat next to 'her' didn't get a thing because of his manners.

So after 6 hours it was surely time to go home since we were sweating like pigs from the heat and everyone was just plain tired from it all.

Can you believe I've got three people already talking about next year and planning things out?!
They are just not right.

17 August 2010

Gotta keep busy...

Seems like quite a bit of time since the last update on the purple sweater.
Good news though, I was able to finish it over the weekend.  Without injuries to anyone around here.  Now it is just laying all over the kitchen counter while it takes it's time blocking.  Then the button.  Haven't found the right one yet.  A trip to the store may be needed for that.

So while I wait for the last few finishing touches, I had to start something else after the girls school work was completed today.  Can't sit still for too long.  Drives me a little bit crazy.  So I said to myself, "Self, why not get busy on a few little projects that are patiently waiting on the Christmas list".  Self thought that was a most wonderful idea being that they won't take too long to do.  So this is what Self started.
Just the cutest, simplest sweater for a little one.  
Just perfect for chilly days to come.
I just love the colors.  
And the fact that I already had them from other projects from the past.
Glenn and the bank account will love that last little fact most of all.
You should see the rest of the little project list.
Too cute!
Don't worry it will be shared with you as I get started on each little thing.  :)

Other bits of news...
The family is now patiently waiting for our newest little member to make his presence in the world.  My SIL due date is Friday.  I think she is hoping and praying that things will happen before then.  She's had her fill of being pregnant by now, especially with how the little guy just loves her ribs.  Not fun.  
The count down is on.
My brother has been notified by my girls that pics must be sent ASAP so they can see their new cousin.  You can bet they will keep on him about that.  Mom flew in today to be there when the little guy arrives.  So I'm sure she will make sure that pics are shared fast.  
I'm so darn excited!  

Well, off to see what will be for dinner.  I'm really slacking in that department today.  It's Africa hot out, so the oven is out of the question.  And it's got to be something quick so that I can get back to the little sweater and on to the next little thing on the list.
Priorities you know.  ;)

14 August 2010

Back on track...

Sometimes I just get a bit unraveled when "other things" come barreling down on me and want to take center stage when I already have plans for something else.  The past few days have been like that around here.  You know that when I said I wasn't going to do anything else but work on my sweater, something heard me and decided to change my plans.  Never fails.  I need to learn to talk quietly amongst myself.

Case in point, getting things ready to get the girls back to their full lesson load on Monday.
That was put in front of everything else, unfortunately.  sniff.
Good news though, I've only got 2 books to got through this morning to plan out and that will be done for quite a while.  (doing a jig right now.)  Quite pleased with myself and the ole' 'git er done' attitude concerning this project.

The girls have been quite patient with me the past 2 1/2 days while I've been going through everything.  I have been dealing with a few cases of 'severe hand cramps' as I've been plugging along through all the books.  They giggle softly and shake their heads when ever I would shake my hand to get the feeling back in it.  They have been keeping themselves busy with some rather quiet yet creative work while I've been so busy with planning.  I found a really cool book full of blank coloring sheets in hopes to keep them busy from time to time.  And after a trip to the copy shop down the hill (2 copies of 30 pages, each) this is what the girls have been busy with.
I'm quite pleased as punch to see all the creativeness come out during this activity.  Same page but two totally different outcomes.  So wonderful to see.  It's a really great thing for little ones to learn to stay in the lines when coloring.  Brenna did a super duper job on her page.  Two eensy weensy spots she was displeased about but otherwise, job well done.  I was mostly surprised about how well they worked together with sharing the pencils and how quiet they were for so long.  Maybe there is hope on the horizon for more quiet, peaceful days in the future.  One can hope.  All though I think the rain all day Wednesday played a small role in helping keep the serenity going around here.

While working on more planning waaaay early this morning, an early morning riser came to join me in the room and started 'working' herself.
Nothing like starting the day with some good ole' melty bead creations you know.
You just want to squeeze the cute little thing.  So cute with her sleepy little eyes, creating away.  And all because she wanted to be near her Mommy.  Makes you melt.

Well, back to the regularly scheduled program with the last 2 books so that I can FINALLY finish the front edging on the sweater.  I even made sure that all the yard work was completed yesterday just so nothing would stand in my way when I was finished with the books.  If someone even tries to disrupt the plan of the day, they will be getting the EYE!

11 August 2010


It's an absolute perfect morning here.
Cool enough to have the windows open.
Listening to the birds.
The morning noise seems to be slow to start, which is extra nice.
The gray sky is so nice because it makes everything look more green than usual and the flowers look even more colorful.
It's the perfect time to work on my poor little sweater (that has been sitting in it's bag since April) with just the desk lamp on so that I can still enjoy the muted light from outside.
I've only got the front edging to now.
Nothing else will be worked on until this is finished.
I'm standing firm on this.
No one better get in my way.
There could be injuries.

Now to decided what to have for breakfast.
I'm thinking a nice piece of banana chocolate chip bread.
It's got good stuff in it.
At least I will be having a big glass of milk with it.

The forecast is 78F for today!
It's going to be FAB!!!!

09 August 2010

Too funny...

Just a nice quiet, lazy summer weekend happened around here.
At least after the craft room was cleaned up and readied for our school year to start again.
I really must keep a 'handle' on my little pack rats.

I had to share something I thought was just too darn funny.
Yeah, it doesn't take much sometimes with me.

I think this is the best one yet!
I'm still cracking up!
I really hope this link works.  :)

06 August 2010

I'm in love...

I finished the quilt yesterday morning, bright and early.  I had decided to hand stitch the binding down on the back and just had to get up at the crack of dawn to finish the mere 'feet' that was left on it.  I'm glad I decided to do the hand stitching instead of using the machine.  It's much prettier.

