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21 August 2010

The Fair...

Everyone made sure they were up bright and early so we could get into the fairgrounds as soon as the gates opened on the first day.  Just waiting in line for a whole 5 minutes was pure torture for three individuals that I was with.  You should have seen the speed walking that was being done when we cleared the gate area.  Can you believe I even got the "eye" from my gang when I stepped over to have my bag checked through security and even asked was my bag really needed at the Fair.  More on that later.  :)

First order of business was to go look up Glenn's pictures he put into the photography contest.  Very important to see if anything placed you know.  We came around the corner where one of his was pinned up and one of our smallish crew members gave out a loud squeal for everyone in the building to hear.
This is what she saw.
And around another corner there was this.
Very proud moment I must say.
Oh, it was going to be a great rest of the day at the Fair you know.

The next order of business was to make a mad dash to the ticket booths for the rides to get two little ones wrist bands.  Lord knows it's cheaper than buying paper tickets for everything.  And then Em had to make a bee line for her most favorite ride.
The Fire Ball.
Sorry not for me.
Too much spinning and turning for me now.
Maybe a few years back... I don't know.
I did manage a good pic of Em with her seats at the top, her facing straight down and she's just swinging her legs having a good ole' time.
I lost count after 6 times of going on this ride.
Then there was the swing ride with Brenna,
the slide a few times, (which we were told was very fast this year.  The squeals explained it all.)
and a ride I've not seen before.
(it was a big hit with the wee one)
(it was given two thumbs up afterwards)
A few more rides were given a try and then it was off to check out all the food stands.
Oh the choices were tough.
Except for one little one.
She went right for the Pronto Pups (corn dogs).
Light Mustard.
Along with an ice cold pop and all was good.
Then after all the food was scarfed down it was off to the pig races.
Perfect place to go after eating all that food.

To darn FUNNY!!!!

A little info for you...
There are 4 races, 4 pigs each.
And they race for an Oreo cookie.
Angelina Sowlie, Lindsey Loham, Dolly Porker, Arnold Schwarzenpigger, etc.
The names are a riot!!!
I swear you can't help but laugh.
Sorry, back to the point.
For each race, each pig has a cheerleader picked for them and if the cheerleaders pig wins the race, the cheerleader has to go up and receive their pig nose prize.  But in order to leave with the nose, one must do the Piggly Wiggly dance.
I just about hurt myself laughing when this one guy went up to get his nose and he was told to hurry up and sit down because this was a family show.
We were down to the last race and wouldn't you know it, Em was picked as #2's cheerleader.
And #2 (Arnold Schwarzenpigger) won the race!!

Lord we laughed so hard.

She proudly went up to get her prize.
And did the Piggly Wiggly!
No prouder moment for a Mommy and Daddy I tell ya.
I had a tear in my eye.

The girls couldn't leave without getting a pic with Charles, the owner of the pigs.
Very funny and friendly man.  What a character!  Full of good ole' Southern humor.

Then some more browsing amongst all the quilts, carving, pottery, baked goods, etc.
The craftsmanship is just amazing.  
There was a patchwork quilt with squares that were just 1".  Not sure I would have ever attempted that.
I would have lost my mind.

Then the Australian animals had to be seen.
An albino Kangaroo!
Who would have known.
Very cute guys.
And the wallaby's were just too adorable.

There was a quick look a some new cars that were set up at the Fair.  Good ole' Brenna saw one she liked (it was red) and wanted to know how much it was.  We told her nearly $40,000 and she said maybe we should go tell the guy we would take it home.  Glenn told her to shut the door and get away from the car.  She was led away from the cars rather quickly.  She has no clue.

Over to see all the other farm animals and some asking about getting a rabbit, chickens, a cow, a pig, a sheep.  Same thing every year you know.  Not sure where the girls think we would keep all those 'cute' little things.  How long would they stay cute is the question.

The carousel could not be passed up.
Then it was off to feed the little goats.
They get a talking to from one little girl when they get to pushing and shoving for the treats.
She's very selective about who she goes up to to begin with.
Only the nice little guys are visited by her.
She couldn't pass up the friendly little sheep that was being so nice.
The goat next to 'her' didn't get a thing because of his manners.

So after 6 hours it was surely time to go home since we were sweating like pigs from the heat and everyone was just plain tired from it all.

Can you believe I've got three people already talking about next year and planning things out?!
They are just not right.


  1. Thanks for taking me to the fair with you. I haven't been for years and it was really a lot of fun to go along with you.

  2. So fun! I wish I could visit the fair too - and feed the goats! One of my great-uncles used to have a big herd when I was little and I always ran from them, terrified. ;-)

    Congrats to Glenn on the photographs!

  3. I enjoyed the fair. It was great seeing your children having so much fun (and you too).

  4. Congrats to Glenn on the ribbons!

    P.S. The carousel is more my speed too. ;o)

  5. Ooooo, that looks like so much fun. The pig race and the names are hilarious, I think that would have been my favourite thing to see. When I was growing up we had pet kangaroos and one little wallaby who had grey/brown fur except for one little paw that was white fur and pink claws, part albino? Glad you had a lovely day.

    Anne :-)

  6. Oh, I haven't been to a fair in a loooonnnnng time! I might be too scared to ride now. lol Congrats to Glenn on the ribbons. I'd like to do something like that some day. :-)