  I'm so darn happy with how it turned out.  Every time I look at it, I do a little jig.  I could help but fold and unfold it several times yesterday just to admire all the wonderful colors that are on it.  The girls would ask what I was doing and I would reply "just looking".  Brenna even asked after umpteen times if I had looked at it enough.  Not yet.  I even wrapped it around me and walked around the house with for a wee bit.  Yes, I got some weird looks.

Anyhoo, here is my newest piece of loveliness.
I'm so darn tickled with myself that I just can't stand it!
I'm doing a little jig in the chair right now just looking at the picture.
I so need help.  :}

I used scrap strips for the binding.  It wasn't all that bad sewing them all together.  Pretty fun actually.  I know I don't get out much.  I decided to use 12 different colors instead of just one because I didn't think one boring color would do the blanket justice.  I'm so glad I did all different colors.
It's so freaking AWESOME!!!
The girls and I gave it a try last night while watching a nature show.  Glenn thought we were nuts all curled up on the love seat, covered head to toe while it was 100F outside.  We didn't care.  We were enjoying all of the snugglyness in our lovely creation.

I think that this has become another illness of mine. 
 I'm going to make so more here soon.

02 August 2010


We got another call from Glenn, while he was at work Saturday, wondering if anyone was game for a day trip Sunday.  Of course all of us agreed that a day trip would be awesome.  Especially if it called for getting away from the heat here in the valley.  So after work there was a quick trip to the store for supplies, then some packing to make sure we had all we needed the next day and off to bed early.  Yeah, you guessed it.  Up at the crack of dawn.  I'm not complaining because it is so nice to get on the highway when no one else is on it.

So by 6:30 we were heading off on another adventure to another place we had never been.  So exciting!
I just love seeing the rapids on the river and seeing the fog lifting from the river and through the valley so early in the morning.  Very pretty.
The sun was trying it's hardest to break through the pea soup.  
It was quite pretty to be honest.
After a quick little smidge over an hour drive we arrived at our destination.
What a gorgeous morning to start on a hike.  A wonderful 56F.  Heaven!  I was so 'jealous' being we aren't having those kinds of temps in our neck of the woods right now.
About half way down the trail we got a sneak peak of what we had come for.
So exciting!
A look up at the top of the mountain ridge revealed that there was still snow in some of the crevices on the hills.  Still alot there.  Not sure it will all melt away this year.  Who knows.
We got a glimpse of the valley far below, from where we drove in from.
Gorgeous meadows along the way down the trail, filled with wildflowers.
Of course there was a water check to see how cold it was.
Yeah, Moose had to come along for the hike also, safe in the backpack.
Then after passing through a grove of pines, we arrived to what we had come for.
Blue Lake.  
What can I say other than...
Breathtakingly Gorgeous!
The girls found the first spot possible to 'test' the waters.  There was no way they were going to wade in it because of the temperature.  They would have been hypothermic in seconds.
While the girls were getting in their ceremonious 'throw a rock in the water' ritual done, there was a rustling in the tree that Glenn and I were standing next too.  Em heard it and turned around to tell us it was a bird that looked funny.  It was holding it's beak straight up.  Weird, huh.  After further investigating, we saw it was caught in the tree on some fishing line.  We could not leave it there like that.  So Glenn started to climb the tree in hopes of getting him down.
When we got to the other side of the tree where it was easier to get up, we noticed it wasn't caught on the line.  It was literally hooked.  The girls and I thought we were going to cry.
Luckily Glenn was able to get the limb down with the bird and we wrapped him in Glenn sweatshirt so he couldn't get injured anymore.  Luckily there was another guy at the lake fishing with his son and he had the tools to get the hook out of the little birds beak.  It laid in the shirt for a few minutes afterwards.  The girls thought it was dead but after a little shake of the shirt, it opened it's eyes and eventually flew away.  We were all glad to see that it had the strength to fly because we had no idea how long the poor thing had been in a tree.  The only thing we can figure is that someone was fly fishing, got their line caught in the tree and cut the line.  Then the poor bird must have thought the fly on the line was a bug and went after it.
Oh well, at least things turned out well.  And we all felt pretty darn good.
After all that, it was back on the trail around the lake.  A nice little area was found to have a few snacks.
Brenna and I were just being quiet listening to the water flowing out of the lake and the wind in the trees.
Of course my mountain goats had to do a wee bit of climbing you know.  What's a hike without a little rock climbing with Dad.
After the yummy snacks, it was back on the trail to go see the outlet where the lake was 'leaking' (as Brenna put it).  Can't help but love seeing the girls always watching out for each other.  Puts a smile on my face.
At the next little diversion, one little mountain goat had to try her luck at jumping across some rocks just to see if she could do it.  She made it after seeing that Dad could do it easy peasy.  I was nervous.  All I saw was someone getting really wet and cold and smacking into a rock.  Yeah, Mom's a worry wart.
While some serious rock hopping and exploring was being done by the other 3 of the expedition, I was content to sit in the breeze coming off the lake and partake in some hooky business.  Just a quick little something brought with for quiet times such as this.  It was good.
The trail led us to the far side of the lake from where we found the bird.  What a gorgeous 'picture' this was.  I was in heaven.  Too bad I couldn't find some property with a view like this all to myself.  I would be so happy and content in life.  Everything would be complete.
Then reality set back in and down the trail we were again.  

And after about 5 1/2 hours of exploring a new and wonderful place, it was time to go back home.
Sniff Sniff.
We were all sad.  

Back up through the meadows to the tippy top of the trail head for a yummy mountain picnic.
Back down the mountain towards the valley for the short drive home.
It was a wonderful day.  And we know we will be back again to see this really beautiful spot in this wonderful state we live in.
Have I ever told you that I REALLY like where I live?
Wasn't sure.